Hello my lovely readers!

So, I rarely do this whole 'post new chap. just to get answers', but I've got a serious issue.

I am, personally, one of those people who, when they read a one-shot, and is like, "ZOMG THAT WAS SO FREAKING AMAZING MY BRAIN IS MUSH NOW", I don't want to have it drawn out anymore. It's like, you did good once, let's not push it.

But, I've found that I am a hypocrite. A big one. Because, as much as my brain is telling me to just suck it up and move on, I've found myself growing attached to Bay -insert name- Aster and her misadventures. To the point of writing various scenes of her life that would be, you know, IMPORTANT.

I swear, I'm so obsessed with my own character, I went to see The Hunger Games for the FOURTH time and cried my way through the entirety, watching it through Bay's eyes. My friend thought I was insane. ...Though, she's probably not wrong.

Anyway, the whole point of this is; I asked my friend (my lovely editor and advisor, Hayley. Love yah dahling, and thanks for putting up with me) if I should post these aforementioned various scenes, and she decided to go all guru on me and give me no concrete answer, other than, 'well, I think it's really your decision'. You see, my decisions seem to always backfire.

So, I decided to ask you, my dear readers, what I ought to do? The writer in me is saying "POST THEM! POST THEM! POST THEM!", but the reader in me is saying, "Yeah, yeah, Bay's a cool character, but let's not push it. MOVE THE FUCK ON" (pardon my reader side's French).

So, it's up to you.

I would not post them as further chapters to this story, but as seperate stories altogether, with their number in the 'series' in the summary. These little 'additions' are just some scenes I've been toying with from Bay's childhood, journey into motherhood (BIGGIE, yo), and various (I just seem to like using this word, don't I?) other things like that. Basically, things that were not included in this one-shot. So, I would appreciate your opinions on my inner battle (Post, no-post, go see a therapist...?), and please, be brutally honest. I'll try not to cry.

Thank you, my darlings, and have a wonderful week!

-The Ever So BerryliciousCheerio (Or, just, you know, Brandi. ;D)