This is a little tidbit from the beginning! I have more, just wanted to know how you like it, or if you're interested!

I could feel her glancing at me every few minutes. It was like she had given up on the subtle looks, and couldn't stop from looking over at me every so often. Did I have good hair recently? It could've been the new cologne… She doesn't even know my name… I didn't even know hers. She yawned beside me, stretching backwards looking exceptionally sexy; I could feel my pulse rushing to my pants. She was irresistible. She tousled her silky long dark hair, and I could smell her. She smelt like sweetened sunlight – it was rejuvenating and made all the hairs on my body stand up like I was alive and wired. I needed to get out of class quickly so I could get her out of my head. Mr. Barnes was writing a problem on the board, I didn't even pay attention to what was going on when he turned towards the class, "I need someone to solve this, come on, two points extra credit." No one raised their hands, "Ms. Jepson, thank you for volunteering," He was such a smart ass, she didn't even raise her hand. Way to pick on the new girl. She stood up from her chair beside me and walked up to the board. She had a nice ass… I'm sure the rest of the guys were staring at it too, I could hear Liam in the back whistling under his breath, a low chuckle passed across the room. She finished the problem on the board and turned around, handing Mr. Barnes his marker and headed back to her seat. He said it was perfect and that there would be a test next class, turning us loose till the bell rang. Her eyes met with mine almost instantly and then broke away just as fast. Even faster her face blushed as I caught her eyeing me. Her top was low cut which sent some thoughts running through my head; I could tell she was breathing heavier than she normally did. I tore out a piece of paper and scribbled down the problem on the board. I tapped my pencil against the table, thinking. I really should just talk to her somehow… My pencil fell out of my hand, rolling off the table, falling to the floor. I caught it before it hit the ground, and so did she. Her hand was ice cold – nothing new for me really. Our eyes met longer than they should have, probably making her uncomfortable. She let go, looking forward and I whispered thank you. She nodded curtly. "I'm Aiden by the way."

"Oh right, hi, I'm Taylor." She wasn't looking at me but she had a slight smile on her face. She doodled on her notebook. "Well, Taylor, it's nice to finally meet you." I turned away and pulled my backpack onto the table. I obviously wasn't going to get any further with her anytime soon.

This story will end up being in Taylor and Aiden's POVs. I have the next part already written out! Hope intense romantical stuff is up your alley, if not, sorry! Comment or send me a PM! Thanks guys!