"Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can't get any better, it can"

-From At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks

Scorpius decided he had been stupid for thinking there might have been a mutual attraction with Potter. He concentrated on his feet, counting each step. So much for spontaneity.

It seemed obvious.

Albus was getting back together with Nate, and Scorpius was left to despair in utter humiliation for acting radically. He hadn't needed to stay and watch to know what was going to happen.

Potter just wasn't into him that way.


Scorpius was angry, embarrassed, and feeling like he needed to sweep everything that had recently happened under a rug where he couldn't think of it. Potter had made him look stupid-

No, maybe not Potter. Scorpiushad made himself look stupid. He made his way up the stairs, when he noticed who was sitting at the top, crying.

Lily Potter.

Well, that was something you didn't see every day. Not from the girl with the nerves of steel. He kept his eyes downcast, but that didn't make him invisible. He looked up, and found she was already staring at him with red-rimmned eyes.

"What?" she snapped. Scorpius shrugged.

"Nothing." He started to make his way past her, ignoring how red she flushed, and it wasn't an embarrassed flush. It was her signature angry look that turned her ears a bright red.

"You are such a fucking jackass," Lily said. Scorpius paused, mentally sighing. The girl was such a mind-fuck! Here she was, snapping at him and obviously not wanting him to look at her, then cussing at him for saying he wasn't looking at her.

What was the correct answer here? Their usual, flirty banter? Yes, I was looking at you. My, those tears bring out your eyes!

Now that was just sarcastic. Whatever.

"Fine, I'm a jackass, you win." He shook his head, sighing. He really wasn't up for this right now-

"Sorry," Lily said, grudgingly, swiping at her eyes. Scorpius frowned.

"So what's wrong with you?" He plopped down on a step. Lily laughed.

"You actually interested or are you just trying to get your mind off your own shit?"

"A little of both." Scorpius admitted. It was true. There was a short silence.

"You ever been dumped?" Lily asked. Scorpius snorted. Who hadn't?


"Well I haven't." She glowered, picking at a hang nail. Scorpius didn't answer right away.

"Don't let him get to you," he said, thinking of Albus.

"Hard not to, when I feel like an idiot for thinking something could have happened between us." Lily grimaced.

"I feel so fucking stupid."

"I feel ya," Scorpius sighed.

They lapsed into silence again, listening to the murmurs of the portraits, and watching the students below trickle by.

"So you got over me pretty fast then," Scorpius joked. Lily rolled her eyes, and smacked his shoulder playfully.

"So what happened?"

"Well, we kissed, we flirted, and today when I asked him what we were to each other, he laughed it off." Lily's face darkened. Scorpius winced.

"Well, he isn't worth your time then."

"Like I wasn't worth yours?" It was a bitter, angry question. Scorpius could feel the burn of her anger in each word. He swallowed, uneasy.

"I never said that."

"You didn't have to."

"Don't be such a drama queen," he said. Lily stared at him, and Scorpius could feel the tension between them, crackling like electricity. It wasn't pleasant.

This had been a game between them for quite some time. Laughing, teasing, flirting. He was aware of her attraction to him, and once, he had entertained the idea of kissing her, but not now.

She was sick of the game, had been for a while, and she wanted more.

The door to the common room opened, as a group of third years trickled out, quietly conversing. Lily took this opportunity to rise and slip away. Scorpius thought of continuing to sit on the steps and sulk, but he noticed the third year girls casting glances his way, so he followed Lily.

He found Hugo and Brian studying by the window, but before he could wander over, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Scorpius turned to see a flash of red hair, and suddenly Lily was kissing him.

"Ow! Ow! Come on kids, get a room!" Brian taunted. Scorpius gently broke the kiss a moment later, his breath mingling with Lily's. She caught his silver gaze defiantly.

"Tell me I'm not worth your time." With that, she sauntered away, throwing a fiery glance over her shoulder.

"You and Lily Potter? Ohhhhh man! You really are a master!" Brian laughed, making a spectacle of it, which Scorpius did not appreciate.

"Shove it, Brian," Hugo remarked, when Scorpius shot Brian a venomous look. The other boy shrugged.

"Relax, don't get your panties in a bunch," Brian said, plopping back down on the couch and looking dejected.

Typical Brian.

Scorpius turned to leave, brood in his room for a while, when he noticed Albus going up the steps. His stomach did an odd little flip.

Was it possible Albus had seen the kiss?

What did it matter if he did? Albus obviously didn't harbor any interest, Scorpius reminded himself. He quietly went up the stairs, to the dormitory, finding it deserted save for Albus, who watched Scorpius with narrowed green eyes as he changed out of his school robes for something more casual.

"I meant it when I said I'd kick your ass if you did anything to my sister." Albus slipped a shirt over his head. Scorpius snorted.

"I'd like to see you try," he shot back, heart skittering in his chest. So Albus had seen? Albus glowered at him.

"Off to see Bitterbridge?" Scorpius couldn't resist, still angry and humiliated.

Albus paused to say "Fuck you" before he left, knocking Scorpius's shoulder in the process, leaving the blond alone in the dormitory, seething.

For a little while, Scorpius paced the floor. He tried to do his homework, he tried to concentrate on anything, but it found it nearly impossible. It was then he remembered he still had to write his mother her weekly letter. He reread Astoria's previous letter and scribbled for fifteen minutes, before folding the letter and heading to the owlery.

His mood darkened. It wasn't writing to his mother that was the problem; it was his father.

He wants to talk to you, Scorpius. Give him a chance. You'll see, he's changed.

Scorpius doubted that. His mother, while he loved her, was weak when it came to Draco. He couldn't expect her to readily understand. He looked at the piece of folded parchment. Inside, his words were cold and flat; he had avoided the subject of Draco entirely. He had inquired about her health, about her day, telling her a quick, humorous story concerning a herbology class and a silly incident.

His mood had been sour enough that he considered not writing, but she would only grow upset. In all his seven years at Hogwarts, he never missed writing her back. Sometimes he wrote her twice a week. She used to cling to his letters like a life line when he was at school, and so the letters became habit.

"You know what to do." He said softly, handing the owl the letter. The bird nipped his finger affectionately as it took the letter in its beak, as if sensing Scorpius's mood. He watched Amadeus fly off, taking the sky, until the owl was nothing but a gray smudge. Scorpius leaned against the wall. He was…upset. He would have to go home soon, and he would have to see Draco. There was no escaping it.

A part of him wanted to see his father, wanted desperately to be reassured that the man loved him and his mother. The other part was bitter and angry. If Draco had loved them so much, he wouldn't have endangered himself and his family by joining that fucking group-

"Stalking me, Malfoy?" The voice caught him off guard. Scorpius started, a little horrified to see Albus a few feet away, folding a letter to a stupidly small size.

"Or maybe it's you who's following me?" Scorpius snapped. Albus snickered.

"I hate to disappoint you, Malfoy, but I'm not one of your stalker fangirls." A screech owl flew to Albus, and he allowed the bird to take his letter. The smaller owl shot for the sky, quickly flying out of the tower. Scorpius looked away, deciding to pretend Potter wasn't there.

Great. Now not only was his moment of sulking ruined, now he would have to be reminded constantly of...well...that.

That consisted of buried emotions, hidden attractions, dejection, and embarrassing recollections of vividly arousing dreams. Oh yes, Scorpius was just thrilled to see Albus. Perfect. Fucking Potter. Well, he supposed he could go for some heated words. He could let off some steam.

"What are you sulking about, anyway?" Potter shot at him. A hollow smirk upturned the corners of Scorpius's mouth.

"You just broke your nose and got a failing grade. Do you really want to make your day worse by provoking me?" Scorpius grinned. Albus snorted.

"Like you have any effect on me," the other boy muttered, though he didn't look Scorpius in the eye.-

"Thought you had a date with Bitterbridge. Better hurry if you don't want your grade to suffer," Scorpius said acidly. For a heartbeat, there was silence, before Albus finally spoke.

"What the hell is your problem? Because I'm really fucking confused-"

"You're confused?" Scorpius broke in, vexed. "Yeah, okay."

"You were just kissing my sister-"

"And you were getting back together with Bitterbridge!" Scorpius cried. Albus blinked.


"Don't act all innocent. I saw you two. Don't have to tell me what was going on-"

"Oh my fucking God, you're worse than a girl-" Albus groaned. Scorpius glared, angry and unsure.

"So you thought I was getting back together with Nate, I wasn't by the way, so you go and kiss my sister in retaliation?" Albus exploded. Scorpius rolled his eyes, abashed.

"It wasn't like that," he admitted lowly, scratching the back of his neck. Albus stared at him.

"Whatever," Albus said, quietly, so that Scorpius had to strain to hear. Potter looked vulnerable or something. He was fidgeting and looking at his feet, his hand stuffed in his pockets. He turned to leave, and Scorpius could hear his heart in his ears as he watched Albus walk away.

"Potter," he said suddenly. Albus paused, looking back. Scorpius's mouth ran dry. He considered keeping it to himself. Not saying anything, but against his better judgment, he spoke.

"Me and Lily...wasn't what it looked like. What happened earlier...I meant it." It sounded a little lame once he said it out loud, and he felt the blood rush to his face. Suddenly, he wished he could take it back. He'd just revealed something that made him vulnerable to Potter because of Potter.

He never thought he'd actually see this day. Albus hovered by the door.

"Alright," he said, not moving. Scorpius waited, heart in his throat, hating how embarrassed and left-out-in-the-open he felt. It was disconcerting, waiting to hear Albus say something else. Or was Potter simply going to leave without another word.

"I'm going to the library to study for the Potion's test before break tonight. I'll be there at eight, in the back." Albus was quiet, staring out the door, before flitting his green gaze to Albus. Scorpius swallowed.

"Yeah, okay." It was all he could say. Albus smiled, just a little, and left.


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