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The next morning after the dance Bella was up bright and early so she could head over to the Cullen's where the harvest party was going to start, the next day would be the swans. Then the Stanley, and on until all of the farms had been harvested. Bella made a quick breakfast for herself, Emmett Rose and Jasper. Well at the same time making an apple and pumpkin pie for desert.

"Hey baby sister." Smiled as Bella slide a plate of bacon in front of him.

"Emmett." She looked up as Jasper and Rose came through the door. "Good morning you two and once again, congrats Jasper." She gave them plates and then turned to Emmett and Rose. "Ok Jasper and Alice are now engaged. Me and Edward are courting its time for you two to get married when's the wedding?"

"Well someone's sassy this morning." Emmett chuckled.

" Next year after the harvest." Rose told her. I want to teach at least a year and you know it only slows down around here after harvest." Rose answered her future sister in law.

"Yeah and by then maybe you and Edward will be engaged." Emmett teased. Bella stuck her tongue out at him as she got up to pull the pies out of the oven and let them cool.

"Ok you three dishes in the sink we need to get going." With that Bella wrapped up the pies and put them in a basket. Emmett then helped both of the girls into the wagon and Jasper jumped in the back. It only took them a few minutes to get to the Cullen's and then Bella was through the door Rose on her heels in seconds. Before Bella could even put the basket down Alice had hugged the breath right out of her.

"Bella I'm getting married." She squealed.

Bella laughed trying to juggle her basket. "I know Alice. But can you let me go so I don't smash the pies. Alice laughed and Bella hurried to put the basket down before Alice crushed her again.

"Hello sweetie." Esme hugged her as she led the girls into the kitchen.

"Hey Esme." Just as they got into the kitchen Carlisle and Edward came in talking. They looked up and Edwards eyes locked with Bella's.

"Good morning Bella." He bet down to kiss her cheek. Causing her cheeks to take on a rosy hue.

"Edward she smiled. She motioned for him to bend down. "has Alice stopped talking about her ring at all?"

He chuckled and shook his head. "Oh great." She sighed.

"Ok boys out of my kitchen." Esme shooed them away as other women from the community started to filter into the house.

"Well girls it looks like we are here for another harvest season lets get down to business. Esme gave everyone a task to do. As Bella was cooking the beef stew she listened to the conversation swirling around her.

"So Alice when's the wedding." Jessica Stanley asked looking enviously at Alice's hand.

"I'm not sure I'm just loving wearing the ring at the moment." She giggled.

Bella couldn't help but smile as she worked around the room. Soon the dinner was done and Rose had been sent to get to ring the bell to get the guys out of the fields. The food was set up in the yard. Every type of food you could think of. "Girls lets get some food now before the guys come through. Esme clapped her hands.

As the women settled around the trees and watched the guys troop in from the fields. "A picture of water is over there." Bella pointed before she would allow the guys to touch the food the girls had worked hard to make all day. After all the guys were washed up and had food. Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle came to sit by the girls.

"Its smells delicious." Carlisle took a bite. "And taste just as amazing."

"Don't forget to save room for desert Bella smiled. I made pie." With that the guys put their plates down and scrambled for the desert table. No one wanted to miss out on Bella's pie. Bella laughed and rolled her eyes. As the boys came back two pieces of pie for each of them. "Now didn't your momma teach you not to eat desert first."

"Yes." Esme scolded playful. As the guys sat their pie down sadly and ate their dinner. But as soon as it was gone they hurried to pick up those plates.

"Son Bella's pie's are amazing, you should marry her tomorrow so we can have them all the time."

"NO way you can't steel her then who would make pie for me, not Rose." Emmett shuddered at the thought.

"Ok boys I can make everyone pie there is no need to fight over me." Bella laughed. Steeling a bite of Edwards pie." He frowned slightly, playfully. After dinner the women cleaned up and the guys headed back to the fields. As Bella looked out at the lowering sun she wondered where she would be this time next year.

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