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Summary: He didn't have it easy. Those who knew expected him to be helpless, handicapped. He was not. He was independent, free spirited, and completely wild. When his life takes a nose dive at the age of six, he becomes more determined than ever to keep his flaw a secret, and he does it well…until one day, he is sent to purge the home of his long lost best childhood friend, where he meets his match in a blue haired scientist with sass. Can Vegeta juggle the weight of a woman, his de-Saiyan-ized friend, and a tyrant, all while struggling to prove the being blind doesn't render him helpless?

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Chapter 1: Gifted

"Vegeta, come on! You're dad's going to be mad!"

"Shut up, Kakarot! I know!"

Little Kakarot sighed. He was barely three years old, but like all Saiyans he had begun to walk, talk, and even fight at the ripe age of six months.

"You know your dad hates it when we're late for training, Vegeta!" Kakarot whined.

"So does yours! And anyway, you're the one that wanted to stop by the royal kitchen, so it's your fault anyway!"

"It's not my fault Ruri makes such good cookies!"

Vegeta hmphed and fell silent, staring blankly ahead as he ran his hand against the wall.

Kakarot sighed again. "If you would just let me lead you…" he began.

"No!" Vegeta snapped. "I can do it myself.

Vegeta was six. Kakarot had been assigned at birth to be the Little Prince's bodyguard, and, though he had consistently insisted otherwise, the two had become fast friends.

Kakarot was also the only person outside the Royal family who knew Vegeta was blind.

Well, him, his brother, and his parents.

King Vegeta had been furious when he found out. The Prince had been blind at birth, his charcoal black eyes clouded and unseeing. Queen Reena had been proud of the child nonetheless, and when at three months of age, Vegeta had made his first Ki ball and killed three soldiers simultaneously, the King had begun to take pride in his son as well.

Vegeta was very self dependent. Even as a baby, he had refused to let anyone but his parents touch him, so all maids had been abandoned. And since most Royal children were not often publically displayed, his blindness had been successfully hidden from the people. That was how he liked it; he did not want anyone thinking that he was handicapped.

He was an excellent fighter. He waited and listened, completely ignoring the scouter on his face (which was only there for show). He would listen for the stillness in the air, which only comes just before an opponent attacks, and then he would lunge.

His memory was excellent too. He remembered when he was three, and a small babe had been presented to him on his birthday.


"Mom, can I leave now?" the toddler Prince whined.

"Vegeta, this is your birthday party."

"It's boring," he complained. "All I'm doing is sitting on my throne while a bunch of old people talk."

Queen Reena sighed. "Oh, Vegeta. They aren't old. And you could go spar with the children if you wanted."

Vegeta scoffed, his dark eyes narrowing at nothing in particular. "They're all weak."

"You haven't even talked to them yet. How should you know?"

He shrugged, folding his little arms. "I can sense it. Can't you?"

Reena stared at him. He felt her gaze like fire to his flesh, but he didn't flinch.

"Never flinch when your mother stares at you," his father constantly warned. "You'll be able to feel it, trust me, so don't flinch. She will eat you alive."

"What do you mean,"Reena asked carefully, "when you say you can sense them?"

He shrugged again. "If I close my eyes, I can see little silhouettes, with flames all around them. Mine is much bigger than theirs."

His mother gaped at him. He felt a small rush of air as she jumped up and whirled, her long hair spilling out behind her. "Vegeta!" she hissed.

The boy tensed, then realized she was spewing flames at his father.

"What's wrong, Reena?" the King's deep rumbling voice asked, directly beside him.

"Your son can sense those children!"

"…Excuse me?"

"Ask him!"

Vegeta listened; his already highly trained ears were enhanced by his lack of vision, and since his father was so close, he heard his lips parting as he opened his mouth to speak.

"That child over there," Vegeta interrupted, closing his eyes and pointing. "His flame-thing is small, barely a finger's length from his body. His power level is perhaps 500, whereas mine is perhaps four thousand, give or take, and is almost a forearm's length from my body." He scoffed then. "See? Weak."

There was a pause, then a steady beeping. His father had the scouter turned on him, and the numbers quickly racked up to 4000. Another pause, and the scouter was pointed at the indicated child.

"Good gods," his father whispered.

Reena, who refused to wear a scouter to parties (they were tacky, she said), asked, "What is it?"

"Five hundred and three."

Both parents gaped at each other, then grinned.

"Our son…" Reena started.

"Is a freaking genius!" The King crowed proudly.

Vegeta smirked to himself. His mother rushed to tell the family, and his father ruffled his hair, bending down to whisper in the boy's ear. "You'll have to teach me that, Vegeta," he said, "So I can sneak up on your mother without alerting her with my scouter."

"Dad, that's stupid," Vegeta stated. "And anyway, I don't know how to teach you. I didn't try to obtain this ability. I just know it."

His father was surprised, but said nothing. Instead, he ruffled his hair again, and stood up. "Happy Birthday, Vegeta," he said, smiling at his only child.

"Prince Vegeta?" a gruff voice asked.

"Ah, Bardock," The King answered for him. "I was wondering where you were."

"My apologies, my King," Bardock's voice seemed to come from farther down than before, which told Vegeta that he was bowing. "My wife was concerned about our attire, Sir."

The King laughed heartily. "What, can't you control your harpy, Bardock?"

The tall man sounded embarrassed. "She…she has a knack for getting a hold of people's tails, my King."

Vegeta Sr. laughed again, and this time it was accompanied by a matching, albeit lighter laughter from the Prince.

"Happy Birthday, your Majesty," the General said.

"Bardock," the Prince greeted, still snickering.

"Do you have him?" the King asked his old friend.

"Yes, Highness. He is with my wife. Shall I fetch her?"

"Yes, my son is bored out of his mind, and at his own party."

Bardock laughed. "A wild one, like his father, eh?"

"Like your brat will be any different."

They laughed again, and Bardock left to find his wife.

"Who were you talking about?" Vegeta asked.

"Patience, Boy."

"Is it for me? I don't want another servant," the three year old pouted.

"It's not a servant."

"Then what?"

"Patience, Vegeta."

The little Prince hmphed. Bardock reappeared then, his wife Selypa at his side. The Prince couldn't see it, but there was a tiny Ki present, one that he hadn't sensed before.

"Prince Vegeta," Selypa said, her voice soft and warm. It was almost loving, he noticed, and her recent pregnancy flashed in his mind.

"This is our son," she said. "When Bardock was born, he was presented to your father as a body guard. The King didn't actually need one, since he had Nappa's father," she explained, "But it was to teach Bardock how to protect those around him, and to teach your Father how to build social skills, since he, like you, didn't get out of the palace often. So, out of tradition, we have the honor of presenting our youngest son to you."

Suddenly curious, Vegeta stood up from his small throne, his nose tilted up slightly as he scented the air. He smelled baby oil and soap. He reached out his hand, and his father took his wrist, guiding him towards the child. Selypa held up the bundle in her arms, and Vegeta felt something soft and seemingly fragile wrapped in cloth under his fingers.

Immediately, he jerked his hand back and yanked off his glove, stretching his arm forward again. He felt soft baby skin, and the chubby cheeks of a newborn. His fingertips fluttered over the baby's face, transferring a self-made image of the boy to his mind. He felt wild, spikey hair that matched Bardock's almost perfectly, which would make sense; outside the Royal family, the second child born normally favored only one parent.

"Why would you bring me such a weak creature?" he asked, still picturing the child's face. It was round, but with sharp cheekbones underneath the baby fat; he would have defined features later, like all Saiyans did, and the baby's nose scrunched up as Vegeta "looked" at him with his hands.

Instead of being insulted, the adults laughed. "He's only a baby, Prince Vegeta," Bardock chuckled. "He's barely fourteen days old. He will be much stronger once he's aged a year. Do not worry, Prince, my family is almost as strong as yours."

"Hn," Vegeta said, but he wasn't really paying attention. He took his hand away from the baby, and with his blind eyes now knowing where to go, they locked on the child's face.

"His name is Kakarot," Bardock said proudly.

Baby Kakarot took one look at Vegeta…

And started screaming at the top of his lungs.

Selypa and Bardock jumped. Their child wasn't a crier; unless he was hungry, Kakarot was an unnaturally cheerful child. And he'd just been fed recently, so why was he crying? They looked up at Vegeta, expecting to see a scowl or a snarl, but what they did see surprised them.

Vegeta laughed.

"He cries like a little Warrior, that's for sure," he chuckled. "I like this kid."

The three year old Prince stretched his hand to the baby once more, and this time, Kakarot latched his chubby hand onto Vegeta's finger.

*End Flashback*

"Would it kill you to accept some help?" Kakarot huffed.

"Perhaps," Vegeta quirked.

Kakarot rolled his eyes. "Come on, Vegeta. Nobody's watching."

"I'm watching."

"Har har, very funny. You don't count."

"I'm the Prince. Of course I count. Heck, my vote counts twice."

"Does not!"

"Does too!"

"You're impossible!" the little toddler groaned.

"Thank you. Now hurry up, Kakarot, or we'll be late!"

He laughed when the younger Saiyan slapped his forehead. "We're already late!" Kakarot cried. "That's what I've been trying to tell you!"

They were, in fact, late, but King Vegeta wasn't there. Instead, Bardock was waiting for them.

"Daddy!" Kakarot cried, running to the tall, rugged man. The little boy clamped on his father's leg like a vice, grinning from ear to ear.

"Hey, Brat," Bardock smiled. "How's your training?"

"Vegeta is a meanie," Kakarot stated, his tail swinging as he looked up at his father.

Bardock laughed. "Is he now? Well, you two get in the training arena, and I'll send the Saibamen out for you. How's that?"

"Yeah!" Kakarot cried. Detaching himself from his sire, the child ran up to Vegeta and, ignoring the Prince's hiss of protest, grabbed his arm and pulled him to the arena.

"Ready?" the wild haired boy asked.

Vegeta smirked. "When am I not? Now be quiet, so I can concentrate." With that, his eyes slid shut, his lips pressed into a line as he focused.

And the Saibamen were released.

The appeared with a puff of smoke and a hiss, snarling and cackling like the little madmen they were. They rushed the Saiyan children, claws extended, and the boys prepared to retaliate.

No sooner had a Saibaman stretched out its fingers for Vegeta's shoulder, the Prince whirled and grabbed its wrist, flinging it into the one that was charging him from the front. The two crashed and went flying into the wall and were quickly disintegrated by the boy's blast.

A Saiba appeared from nowhere above Kakarot, who leapt to the side and blasted it to pieces, subsequently wrestling with a second who had tackled him from behind.

"Come on, Kakarot!" Bardock called. "You shouldn't be letting it touch you! Look at Vegeta! See what he's doing?"

Vegeta stood in the middle of five of the little green buggers, a smirk playing with the corner of his lips. Bardock grinned and pressed a single button on the control center, which turned the cameras to slow motion so he could watch.

A few Saibamen lunged at the Prince, but the boy fazed out of sight, dodging each attack. To the untrained eye, he didn't appear to have moved, other than the change in location; his speed was incredible, so much so that it almost seemed like they hadn't attacked him at all.

The Saibamen braced themselves again before they all leapt at once. Their feet were in perfect sync, minus the fact that it varied which foot, their claws scrapping into the metal floors. At the same time, Vegeta's battle stance lowered as he spread his feet apart slightly, power radiating from his body. And before either of them could touch him, his aura exploded from his body, and suddenly, they were no more.

"Atta boy, Vegeta!" Bardock called, sending more of the little monsters out to play.

Kakarot stared at his friend, slightly marveling. Then he grinned, and began to copy his friend's moves. He added his own spin to it, leaping over some Saibas and making his movements a little more…less invisible, and soon every Saibaman was dead.

Pop! Pop, pop, POP! Twenty more sprouted from their little seeds.

The two boys were suddenly back to back, grins stretched across their faces. "Ready, Kakarot?" Vegeta said.


"AAHHHHH!" they cried. Their aura's exploded from their bodies in a brilliant clash of baby blue. The Saibamen hissed, but the sheer power of the little Saiyans was far too much for the plant-like beings to take, and they crashed against the wall, all dead. Vegeta whirled and blasted the body of one into smithereens. Kakarot, not to be outdone, started blasting them as well. In matter of seconds, the training arena was completely Saibaman free.

"That all you got, Bardock?" Vegeta called.

There was silence, then a slow hissing sound of the door opening. Vegeta's eyebrows rose, his eyes closed as he listened and searched for the intruding Ki, but just as he got a lock on it, he was slammed into the far wall of the training arena.

"Of course that's not all I've got," Bardock's voice came. "But apparently, Saibamen are far too weak for you. So…let's take things up a notch."

"Of course I understand," King Vegeta snapped into his scouter. "I'm not stupid. Do you think this is fun for me?...He's MY son, you moron! You think I'm enjoying this? It's killing me!...How dare you suggest that! If I was strong enough, Frieza would be dead, and none of this would be happening! …Just shut up, and leave me in peace."

There was a beep, and the scouter suddenly smashed into the far wall of the throne room.

King Vegeta buried his head in his hands, hating what he was about to do.

"I will never forgive you."

He looked up, a pained look on his face. "Reena…"

"I will never forgive you for giving away my son," she said, lifting her chin defiantly.

"He will kill us all, Reena. I have no choice – "

"You do have a choice!" she screamed. "We could fight! We could take him down and –"

"Reena!" Vegeta yelled. His strong hands suddenly gripped her arms, pinning her against the wall. "You have no idea how strong he is! His power level is 530,000! And he has other forms that make him even stronger! His maximum power is rumored to be 12 million!"

"So what!" Reena screamed back at him. "There are millions of us! He can't possibly fight us all off!"

"We can't all fight him at once anyway! Think rationally!"

"I'm thinking about my son!"


She froze at the intensity in his voice, her black eyes wide.

Vegeta sighed, his break shaking along with the rest of his body, and he leaned his forehead against hers, his eyes squeezing shut. "Reena, he has already described to me in detail what he will do to you and the boy if I disobey. I can't lose both of you."

"He'll hurt my son," Reena whispered.

"I'm so sorry, Reena. You know if I was stronger…"

"I know."

A guard entered then. "My Lord, the Prince is here to see you, with Bardock's boy."

The King swallowed and nodded. "Bring them in."

"Kakarot, you couldn't be serious if your life depended on it," Vegeta stated as they entered. "I bet you have a banana sized grin on your face right now."

"Do not!" Kakarot said, though he actually did.

"Liar. I can hear it in your voice."

"Dang it, Vegeta, why you gotta be so observant?"

The little Prince laughed. "Cuz I'm royalty. Why else?"

"You're such a jerk."

"Wait till we hit adolescence."


"Teenage years," Vegeta explained.

"Ohhhh. Gotcha."

"Vegeta," the King said warily, sitting on his throne again. Reena had vanished, unwilling to see the betrayal etched on her little boy's face.

"Yes, Father?" the Prince said, suddenly serious.

"I have…bad news, my son," the King sighed, rubbing his temples. "Lord Frieza has requested…he has demanded that you live on his ship…with him."

Vegeta and Kakarot froze.

"He's coming today, Vegeta," The King said, clearly about to break from stress. "You are to gather your things, though I wouldn't take much, and be ready within the hour."

Vegeta closed his mouth, though he didn't remember opening it. His heart wrenched, and his knees suddenly felt like jelly. Beside him, Kakarot's aura was shaking, and he could tell that the younger boy was as shocked, if not more so, than he was.

"I'm so sorry, Vegeta," his father said dejectedly. "You know that I would have never given him to you if I had a choice. It would never even have crossed my mind."

Vegeta nodded, feeling sick. "Yes, Father. I'll…I'll go pack now."

He had barely turned on his heels when he was suddenly tackled to the ground. "Ack!" he cried, his chin smashing against the tile floor, the wind knocked out of his lungs.

"NO!" Kakarot howled. "You can't! You can't take him away! YOU CAN'T!"

"Get off me, Kakarot!" Vegeta hissed. He would not look weak in front of his father.

"He's MY friend!" the wild-haired child cried. "That's not fair!"

Vegeta felt something wet soaking into his cape, and he realized Kakarot was crying. That was strange; the boy hadn't really cried since before he was walking.

Vegeta heard footsteps then, and lifted his nose to scent the air. Bardock loomed over them, his aura radiating sadness.

Kakarot squeezed him tighter as he looked up at his father, his chin digging into Vegeta's back. "Please don't let them, Dad," he said, his voice quivering. "Vegeta should stay here."

"I know he should, son. But Vegeta has to go with Frieza," his voice hardened at the name, "and you have to go to Earth. I'm sorry - "


Vegeta felt Kakarot suddenly went limp, which told the Prince that Bardock had grabbed his tail. The burly man separated the two and pulled Vegeta to his feet by the neck of his armor, giving the Prince a little push towards the door. Vegeta stumbled a bit and headed out of the throne room, his cloudy eyes darting back to where he sensed Kakarot before he left. His overly sensitive ears caught pieces of Kakarot's screaming howls until he slammed his bedroom door shut.

He brooded in his room for a while, running his glove-less hands over everything to imprint it in his mind. He only packed a few things; plenty of clothes, his royal amulet, ring, and armband, a Braille book for him to read, paper, and pencils.


He could draw and paint and sketch; put a pencil in his hand and you'd have something beautiful in an hour. He always drew eyes.

He had coated his pencils in his own Ki, so when he put something on paper, he could sense it, and it would be the same as seeing. He didn't draw large things; only eyes of people he knew, or rather, what he expected their eyes to look like. He could get the shapes right; those were easy. All he had to do touch a person's face to get the shape of their features. But the pupils and irises…those were harder. He didn't know the shapes of those, and though his family told him otherwise, he couldn't help thinking that he got them completely wrong every time.

He had taken up drawing almost as early as he had fighting; if he wasn't doing one, he was doing the other. Or eating. It was his way to see into the world, even if he could only see the things he put on paper. At least it was something.

He smiled a little, remembering the first pair of eyes he'd ever drawn. They were his father's, and they were awful. He'd been angry, and spent all of his spare time drawing and redrawing them until they were perfect. It had taken him nearly a half a year, but he'd done it.

"Prince Vegeta," a servant called. "His Majesty said it's time."

Of course it was.

He sighed and picked up his bag, slinging it over his shoulder.

It was time.

Kakarot sniffed. "It's not fair," he said for the umpteenth time.

"I know, son."

"Wass'e want Vegeta for?"

"I dunno, kid."

"He's stupid. Vegeta's mean, anyhow," Kakarot said, sniffing again. "He shouldn't want somebody as mean as Vegeta."

"Yeah, I know."

"If he's so big and bad he shouldn't need Saiyans anyway. What's he supposed to do with a little kid?"

"Don't you ever stop talking?" Bardock demanded.

Kakarot was silent for a moment. "What's he gunna do when he finds out Vegeta is blind?"

Bardock sighed. "I don't know, Kakarot."

The little boy gaped. His father never didn't know anything. What was different about this time?

"How'm I gunna protect him if he's out in space and I'm on some mudball planet?" the tiny Saiyan asked.

"Vegeta needs no protecting, son. He's strong."

"He still needs help sometimes!" Kakarot insisted. "You're really strong, stronger than he is, and you still need somebody sometimes!"

"Kakarot!" Bardock barked. "If I could do anything, I would, okay? Just be quiet so I can think!"

And for once, Kakarot shut up.

Bardock closed his eyes, his brow furrowed as he tried to concentrate. His last mission had been to Kanassa, and ever since that alien hit him, he'd been having major headaches. Sometimes it felt like he was dreaming, but he couldn't be, because he was awake. The Kanassan had said that he would see how his world would end, just like they had, but Bardock had seen nothing of his home's destruction so far.

And then, it hit him, so fast he stumbled slightly.

They were flashes, quick pictures that he barely had time to process. Gradually, they began to slow down, and Bardock could make out figures.

He saw two men, both with spikey, black hair and tan skin, one tall and one short. The tall one smiled and laughed, but the shorter one stared straight ahead, his dark eyes clouded.

Sometimes the two would spar, and sometimes they would be eating. The tallest one was tailless, and sometimes the shorter one would use his tail against him, sending him flying into mountains and trees and whatnot. They would hunt, and sometimes he saw them with two women; one with long black hair and one with short blue hair.


Sometimes the tall one would disappear from sight, and the shorter one would be left alone in what looked like a bedroom. He would sit at a desk and pick up pencils, his eyes not even focused on the paper as he drew. Then the short one would disappear and the tall one would be present again, wearing brightly colored clothing and riding a golden cloud.

They looked like younger versions of King Vegeta and himself, he realized.

Then, he saw an ugly purple and white creature, with three toes and a long, thick tail. An Ice-jinn, he thought, but not like any one he'd ever seen. Frieza's rumored transformations flashed in his mind, and he froze, suddenly knowing who the creature was.

And with a flash, the monster was dying in a puddle of his own blood, two blonde warriors standing above him with squared shoulders.

Bardock blinked, and the image faded quickly. He glanced at his son, who was still clearly upset. The child didn't seem to have noticed anything amiss, though he glanced up at his father quizzically for stumbling.

Bardock shook his head, snapping to attention when the Prince suddenly entered the room, his hand brushing the wall as he walked.

Kakarot jumped up from his position on the floor and rushed to the Prince, stopping abruptly before the two could collide. He bowed respectfully, and Vegeta waved him off.

"You're leaving already," Kakarot stated.


"When are you coming back?"

"How should I know?"

Kakarot hesitated. "D'ya think you'll be back when I come back from purging Earth?"

"I dunno."

They fell silent for a moment. Then Kakarot said, "You might be gone for a long time."

"I know."

"You'll forget me."

Vegeta's head snapped up from its slightly lowered position, his eyes wide. "I wouldn't."

"You might."

"I won't. Don't be a brat."

"I'm not," Kakarot pouted. "You're mean."

"We've established this."

Kakarot scratched the back of his neck. "Well, maybe I should come with you?"

Vegeta blinked. "What?"

"I mean, what if you need help tying your shoe laces?"

"My boots don't have laces, Kakarot. You can't tie shoes, anyway."

"What if you mistake the orange juice for the milk?"

"I have taste buds, don't I?"

"What if you put your shirt on backwards? Or inside-out? Or both?"

"Jeez, Kakarot!" Vegeta cried. "I don't do any of that stuff here, so why would I do that on Frieza's ship? You're being overdramatic."

"Over what?"

"You're freaking out."

"Oh." Kakarot looked at his feet, then back up at the prince. "Have you got your pencils?"

Vegeta patted the bag on his shoulder.

"Have you got that picture of everybody?"

Vegeta shook his head. "It's in my room. I don't want it ruined."

Kakarot hesistated. "Can…can I have it? Till you get back, I mean?"

"I don't care. But you'd better not mess it up."


It was a really pretty picture, Kakarot thought. It was nothing but eyes, as usual, but instead of focusing on one person, it had been multiple pairs. The King's eyes and the Queen's eyes, Vegeta's own eyes, baby Tarble's eyes, Bardock and Selypa's eyes, Raditz's eyes and Kakarot's eyes. Vegeta's closest family.

Once, Kakarot had said, "Why'd you draw Dad's eyes twice?"

"Those are your eyes, idiot," Vegeta said, bent over his desk as he drew.

"They look an awful lot like Dad's eyes to be mine."

"That's because they are."


Vegeta took a scratch piece of paper and drew a quick sketch. Two quickly drawn pairs of eyes stared back at Kakarot when the Prince handed him the paper, one pair larger than the other, but both otherwise identical. "Go look in the mirror," Vegeta ordered, "Then go look at Bardock."

He had, and he was slightly stunned to find that Vegeta had been right.

"Promise you won't forget?" he asked.

"Kakarot, it's Saiyanly impossible to forget such a loud mouth like you."

The spikey haired boy smiled. "Well, I couldn't forget a meanie like you, either."

"Hn," Vegeta said, but the corners of his mouth twitched in a smirk.

"How cute," a sultry voice said.

Kakarot looked up and hissed. Vegeta tensed at the noise, whirling to face the voice.

"Kakarot," he whispered.

"He's tall," Kakarot said immediately, as he always did, "a little taller than Dad, I think. Green hair, blue skin, kinda looks like a sissy to me."

Vegeta snickered.

"I'm serious," his friend whispered. "He's wearing these big blue panty-hose looking things, like that itchy stuff our moms wear to parties."

"Ugh, he is a sissy."

Zarbon's lips curled downwards.

"Boys!" King Vegeta hissed, suddenly entering the room, Reena at his side. "Zarbon," he said, addressing the blue man, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to collect the Prince," he said smugly. "Whatever else would I be here for?"

The King scowled. "I would think that Lord Frieza himself would want to be here."

"Hm. He had more...important matters to attend to."

"I see," King Vegeta ground out.

"You must be little Prince Vegeta," Zarbon said sweetly. His voice immediately nauseated the six year old Saiyan. The blue man pinched his cheek suddenly, and, out of pure instinct, Vegeta snapped his teeth, nearly biting him.

Zarbon yanked his hand back. "Feisty, isn't he?" he frowned. "I would think a Prince would have more manners."

"I would think one of Frieza's soldiers would know better than to lay a hand on royalty," Vegeta sneered.

"Yeah," Kakarot pitched in.

Vegeta heard Zarbon huff, then a hand fell on his shoulder. "Move it, boy," the blue man said. "Frieza is waiting."

"Wait," the King called. The Prince listened to his father's footsteps, straightening his posture. The King knelt in front of Vegeta, smiling halfheartedly. "Here, son." He placed a chain around Vegeta's neck.

"That's yours," Vegeta said in awe as he felt the King's Royal Medallion. He pulled off his gloves, his fingertips taking in the beautiful design.

"I know. You'd better not lose it, you hear?"

"Yes, Father."

The King squeezed his shoulder, almost lovingly. "Take care, son," he said.

Vegeta nodded, reaching up to touch his Father's face one last time before the King shifted away.

Reena dropped to her knees beside her child and pulled him into a bone-crushing hug, after which she planted a kiss on his forehead.

"Mother," Vegeta protested.

"Be strong, Baby," she whispered.

He touched her face too, imprinting it in his mind. "I'll be back, you know."

"Of course," she said. Something in her voice suddenly made him feel dread.

"See ya, Kid," Bardock called.

"Bye, Vegeta," Kakarot said. "I'm going to remember, if you are."

"Don't be stupid, Kakarot," he said, which was Vegeta talk for 'Of course I'm going to'. He nodded at the rest of them once, and Zarbon grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the landing dock, where their pods awaited.

Nearly an hour after Prince Vegeta had left, and Kakarot had been sent on his mission, Bardock realized that something was desperately wrong. Images flashed in his mind, and he cried out. As soon as his mind cleared, he ran to find his closest comrade.

It only took him five minutes to explain to the King what he had seen, and the Monarch hadn't questioned him.

Frieza laughed as two proud Saiyan men, one of which happened to be the Little Monkey King, were swallowed up in the giant orange sphere. A minute later, Vegeta-sei exploded into a beautiful puff of sparkling dust.

Inside his ship, three Saiyans remained. A Prince, his body guard, and some lucky punk of a third class with long hair. They were the last, he was certain.

But out in the midst of space, a lone pod continued on its way to Earth. Inside, a small Saiyan clutching a drawing of eyes was begging the gods to watch over his best friend while he was in the clawed hands of a monster before the stasis sleep overtook him.

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