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Ah, BTdubs, this is my version of how i believe the War at Marinefold should have happened. Are you kidding? This is totally how it happened. Dur. THIS IS ACELU, IT CONTAINS BOY X BOY and INCEST. D-CEST! YAOI!

I could see it on his face. Every cut, punch or kick that landed on my rubbery body made him bite his lip harder. I wanted to tell him not to worry. I could barely feel it anyway. Could barely feel my toes...was that normal? I don't think so, maybe it was bad. It didn't matter though. I would gladly lose all feeling if it meant i could save Ace. I would burn myself alive, drown myself, even give myself up to the marines if it meant his life lasted longer. I can tell he feels the same way about me. Just the way his eyes or on me, cringing at my wounds for me as I fight on.

I can't even remember whom I have fought. It's all a blur of blue and white. I could identify situations against some, but they were gone as soon as my mind settled onto the next task.

My body is weak, I know I can't take much more. Then again, when has that ever stopped me? Yet I know, even as I think that to myself, that it was never been this bad. This just might be the place where I die.

A light beam by that freaky tall guy, Kizaru, sends me flying. I hit something hard, jarring to an abrupt stop, and it feels as though I am being held upside down. Maybe I am. It doesn't matter. I'm done for. I can't move. I can't save Ace.


I can.

I will save Ace. I WILL save Ace.

I call for Iva-chan. Iva-chan. Iva-chan can heal me. I tell him to give me a boost. He looks at me, mouth agape.

"Another shot of the rigor hormones? Outrageous! You can't take anymore! After fighting your vay through Impel Down...and almost dying from a lethal poison, your body is already far beyond its limits! If you push yourself any further, you truly vill...be throwing your life away!"

With an ounce of strength I didn't know I had left, I stretched my arm all the way up to his shoulder to grasp it.

"I'll do whatever I can..." I panted, "If I die then fine...! Just let me fight!...IVA-CHAN!"

Some Whitebeard pirates ran by yelling, and I took a moment to catch my breath.

"If by not fighting now..." I continue, "I failed to save Ace...that WOULD MAKE ME WANT TO DIE! PLEASE! GIVE ME THE POWER TO FIGHT NOW!"

For a second my senses faded out, and I knew I was on the border of falling unconscious. I heard yelling, it must have been Iva-chan, because a second later i felt sharp claws stick into my side, and energy flow through my veins.

I could stand.

I roared.

I was going to keep moving.

Was I to late? The swords beside him were swinging down to his neck. Why Why Why Why?

"STOP IT!" I screamed, anger bubbling up from the very insides of my body. Miraculously, they stopped, falling to the ground with execution swords clanging to the ground beside them. There were shocked murmurs and gasps and yells. But i didn't make out any words. I was to busy running. Running, running, running.

Iva-chan asked me about a power, to which i know nothing of. People surround me, yelling, cheering. Old man Whitebeard sent them, I don't know why, and i don't care. I am only here for Ace.

Then Kani-chan(Inazuma) pops out of Iva-chan's hair and cuts a huge concrete path leading all the way up to Ace. I swear, when this is over, I'm giving that guy a hug.

"I'M HERE, ACE!" I yell up to him, starting my sprint. There are loud explosions everywhere, and I here people screaming my name. I'm so happy right now, i feel like my smile is going to break my face. Ace is right up there, looking at me with those eyes. They're watery and red with tears, but they're his eyes. And i can see them. I can see the surprise and hidden happiness in them. The love shining right down at me.

And then my view is blocked. Gramps is in my way, eyes shaded.

"Gramps! Outta the way!" I shout, still running.

"I'm a marine headquarters Vice-Admiral!" he yells in reply, face still dark. "Since before you were born, Luffy, I've fought against pirates! You'll have to defeat me if you want to get there, STRAW-HAT LUFFY! THAT'S THE WAY YOU HAVE CHOSEN!"

For all the times I have hated my Grandfather, have dreaded his visits, his hits and his scoldings, i've never actually felt put down. But this, to be shunned, and only seen as a pirate to him of all people. It's different when you grow up with a person, and them watch them stab you in the back. It actually hurt, and I'm pretty sure my eyes were wide with shock.

I gritted my teeth as i got closer.

"I don't wanna to it Gramps! Just move!" I yelled back.

"If you don't then ACE WILL DIE!"

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" I scream at him, just meters away now.

"OH, YOU KNOW I CAN! I'M NOT MOVING FROM HERE! LUFFY!...YOU...ARE MY ENEMY NOW!" Gramps' eyes darkened, and he pulled a fist back. I quickly paused to actuvate gear second before shooting towards him. Our fists came to meet each other, and in that moment, i saw the look in his eyes. He couldn't do it.

I punched him clear of the cement pathway, onto the ground below. I didn't pause to look back, but raced ahead as the bridge crumbled beneath me. With a couple gear second boosted hops i was on the execution platform. The second my foot touched the surface i was shooting towards Ace, remembering Hancock's key.

"The key!" i panted, feeling weak. "Hang on Ace!"


I couldn't imagine what he was seeing. I couldn't stop huffing for breath. He must be worried, seeing me covered with wounds, bleeding horribly, unable to breath properly.

The platform rumbled, and a shadow loomed over us, which i ignored. Key. Key. Key, why won't my hands stop shaking?

Ah, got it. I'm just about to put the key in the lock when a beam of light shoots through it and snaps it in half.

"AHHH! THE KEY!" I scream, "CRAP! THE KEY!" I can feel my hopes flushing down the drain. Was this all for nothing?

Suddenly one of the executioners stirs.

"UH...must've lost my senses..." he said to himself, rubbing his head.

"Eh! Three! What're you doing here!"

He didn't have time to reply as a Buddafied Sengoku prepared to blast us into smithereens.

"Hey Three! Use your walls to protect Ace!" I said, ignoring his screams of 'What the hell is that!'

"Gomu Gomu No..." i put my thumb in my mouth. "GIGANTO...FUUSEN!" I blew up to a giant balloon, effectively blocking the punch Sengoku aimed at us.

The platform was starting to topple. Gah, and i was tiny again.


"I'll make a key so you can get those handcuffs off easily!" Three said.

"Thanks!" i squeaked.

"I'm here to fulfill the last wish of my comrade, do you think it's stupid?" he asked, holding out a finished wax key.

"No!" i replied honestly.

"Here, use this to save your brother!" he said, tossing me the replicated key. Suddenly it seemed as though everything around us blew up. But i still managed to do it anyway.

"You're always so reckless Luffy." a familiar voice said. I felt a grip on my elbow as I was lead through a ring of fire. "You do the strangest things!"

"ACE!" I could feel myself tearing up at his smirk. His familiar smile, eyes, hair, face, body, it was almost to much. I almost lost you! I wanted to say. I almost lost him.

Oh God...If i had lost him...I don't think i could live without seeing that face look upon me, and make my heart swell.

We fell into a routine. It was just like old times, but his time, our steps fell in time with with each others. Our shadows running together. I had finally caught up to my big brother. I couldn't be happier even if i tried. They could have named me pirate king and i would have told them to fuck off. My brother was next to me, and there was nothing more that i'd rather do then hug him, kiss him, just hold his hand.

It's to bad really, i could feel the adrenaline begin to run out. I wanted to keep going all the way through to the end, but it looks like i'm gonna pass out before we leave this place. I pause when i notice Ace is no longer next to me. He is bowing on his hands and knees to the blurry outline of old man Whitebeard. Words are exchanged but I can't hear them, the world is getting darker.

Then he is besides me and we're moving. NO, we're not. We're stopped again. Why are we...?

Akainu. I can see his mocking face. And i can see Ace's angry eyes. He lunges at the Admiral.

Wait! Ace! Stop! These are the things I want to scream. I happen to see Ace's vivre card float down. Oh. It fell. Did i drop it? Did it fall out of my hat? I go to pick it up. It is precious. It shows me Ace's life. Then there is screaming.

Akainu us coming at me, hate in his black-holes for eyes. From the corner of my own dark eyes, i see Ace moving towards me. Ah. He's coming to save me.

Coming to save me.


In a final push of stamina, I manage push Ace away.

"YOU'RE NOT TAKING ACE FROM ME!" I can hear myself scream. His fist makes contact with my skin, and for the briefest moment, i feel unbearable pain. Then I'm flying. I am hit meters away, and land crumpled in the dirt.

"Ace's little brother!"

"Straw Hat!"

I can here the panicked shouts of the Whitebeard pirates. I can hear? That must mean I am alive.


It is that one, heartbroken sob of a scream that makes me slowly open my heavy eyelids. Ace is at my side in a flash, hands shakily running over my face, and through my hair.

"Stay with me! You're fine! You're going to be fine!" he reassures me. Or himself? I raise my hand weakly to find his, and can see that my hand is drenched in blood. My blood. I touch his cheek carefully, afraid he'll break. I don't know, maybe I'm afraid my fingers will fall off.

"A...A-ce..." I choke out, spitting up a mouthful of blood that runs thickly down my cheeks. He grips my hand that is caressing his cheek.

"I'm here Luffy! No one's gonna hurt you! You're ok! You're ok!"

"...I'm no-..not...ok." I manage a smile, though it probably looks pretty grisly with all the blood on my teeth. "..Y-you...ar-re ok..though!" I tell him. "..you got t..to-...geh...away..." it's hard to speak. The blood tastes horrible and my tongue feels a thousand pounds to heavy. "..I..lo-..love you. Ace.." My vision is fading. Tears stream down my bloody face, but i still manage to give him one of my trade-mark smiles. This may be the last time I see him.

A tear, not my own, falls onto my face. I manage to look up at Ace's face. He's crying. No...sobbing.

"..LUFFY!..Lu-grk...*hic*...ffy.." he cries.

"..love you...f-..forever. an'...-*cough*...always..." I take one last glance at the face of my older brother before closing my eyes, a serene smile on my face.

"LUFFFFFFYYYYY!" an anguished cry rips through the air of Marinefold, tearing the hearts of most Whitebeard pirates and making them sob even harder.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Dear god. What the fuck is that noise.

Oh wait, I'm dead, right? So why can I hear noises? Is this hell? Are demons here to torture me with little annoying sounds?



Huh. I'm pretty sure i just heard myself talking.

"So I have a voice. I didn't know dead people had voices."

"That's because you're not dead, Mugiwara-ya."