The world around her was a blur. The museum's room was spinning, the silence was screeching in her ears, and her breaths came in short gasps.

"Chloe." Amy crouched down so that her eyes met Chloe's. "Chloe, listen."

Why was she shouting? Her normally comforting voice made her head pound and she fought back the urge to puke.

"Chloe. Chloe!"

After another dizzying spin, the world faded into darkness and Chloe King slumped over the steps.

He stared at the Mai in the living room, mouth slack in shock.

"Why are you so surprised?" Zane taunted. "Did you not see the similarity in our good looks? Of course, I look better." He smirked and Alek faltered.

"Brother," he repeated dumbly.

"Yes. Brother," repeated Zane using a tone that made it sound like he was talking to a five-year-old.

"No," Alek whispered. His eyes swept the room again. Valentina and Jazz's bodies lay on the floor, facing each other. He could hear their strangled breaths, their heartbeats slowing. His own heart hardened. Brother or not, he was responsible for the pain his family, his real family, was in now.

"No!" he shouted. Claws extended, he lunged at Zane.

"Tsk, tsk. That's not the way you should treat your brother," said Zane, dodging him easily. He extended his own claws and dug them into Alek's arm, hard. Alek gasped in pain and aimed a kick at Zane's stomach. Zane threw a punch at his leg, claws still out, just before it could hit him and Alek staggered.

Alek's eyes sharpened and his Mai senses took over. With a hiss, he scratched Zane's cheek with sharp claws. He jumped when Zane attempted to kick and landed on his supposed brother. Zane fell over, Alek standing on his chest.

Zane's breaths grew heavier. He hadn't been prepared for Alek's Mai senses to sharpen and the effects were bad; he was losing to his younger brother. Desperate, he threw a poisoned dart up at him. Alek dodged, the dart barely missing his cheek, and Zane inwardly cursed himself. Thanks to that stupid Mai girl, many of his darts, darts that should've been used for Alek and the Uniter's human mother, had been wasted and he had only one left. For a second, he hesitated, wondering if he had done wisely to use so many darts on one girl. Simone wouldn't like it; she had worked hard to get the poison right.

Alek saw his chance. While Zane lay deep in thought under him, he grabbed a knife from the floor, feet still planted on Zane. Time seemed to slow down. With the swift flick of his wrist, the knife dove out of Alek's hand. Its sharp blade sank deep into flesh and Zane looked straight into Alek's eyes, gray eyes wide and mouth open in surprise.

Alek moved so that his head was inches away from Zane's.

"You are not my brother," he growled, voice filled with venom, as the life in Zane's eyes blurred until at last, he took his last breath.