Amy and Cream were inside Twinkle Park, wondering where to find any more sweets, as well as avoid Tom The Fish, who was deadset on taking any prisoners for the love of chocolate. Cream tripped, falling on her face, prompting Amy ro un back and help up the young rabbit.

"Don't worry, Cream, I'm here," Amy commented as she looked back, to see Tom rushing towards them. "Then again... I might not be with this lunatic!"

Tom continued screaming his head off as he tossed aside the robots and barrels in his way. "Chocolate! Give me chocolate!"

Cream trembled as she hid behind Amy. "I don't like this guy, Amy... he's a big creep..."

Amy placed her hands on her hips. "I didn't know it was possible for fish to be able to stand on two legs..."

Sadly for the two young female mammals, logic was not on their side, as Tom plowed through them like bowling pins.