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Chapter 1 – The Present

It was a normal, hot, summer day at Gerald's Field, actually it would have only seemed that way since no one will actually know the supernatural event that was about to take place and it all started with Arnold's seemingly innocent question. The usual gang had just finished a tiresome game with the fifth graders.

The gang was celebrating their awful defeat with Yahoo sodas and Mr. Fudgy bars. This sense of camaraderie left Arnold feeling hopeful for the future.

"Do you guys think we'll still be friends like in high school?" Arnold asked absentmindedly while staring at the sky.

The usual gang: Arnold, Gerald, Helga, Phoebe, Sid, Stinky, Harold, and Eugene, had just finished playing a game of baseball at Gerald Field over at Vine Street and were now resting. "Gosh, Arnold, why would you think otherwise, of course we'll all still be friends?" Eugene asked getting ready to leave on his bike.

"I don't know. I was just thinking that when we get to high school and we might grow apart, you know? I guess I just thought it'll be a shame." Arnold asked sighing.

"Anyways, I am very sure we will all still be friends. Anyways, see you guys later, they're showing a thrilling play of Rats: the Musical at the YMMA and I want to get a good seat. Bye." Then, Eugene rode off on his bike and as soon as he left, the gang heard a loud crash and a weak muttering that sounded like Eugene's constant catchphrase "I'm okay."

"I don't know about Eugene, but I am very sure that I will be able to live to see the day that me and Arnold, my best bud, will still be the coolest of friends. Right, my man?" Gerald said confidently.

"Actually Gerald, I'm afraid that the correct use of the term is that Arnold and I will still be the coolest of friends." Phoebe timidly corrected, slightly blushing.

"Ummm, you're right, thanks Phoebe." Gerald replied, blushing even harder. Gerald had recently told Arnold that he had developed a crush on Phoebe and he was crushing. Hard. What he didn't know that Phoebe felt the same way and confided this lovely piece of info to Helga.

"Why even ask a stupid question like that, football head? Even though, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't still be hanging out with you geeks when I'm in high school" Helga lied effortlessly through her teeth. In truth, she hoped that she could still be friends with Arnold when they get older. Being close with him like this can sustain me for a lifetime. She sighed inwardly and then intently listened to Arnold's reason.

"I just want to know what will be like when we are all 16 and in high school. Personally, I don't want to lose what we have. I think we could be really cool if we can still be best friends all the way until high school graduation, maybe even after that." Arnold idealized as he looked up at the sky once more.

He said he still wants to be friends after high school! Oh, Arnold, I'll follow you 'til the ends of the earth. Helga swooned.

"Looks like you might want to visit, the Psych Kid." Sid said dramatically. Everyone gasped, Helga saw this and laughed.

"Crimeny, who the heck is this Psych Kid anyways." Helga questioned, doubting that it could be worth the drama they were causing.

"I reckon we let Gerald tell the story, he is our own bona fide Keeper of the Tale." Stinky drawled.

"I don't know, the story of the Psych kid is pretty warped, for those who might be scared should leave now." Gerald taunted, mostly at Harold who was already shaking in his boots.

"Umm, sorry guys, but I uhhh . . . Oh! Did you hear that? I think my mom's calling me. See you guys later." In a blink of an eye, Harold ran faster than he ever had in his own life. The guys tried their best to muffle their snickers until Harold left, then it turned into an all out laughing fest.

"Okay, okay," Gerald caught his breath, "This story starts right here in Hillwood, in the worst part of town."