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Chapter 6

To say Arnold was beyond excited, scared, happy, and insecure was an understatement. He couldn't stop pacing around on the floor when older Arnold left to go talk to his parents. Arnold couldn't stop fixing his hair while he was waiting for them. He nearly forgot how to breathe when he heard multiple footsteps coming up the stairs and he almost fainted when the doorknob started turning. Then before he knew his parents and him were face to face.

"Oh, my baby, it really is you?" Stella ran to hug her younger son. "Wow, I can't believe it!"

"Well, imagine that." Miles was also astonished, but after surviving in a mystical jungle with an even more mystical people, he could say that he have seen weirder.

"Mom, Dad, I can't believe it's really you. I imagined this day my whole life." Arnold's younger counterpart was near tears. All Stella could do was smother her younger son with hugs and kisses.

Miles had so many questions but after the younger Arnold explained his story. He answered a few, but more questions were raised. "Well, I guess, your mother and I can try to find a way to get you back but for now why don't you just go with the flow and see what happens."

Arnold's parents started to leave until Arnold started getting frantic. They can leave yet, they just go here. "Wait you can't leave!" Arnold yelled. He grabbed Miles and Stella and pulled them towards the flip-out couch. "Can't we just talk for a while? I mean, I haven't seen since you left when I was a baby." His parents understood his parents urging and they talked all night.

"Welcome to home sweet home." The older Helga said as they entered an apartment neither Helga or Phoebe recognized.

"Nice place, is it ours?" Helga asked.

"Nah, its Olga's, I live with her now." Helga was surprised and the older Helga noticed this. "Trust me; it is way better than living with Bob and Miriam. It's great now, Olga's much more tolerable and she's barely home." The younger blonde took her word for it and started looking around.

They spent the night watching TV and catching with the latest gossip of Hillwood High. Phoebe was well on her way to being the class valedictorian (was there any doubt!) and Gerald was on the football team and the basketball team.

Helga herself was president of the Poets Society and starting pitcher for the Varsity Softball team while Arnold was pitcher for the Varsity Baseball team. She talked about Lila and her being friends now and that she's dating Brainy. Rhonda is dating Curly, who is now cool, but still on the psychotic side. It was after the two nine-year olds were asleep that Helga got a call from her football-headed boyfriend.

"What's up, Football Head?" There were times that Helga and Arnold had late night phone calls. They talked about their day, their friends, or whatever came up in the conversation.

"Nothing much, I just wanted to hear your voice." Helga thought that the blushing would soon be out of her system considering the countless times that Arnold has made her blush, but no such luck. "I'm sorry that we didn't get any alone time today."

"Don't worry about it. It's not every day that we meet our past selves and catch up on old times."

"Yeah, I know. But now Gerald and Arnold are asleep, I just want to talk to you." Arnold really wanted to spend some time with Helga and if they had a prolonged make-out session during the process, then he would be happy to oblige.

"Well, we could talk about how you wanted to keep our relationship a secret." Now, it was Arnold's turn to blush.

"I just don't want anything to change. Also, you know how oblivious I was when we were nine; I didn't know I was crushing on you until I was 11."

"I guess you got a point, but I already told the girls all about the juicy details." Helga would be the #1 witness to testify on the inscrutable obliviousness that is Arnold Shortman. "My past self was practically drooling all over you. It was cute and made me want to punch her in the gut all at the same time."

Arnold smirked at this. "Are you saying you're getting jealous, Pataki?" He loved it when his girlfriend got jealous, it was so fun to tease her about it and make her seem so hot.

"I don't think it counts as jealousy when it's myself, my nine year old self."

"You've got to love the irony in it all." Arnold started laughing, which inevitably caused Helga to laugh also. "So, what are you planning?"

"What makes you think that I'm planning something?"

"Because you're Helga G. Pataki and you'd never let an opportunity like this go to waste." Here comes the blush.

"I thought it would be a good idea to help myself out a bit. You know, try to push along the process a bit. You did know I had the biggest crush on you right?"

"That's kind of an understatement, but I think it's something they should deal with on their own." Arnold mainly didn't want to jeopardize anything.

"I don't either. I promise I won't do anything too big and relationship-ending worthy."

"I know you won't do that but I have to neutral on this. I am not saying anything until they figure it out by themselves."

Helga groaned. "You are no fun, you know that?"

"But you love me anyways." Third times the blush. I am so glad he can't see me blush. He'll probably make fun of me again.

"Whatever." Helga tried to make seem nonchalant but her voice betrayed her. "How did go with your parents?"

"They've seen stranger. But they really loved seeing me young again. The whole boarding house knows about it and promised to keep it a secret."

"That's cool, how did they take it?"

"They were shocked, Mr. Hyunh fainted. Twice. Mr. Kokoshka tried to convince to him to give his past self winning race horse bets. Other than that they were cool."

"Ha! What I would give to see that!" Helga knowingly laughed at the crazy antics of the Sunset Arms boarders. "Anyway, I've got to hit the hay. See ya later, football head."

"Sweet dreams, Helga." With that both Arnold and Helga hanged up the phone and fell asleep, hoping that the next day may be less crazy than the current one. But, fortunately, they were wrong.