DI Joseph Chandler sat behind his desk while Commander Anderson explained the situation. Joe wasn't completely understanding of the entire situation and of what he could understand he didn't like. He fought the urge to straighten the paperwork sitting on top of his desk while Anderson walked slowly back and forth creating the wind that stirred the paper. From what he could ascertain he was being forced to accept an American detective into his ranks. An American who was coming to him with a shrouded background and a story that wasn't completely clear even to Commander Anderson. What was clear was fact this was going to happen regardless of whether or not Chandler wanted it to.

"Many favors where called in to see that this person," He let the word hang in the air, "settles into our offices here." He paused in his pacing briefly to look out of the office to the waiting area. "Joe, I'm sure you are aware of your position here. It could be very important for your future, which could be very much improved depending on the outcome. I'm not 100% sure how many friends, she has but, I can assure you they are powerful ones. So it's in everyone's best interest to be as hospitable as possible."

With that, Anderson opened the door and motioned for the woman sitting impatiently on the benches just outside the office. Joe watched as she stood up and walked awkwardly into his office. She wasn't completely unattractive, however her clothes hung cumbersomely on her frame. She wore a bulky oversized gray wool sweater, which had seen better days. She wore black khaki pants and thick soled shoes. She looked completely out of place in his incident room but he didn't suppose she would have looked" in place" anywhere.

She walked through the door and he immediately smelled her perfume, no, not perfume, soap she smelled strongly of soap. It was slightly intoxicating. Anderson made introductions. "DI Chandler this is Vivi Basen. DC Basen, DI Chandler." She took his hand and shook it roughly. He took an immediate dislike to her. He resented the fact she was instituted as a DC, he disliked her taste in clothes and he didn't appreciate what he knew about her reputation. Give him time and he was sure he could find more. But at this moment Kent chose to walk in the office.

"Sir, the coroner phoned." Kent quickly scanned the office, said a polite hello to Anderson and smiled at Vivi.

"Well, I see you are busy, I'll leave you to it." Anderson nodded to Vivi and quickly walked out of the office. Anderson was familiar with most of Vivi's connections. He was still considering what could be done with her and felt this was the best option for now. This could be a benefit or a hindrance depending on how you looked at it. Right now she was out of the way and he didn't think she could cause that much trouble until he did figure a better plan for her.

'Well gentlemen," Chandler announced to get the rooms attention. "This is DC Basen. She will be joining us for a while." Vivi took note of the "for a while" comment. She didn't believe she would stay in this division, however she was surprised she was put here in the first place. In the states she would have been given some crap desk job no matter who she was in bed with, so to speak. They must really hate this DI Chandler and/or his squad.

When it was clear Chandler wasn't going to say anything further she piped up.

"Hi I'm Vivi, I'm a Taurus and I love tomatoes and black-capped Chickadees. I'm sure you are going to hear several wild rumors and stories about me in the upcoming weeks, all professing to be the true account on why I'm here and what happened back in the states. Please make sure I'm out of the room and well out of ear shot when these rumors are circulated. And make sure we keep up a very uncomfortable silence when I walk back in to the room. I respond to Vivi, Detective Basen and that American Bitch, but please make sure you capitalize it." There was nervous laughter around the room. Most if not everyone looked over to an elderly gent, about the same height as she was. She recognized him for what he was, the senior member of this team. Chandler may be in charge however everyone recognized this guy as the true head of the division.

"Well, yes." Chandler tried to recover what little attention he had in the room. "What's in store today?"

"We've been through all the CCTV tapes on Gretchen Mellon's street. We haven't seen anyone who doesn't look like they were supposed to be there and definitely no one coming out of or going into her flat."

"So where are we?"

"Back to where we were before, nowhere!" The elderly gentleman said this. Vivi and Joseph walked over his desk.

"Perhaps you could help bring Basen up to speed?" Chandler offered.

"Of course, Ray Miles," He stuck out his hand. She shook it. Chandler noted Miles' hand shake wasn't as vigorous as his.

"Vivi Basen, good to meet you." They walked over to a board that was half chalk and half white board. A picture was up of a young attractive woman, her name, Gretchen Mellon was written in careful hand writing. She wondered briefly who had written the names and ports in such studious handwriting. Chandler stood next to her adjusting the pictures and notes that didn't need to be adjusted, the person behind the handwriting had revealed himself. Vivi had met his type before and didn't get along well with what her mother would have called "The Gays", which always came as a surprise to her since she tried to get along with everyone, well maybe.

"Gretchen Mellon, 24 murdered in her apartment night before last." Miles started. "She was found by her best friend, she had been suffocated and a single stab wound piercing her heart. Apartment was locked up tight. Not much happening at the apartment other than that, it was clean."

"What does the corners report say?"

"We were just going to talk to her now." Miles explained.

"Why don't you read through the file while Miles and I get the report?" Translation, stay here and do nothing, we will call you when we need grunt work.

She nodded, "it will give me a chance to get up to speed."

"Song for a Future Generation!" Kent screamed excitedly, "The B-52's"

"What?" Miles and Chandler asked in unison.

"Correct." Vivi affirmed turning to Kent smiling.

"Emerson Kent," he said sticking out his hand. Chandler noted this handshake was different again. Instead of extending her entire hand he caught just her fingers. The rest of her hand folded down around his hand. She smiled and looked down. If he hadn't quickly read her bio he would have believed she was much younger than her 38 years. The playful look she gives Kent immediately fills Joe with hatred. He doesn't question whether it's jealousy towards Kent for the attention or hatred towards Vivi since his reception from her was much different. He settles on a deep hatred towards her. He didn't think the quick synopsis Anderson had given him was completely wrong, but he was sure there was a ring of truth to some of it.

"I'd be interested in seeing some of the CCTV from that night." Vivi said to Kent.

The surprise was evident on his face, "Certainly, but not many people willingly want to sit and watch those."

"I'm not like most people." She confessed and followed Kent to his desk for a look at the tapes.

Miles risked a sideways glance at Chandler and smirked. This was going to be a fun and interesting day. They quickly made their way to their way to the coroner's office.