"Kurt!" Anne called from the front door while smiling at the little boy in front of her. He looked impatient, throwing his arms back and forth without ever keeping his eyes locked on something for more than a second.

Kurt arrived a minute later, looking at his mother with curious eyes. When he spotted the other boy, his curiosity grew. Sebastian never came to visit, at least not without his parents.

"Look who's here to see you," Anne announced, still smiling.

"Hi Sebastian," Kurt said, looking suspiciously at the other boy who remained silent, but now looked down at his feet.

"Why don't you two go outside and play?" Anne suggested and then gently pushed Kurt outside to stand next to Sebastian. "I'll call you in for dinner." And with a kiss on the forehead, she sent both kids off.

Kurt turned to Sebastian, wondering why in the world they were both standing together in his front porch. They never willingly played together, only when their parents said to. Living next to each other, it would happen more often then not, but Kurt had his best friends, and Sebastian was never considered one of them.

"What do you want?" Kurt's high-pitched voice rang annoyingly in the other boy's ears. Sebastian, too, wasn't very found of Kurt.

"My mom told me to come say good bye to you." Sebastian rolled his eyes, clearly thinking this was all a very stupid idea.

"Where are you going?"


Kurt's eyes immediately widened; he had heard of that place before, and he knew it was very far away.

"What are you going to do there?" He asked, crossing his arms above his chest. His heart had suddenly begun to beat quicker than it should.

"I'm going to live there, stupid."

Kurt thought about it for a while, trying to understand. Sebastian was going to stop being his neighbor, but it was more than that. They'd never play together anymore, or go to the park with their parents and run around trying to pull each other's hair, or force the other to watch movies they didn't like. They'd never fight anymore, and for some weird reason, Kurt didn't like that.

"Is it forever?" Kurt asked, dreading the answer. Sure, he didn't like Sebastian that much, but the thought of things changing so drastically between them scared him. Kurt had gotten used to being picked on by the taller and arrogant boy. He didn't know how to not have that.

The look on Kurt's face made Sebastian's eight-year-old heart sink. He had been expecting cheers and a bit of their everyday teasing from the boy – not this. Not sadness.

But Sebastian felt it too; he didn't want to leave Ohio, or his school, or his annoying little neighbor. In fact, when his mom announced their moving, Sebastian cried and thought of how he wouldn't have anyone to steal toy cars from anymore.

"I don't know," he finally answered, and Kurt's first reaction was to hug the boy, but he didn't. Instead, he put a little smile on his face and playfully punched Sebastian's arm.

"Promise you won't find someone else to bother," Kurt said, demanding.

Sebastian smirked, "I promise."