The end of all days

Chapter one
I'm so sorry

Author notes: okay well I decided to discontinue my zombie crossover for now since I have pretty much no idea where it is going. So I came up with this one and boy do I have some ideas! To those of you who know lightning runner, I have changed him around, as in he is no longer an alicorn and I changed his personality. Well enjoy.

"come on mom." lightning runner said as he was standing next to his lab in the canterlot castle," hold on for just a few more minutes ."

Lightning was running back and forth trying to mix the right chemicals. His usual Mohawk hair was a wild mess and his white fur coat was stained with chemicals spills as he had stayed up for many nights trying to come up with a vaccine for his sick mother.

" lightning." his mom croaked.

" don't talk mom, I'm almost got it." he said as he filled his lab coat pockets full of chemicals from a shelf. He ran over to a heat pad and poured multiple fluids into a beaker and set the beaker on the heat pad.

" it's okay mom, I'm positive that this mixture will work, it just needs to warm up." he said as he walked over to his mom where she laid on a couch in the massive laboratory.

" lightning, it's fine." his mom said quietly.

" no it's not okay! This disease is killing you and I'm going to stop it!" lightning said.

" yo lightning!" a brown unicorn with a black Mohawk almost similar to lightning's and with a bass clef cutie mark said as he burst through the door," I got those pain killers you wanted!"

" about time bass!" lightning said and spread his wings from underneath his lab coat and fluttered over to bass. He grabbed the bottle that bass levitated in front of him. Lightning went over and got a glass of water, then flew over to his mom.

" here mom, this should help." he said giving his mom the pills and glass of water. He then ran back to the heating beaker and checked in the fluids inside.

" this going to work?" bass asked walking up next to lightning.

" honestly, I don't know. But don't tell my mom that." he said and looked back as his mom started to cough," can you go help her. The mixture is almost done"

" sure" bass said and trotted over to lightning's mom. Lightning turned his attention back to his mixture," come on." he muttered.

" lightning!" bass yelled.

" what?"

" she's coughing up blood!"

" shit!" lightning grabbed a syringe and quickly filled it with the mixture from the bowel," hang on mom!"

He ran over to his mom. She had a small stream of blood coming from her mouth, and her eyes started to zoom out from reality. Lightning quickly rubbed alcohol on one of his mom's legs, he then stabbed the needle into the clean area.

" did it work?" bass asked.

lightning put his head to his mom's chest to hear her heart beat," fuck!"

" what?"

" her heart is not beating!" lightning yelled and then began to push on her chest to try and keep the blood flowing," come on mom! Come on!" he said with tears forming at his eyes. He went from pushing to pounding to slamming to try and get her heart started again.

"lightning! Lightning! She's gone!" bass said trying to pull him away from his dead mom.

"no! She's not dead! I can bring her back! I can...I can." lightning slowly stopped his pounding and he collapsed onto his mother's limp body sobbing.

" I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry I couldn't help you." lightning sobbed.

" come on lightning. You need some rest." bass said helping lightning up.

" no, I'm fine." lightning said wiping his eyes with his hoof," I...I just need a drink"

" are you sure?"

" I'm sure." he said walking over to a cabinet and pulling out a blanket. He took the blanket and covered his mom.

" come on bass, drinks on me" lightning said with a sorrowful tone in his voice," let's go get so fucking drunk"

At the canterlot bar bass was watching lightning with a worried look.

" bar tender! Yoo hoo! Another drink *hic* for me and mah pal!" lightning slurred out the sentence.

" lightning I think you've had enough beer" bass said.

" ah come on bass." lightning slurred putting a hoof around his friends neck," You and I both know I can *hic* hold down more beer then this."

" actually lightning we've only gotten drunk twice before." bass said.

" really?" lightning said," who woulda figured?"

" hey lightning runner!" the bar tender said," yo man, what are you celebrating? This is like the first time in a long time."

Lightning took the beer that the tender had and took a drink," I ain't celebrating shit!"

" then why you here?"

" my mom just died in my lab." lightning said losing his happy, drunk smile.

" ouch man, that hurts." the tender said

" like heck it hurts! It hurts a *hic* a lot!" lightning grew another smile on his face," that's why I'm here! More beer!"

" lightning cool it down." bass said from beside him.

" come on bass! You haven't even finished your second beer!"

" that's because somepony has to make sure you get home safely" bass said pushing his half finished beer towards the tender.

" I can get myself home!" lightning said getting up from his place at the bar," watch I'll *hic* prove it" he started to walk towards the door but he started to stumble and he looked extremely dizzy. As he reached the door he tripped over his own hoof and brought his head up against the door. Lightning fell to the ground with a thump.

" lightning!" bass said getting up looking worried as his friend collapsed. He ran over to lightning's prone position and rolled him over.

" come on dude, let's get you home." bass said dragging him out of the bar," I'll come back and get the bill tomorrow!" he said to the tender as he was dragging lightning out.

" ah come on bass, just one more. I can do it, one more." lightning slurred as he was being dragged.

" your insane" bass smiled picking lightning up to his feet.

" if I'm insane *hic* then why am I head researcher and developer for any chemicals that are in canterlot?" lightning yelled.

" because you're insane."

" ehhhhh whatever" lightning let out a yawn," I think I'm just gonna have a quick nap."

" lightning don't go to sleep! I ain't dragging you sorry ass all the way back to the castle!"

Lightning ignored bass and let his head hang down and he let out a soft snore.

"asshole." bass said.

Bass was literally dragging lightning through the canterlot streets. While bass was dragging lightning, he was singing In his sleep.

" winter wrap up, winter *hic* wrap up." lightning sang in his sleep.

Bass finally reached the castle where lightning lived and worked. He dragged lightning past the gate and into the castle. Bass was dragging lightning when he heard a voice from behind.

" oh dear, is he okay?"

Bass turned around and saw a white alicorn with a three colored mane that flowed like clouds on a wind," he's fine princess celestia, just had too much beer."

" I didn't have too much! I had too little!" lightning said waking up.

" shut it!" bass yelled," you made me drag your ass all the way here, so I'm saying you had too much!"

" aww is somepony mad because he didn't get enough beer" lightning laughed in bass' face. Lightning looked around him and saw celestia standing there.

" oh hey there *hic* pretty pony" lightning slurred," you sure look nice tonight."

" lightning you need to get to bed."celestia said," you need some rest."

" alright, whatever the pretty pony says." lightning said stumbling down the hall," what a nice pony." he stumbled into the door of his room.

" what the hell! Why is it dark in here!" lightning yelled.

" turn on the light!" bass yelled.

" oh yeah."

" so bass, how goes the music business?" Celestia asked.

" it's fine. Been kind of slow lately." bass said," I would to stay and chat princess but I should be going, lightning is going to be an sorry, annoying ass tomorrow."

" isn't it a little too late to be walking back to ponyville? You can stay here for the night." celestia offered.

" really? Well sure I would love to stay here tonight!"

" great. There is a available room three doors down from lightning's." celestia pointed down the hall," by the way why would lightning go and drink so much? He almost never drinks unless he is upset."

" um... Well his mom died today in his lab." bass said.

" oh...I'm very sorry." celestia said," please give lightning my condolences."

" I will, good night princess." bass said walking down the hall to his room.

" lightning! Get up!" bass yelled at lightning and yanked open the drapes over the window in lightning's room.

" argh bass! Close the drapes!" lightning yelled from beneath his covers.

" no it's time to get up lightning!" bass said yanking the covers off of the bed.

" fine, fine. Ugh damn headache." lightning said slowly getting up.

" that why I don't get drunk." bass said and was about to lecture lightning, when his friend started to look queasy.

" oh shit." lightning flew into the bathroom and started spew his guts up.

" yeah that's another reason I don't get drunk." bass said," do you need help lightning?"

" no! Just get me some..!" he threw up again," just get me something to eat."

Bass left the room and returned with a plate full of some eggs, toast, and salad.

" what's with the salad for breakfast?" lightning asked sitting at his desk looking over his notes.

" it'll help your stomach." bass said.

" actually it won't." lightning said," trust me I know" he waved his notes in bass' face.

" fine so what if it doesn't help? You told me to bring you breakfast, so here is your breakfast."

While lightning was eating his food bass was looking around lightning's room seeing that notes and papers were flung all over the place. The single chalkboard in the room was covered in equations and formulas.

" I need to get to my lab." lightning said finishing his food," I postponed a creation of a better water cleanser so I could help my mom. I need to get to work."

" you sure that you're okay?" bass said.

" I'm fine. I just need to get my work done." lightning said walking out of his room and into his laboratory.

" ugh work is going to be a bitch with this headache." he said as he walked through the door and into his lab," light switch, light switch. Where the hell is it?"

Lightning stumbled around in the darkness for a few seconds forgetting where the light switch was.

" ah ha! There you are." he said as he flipped the switch upwards activating the lights. The lights flickered on and off then finally stayed on.

" what the fuck!" lightning said at the scene that laid before him. All of his test tubes and stands had been knocked over, some lights were dangling from the ceiling and chemicals were dangerously mixing together on the ground as their containers were broken. Out of instinct lightning looked over at where his mom's body was to see if she was messed with just like his lab.

" what!" lightning said as he saw that his mom's body was gone," mom? You in here?"

He was returned with silence. He took to the air fluttering above the ground to avoid the chemicals. He was looking around the room to see if the intruder was still here. As he fluttered around the room he heard something crush a piece of glass.

" whose there!" lightning spun around in the air. He flew over to where he heard the noise.

" mom?" he asked hopefully. He saw that hiding behind a counter was the form of a pony," mom! I thought you died!"

His mom didn't respond but instead got up and limped over to the door.

" mom, why are you limping?" lightning asked and landed in front of his mom.

" holy shit!" lightning gasped seeing his mom's condition. Her entire body smelled as if it was rotting, her eyes had turned yellow, and her lips had peeled off, her teeth grew into a form of some kind of fangs, and her wings had chunks of feathers missing making them useless for flight.

" mom! What happened?" lightning asked but was greeted as his mom tackled him and started to snapped at his neck. He held her back by shoving his front hooves into her neck. She was able to grab a hold of his lab coat and her teeth shredded the coat leaving jagged edges of cloth.

He managed to shove her backwards and quickly stood up. As he looked at his mom as she got up and snarl at him the gears in his head clicked together.

" mom...I did this to didn't I? I...I'm sorry" he said.

She tried to tackle him again but he dodged her and she ran through the door and into the hallway.

" fuck! I did this!" lightning said running after her," guards! Stop her!"

The guards in the hallway instantly brought their attention to lightning's mutated mom. As guards tried to stop her she tackled them and bit them on their necks and tried to chew through the armor they wore. Lightning's mom was eventually knocked out by a head butt from a guard. But as the guards dragged her away the ones that were bitten rose up and their bodies became similar to lightning's mom's body.

Those mutated guards attacked the guards dragging lightning's mom away. The mutated guards ripped off armor and bit the exposed skin.

" shit, shit!" lightning said and ran in the opposite direction. He ran through the hallways and up to celestia's room. he burst through the door and made celestia whirl around in surprise.

" oh it's you lightning. I'm terribly sorry about your mother." she said.

" that doesn't matter right now!" lightning yelled," I did something horrible to her!"

" what do you mean?" celestia asked.

" my mother had a disease that we don't know the cure for, so I tried to create one. She was on the verge of death when I injected her with my formula. I thought she died but the so called vaccine I created mutated her into something horrible!" lightning quickly explained.

Celestia stood there not knowing what to say but when she was about to say something a knock came from the door.

" princess! You must get out of here!" a guard yelled bursting through the door," hurry princess! They're coming!" he was about to close the door when a guard missing a chunk of his golden armor tackled the first guard from behind. The mutated guard snapped at his neck sinking it's mutated fangs deep into his veins.

" hurry...arrrghhhh!" the guard yelled out as his body started to mutate.

" lightning go! Only you know how to fix this!" celestia said running onto the balcony as more mutated guards and servants poured into the room.

" what about you?" lightning asked spreading his wings.

" I'll be fine! Just go!" she said and shoved lightning off the side. He fell for a couple of feet before he flapped his wings and shot upwards, he looked back and saw celestia get surrounded by the mutated ponies, but as one of the, jumped at her a flash of light came from her horn and she disappeared.

Lightning flew on towards ponyville seeing as he flew over the rest of canterlot that the once glorious city was now in ruins. Buildings were on fire, ponies ran through the streets terrified, others were being attacked by the already mutated.

" canterlot is gone...and it's all my fault...I'm sorry" he said with tear flowing down his cheeks as he flew on towards ponyville to warn the citizens there.

author notes: hope ya liked it, by the way bass is pronounced like the instrument and he belongs to my friend lyonsaki. I'm considering putting in some other OC. Maybe up to two more so if you want em in pm me with details. I'm off to work on the next chapter.