Chapter 1: There's something wrong with Lavi

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"Blaze barrier!" the crimson-eyed exorcist yelled before a wall of flames shielded her and her red-haired comrade from a poison attack that was headed their way. Steam was produced from the collision and disappeared once all the poison was gone. She smirked from her success and dissipated her wall.

"Curse you exorcists! I will kill you!" shouted the snake-like level two akuma, charging for them this time.

"Not if I can help it!" Lavi screamed and ran towards the demon that was about to unleash a bite attack, but the exorcist slammed its face with his enlarged hammer, sending the akuma sliding across the floor and crashing into a tree.

Bookman Junior grinned, resting his weapon on his shoulder, "Sweet! We'll kill this damn thing in no time!"

"Lavi! Let's finish this up already! You can gloat after the akuma is dead!" Kurai scolded him before running past his figure with her Sacred Daggers in hand, each of them possessing the elements of fire and water.

"I'm coming! What's the rush?" Lavi exclaimed before following after her.

The midnight-haired woman rolled her eyes at him, not knowing why she fell in love with such a laid back guy who had a hobby of sleeping and hit on every attractive woman he saw. She shook her head, trying to keep her concentration on the battle, before continuing on, getting ready to strike the temporarily stunned akuma, 'This is my chance!'

"Innocence level 2! Sacred light!" she called out. Both daggers, which each had the element of fire and water previously, were now surged with the element of lightning. Quickly, she threw one of them directly at the akuma. It immediately got out of its daze, noticing the attack just in time to dodge most of it, but received a graze on its cheek before the weapon stabbed the tree instead.

"Damn it!" Kurai cursed in anger, hating that she missed by a grain of sand. She didn't stop though. Instead, she continued on to retrieve her other weapon while the akuma was several feet away, still recovering from Lavi's attack.

She finally made it to the tree and tried pulling her weapon out to no avail, "Just my luck! It won't come out!" The annoyed eighteen-year-old even pressed her heeled boot on the tree, pushing against it while struggling to get her dagger out.

"It's all right Rai! The akuma is almost down anyway!" Lavi tried to reassure her once he was almost at her position, "By the way, nice ass!" he grinned.

"Seriously, Lavi? Just go and attack it already! Use your Fire seal for god's sake!" ushering him to continue the fight while she was busy with her own task.

"Oh yeah…" he remembered before turning in the direction of the akuma instead until he was close enough. Jolting to a stop, he held his hammer in front of him with the top down.

"You idiot! That's your most common attack and you forgot about it? Honestly!"

"Well sorry!" he sarcastically apologized before a seal formed under him. He was about to summon his attack when the akuma suddenly disappeared in a flash, stunning the eye-patched exorcist, "What the hell? Where'd it go?" Lavi searched around frantically before seeing it flash a few feet from the one he secretly loved and screamed hurriedly, "Watch out!"

Kurai finally got her dagger back and turned towards the akuma to counterattack, but she was too late and flew backwards after getting punched hard in the abdomen.

After landing on her back, she held her sore stomach and looked up to see the satisfied akuma above her, "Oh, if only you weren't an exorcist. I would have enjoyed…," it paused to lick Kurai's cheek with its long, slimy tongue before retracting it by in its mouth, "… touching your body before killing you."

The repulsed woman wiped her defiled cheek before death-glaring at the creature, "You're disgusting."

"Thank you. Now, let's try this again, shall we?" the demon stated, arching its back with its mouth open wide as it prepared to let out another poison attack. Still cringing from the injury she just received, Kurai could only watch and wait for her demise.

Before the akuma could release its power, it got hit on the side of its throat by the bottom end of Lavi's hammer which he used to quickly transport himself to their spot. Seeing the akuma fall down, coughing out its poison, Lavi got down from his weapon that was now in its original state before kneeling in front of Kurai, looking concerned, "Sorry I'm late, are you ok?"

She nodded slowly, "I'll be fine. I think it's just a bruise."

He sighed in relief before a grin formed in his face, "I thought I lost you there for a second."

Suddenly, before she could say anything, Lavi was no longer by her side because he was tackled by the akuma to a good distance from where she was. Grasping what just happened, she shook her head and yelled out, "Lavi!" before pushing herself to get up and running to go help him.

Lavi got pinned down onto the ground by the creature, his weapon leaving his hand and skidding away from him in a range he couldn't reach. He cursed in his breath, only able to glare at the akuma, "You are so going down."

The furious akuma hissed with a sneer on its face, "I'm going to be satisfied once I scorch that face of yours, exorcist."

"Please not the face. I don't want to look as ugly as you," Lavi smirked back.

The demon growled before opening its mouth. It flinched all of a sudden with its eyes widened, but still sprayed something out of its mouth.

Instead of the poison that they saw earlier, some kind of gas blasted into Lavi's face, causing the exorcist to cough wildly, "What is this stuff?"

The akuma threw himself off the exorcist and had a spasm on the ground from one of Kurai's daggers lodging in the back of its head, "Damn you exorcist woman! You made me let out my desirous gas instead!" Kurai didn't say anything, catching her breath from dragging herself all the way there to somewhat stop his attack on her comrade.

After Lavi finished coughing, his vision began to get blurry, "I feel funny…," he commented before his head fell back onto the ground. He was now unconscious.

"Lavi!" Kurai worriedly screamed before glaring at the flopping akuma, "What the hell did you spray on him?"

The demon eventually stopped and lied still, starting to disappear with a smirk on its face, "He may act weird if he wakes up during the night, but don't worry, it's non-lethal and temporary. He won't fully remember what happened in the morning! I should warn you, though; you might want to keep him in a different room."

Before Kurai could question the akuma further, it completely disintegrated and the soul was released, going up to the heavens. She frowned, 'That doesn't help me at all… What's going to happen to Lavi? '

She decided that she would get to that problem later because she had to check on the red-head first. After picking up her dropped dagger and sheathing both her weapons into the holders on her thighs, she held her stomach and walked to his direction. The exhausted exorcist fell to her knees besides her knocked out comrade and patted his cheek, "Lavi…"

She got no response from him, but noticed that he was starting to sweat and breath faster than normal, 'He looks ill…'

Worried, Kurai called out her golem to her side since it was hiding out during the akuma attack. She contacted their finder, Duncan, to reserve the hotel rooms before she managed to get Lavi up and supported him.

After retrieving his fallen weapon, she headed to the hotel while holding him up, wincing every now and then because of her abdomen injury. She was glad the hammer materialized to its tiny form or else it would have been even more troublesome to get to the hotel.

Kurai was relieved that Duncan met her halfway to help Lavi the rest of the way while she held their innocence. As they walked, he informed her that he booked two rooms and said that she could stay in one while he took the other one with Lavi. She protested, though, saying that she would stay with him in order to watch over him, not heeding the warning that the akuma gave before dying. The finder didn't object to her decision.

Once they got to the room where the two would be staying at, Kurai removed her sheathed weapons and placed them on the table, along with Lavi's, before plopping herself on a chair to rest, making herself comfortable.

Duncan brought the unconscious Lavi to the bed, removing his boots and jacket before placing the covers over him. "Miss, did he receive any injuries during the fight?" he asked her while going into the bathroom to retrieve a bowl of cool water and a towel.

"No, but he inhaled some kind of fume that caused him to go unconscious and end up like this," Kurai answered him, staring at the bed-ridden bookman-in-training.

The finder allowed the towel to absorb the cold solution before he squeezed and folded it up. Removing Lavi's headband and placing it on the bedside table, Duncan set the towel on his sweating forehead before giving the other exorcist a questioning look, "Fumes, you say? Should we not go back to headquarters then to find an antidote?"

She shook her head, "It's supposed to be harmless. He should be fine when he wakes up tomorrow and once he does, we'll search around to see if there's any innocence before going back."

Kurai knew it was a long shot, trusting the words of an akuma, but from the reaction it gave before it died, she felt that she really didn't have to worry too much about the effects being catastrophic and permanent. Goosebumps coursed through her skin, though, still remembering the disgusting tongue of the akuma violating her.

"If you say so, Miss. I shall go to my room now so I'll see you in the morning. Call if you need me," he said while dropping her and Lavi's bags on a table before leaving, shutting the door behind him. Her golem went right into her bag afterwards.

Kurai sighed and looked towards the window, noticing that the sun was about to set. Slowly getting up, she turned on a lamp on the bedside table for the arrival of the night, allowing just enough light to illuminate the room.

She then heard noises coming from Lavi and sat on the edge of the bed, observing him – he was moaning in his sleep and his face was scrunched up, like he was in pain. She brushed his hair aside to see his face clearly, stroked his cheek and removed the towel shortly enough to peck his forehead, 'He looks all right for now besides the supposed fever of his. Hopefully the akuma was speaking the truth of the conditions of this substance he ingested.'

Kurai removed his gloves and held them in her hands before staring at his eye-patch, thinking if she should take it off as well. She decided not to and looked at his overall face which was more relaxed now, causing her to let out a small smile, "Rest well, my rabbit."

Gingerly pushing herself up, she went around the bed, placing the gloves next to Lavi's headband. She then picked out her sleeping clothes from her bag and removed her exorcist coat. She placed it on the back of the chair before heading into the bathroom to take a shower.

Half an hour later, she got out of the bathroom already dried and freshened up, wearing a red tank top and black pajama pants. When she looked in the direction of the bed, Lavi had his back turned towards her, but he still had the towel on his forehead so she didn't really worry too much.

She grabbed a roll of bandages in her bag, needing the material to cover up a wound that she didn't notice was on her upper arm until she was in the shower. Kurai sat herself on the edge of the bed and checked on Lavi once more before she bandaged her arm.

After she finished her task and began to get up to place the bandages on the table, arms wrapped around her. Some pressure also went on her shoulder, startling her.

She dropped the roll onto the floor and turned her head quickly to see that it was just Lavi. Holding her rapidly beating heart, she sighed in relief, "Lavi, you scared the crap out of me. Now can you let go? You're getting my back all wet from your sweat."

He didn't respond and since his face was covered, she couldn't tell if something was wrong with him.

"Lavi?" she asked worriedly.

"Rai… I feel… all weird," he breathed lowly before tightening his hold on her, "I don't know what's wrong with me."

She maneuvered her hand so that it was resting behind Lavi's head, "Shh… you're ok. It's just the effects of the gas," she assured him, "I'm going to go get another towel for your head since the other one is probably not as good now." She then proceeded to get up and out of his grip, but he wouldn't budge.

"No, don't go," he pleaded to her while slowly brushing some of her hair to one side, exposing her neck which Kurai didn't notice since she was busy trying to pry him off, "Lavi… come on. Just let-," she was cut off from feeling something weird, yet nice on her neck. Little by little, she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation before realizing that Lavi was placing kisses on her.

She quickly opened her eyes and tilted her head, seeing from her peripheral vision that he was, indeed, pressing his lips along her collarbone, trailing up her neck. Her face turned red before she used all her might to finally get away from him. She spun around and saw him get off the bed himself, slowly walking towards her with a weird look in his eye.

"Umm Lavi? You really should go back on the bed… and just stay there," she advised him, backing away from him in every direction possible as he kept on trying to get to her.

Eventually, she found herself backed up into a wall with his hands on both sides of her head, pressed on the wall so that she was trapped against him, "I really want you Kurai… now more than I ever had," he confessed as he closed the gap between them and started caressing her soft cheek, leaning his face towards her again.

Kurai was stunned at Lavi, not knowing what to make of him and his odd behavior, 'Okay Rai, don't worry, it's just his fever talking. He's probably just delusional at the moment and will be better in the morning,' reassuring herself.

Second by second, his face was getting closer to hers and before she knew it, she started losing her calm, 'Who am I kidding? Something is definitely wrong with the idiot! What the hell was in that gas?'

All of a sudden, she recalled that the gas had a name, 'What did that akuma call it? Umm… delirious? No… it's the des, des, the desirous gas! Wait a minute, isn't that another word for longing… craving… wanting…?'

It clicked in her head and her eyes widened, 'Holy shit! That gas was some kind of pheromone that the damn akuma most likely used to seduce and kill his victims! And that's what it probably was talking about when it had the nerve to lick me! Oh no, that means…'

Kurai stared at Lavi straight in the eye and realized that it was filled with lust and desire, 'Oh for the love of all that is good and decent… LAVI IS FUCKING HORNY… and what's worse… HE WANTS TO FUCK ME!'

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