Ending 2: Our Secret… is ours to Bear Together

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"I love you too… no matter what."

Lavi jolted up from the bed, panting heavily as he moved his head around to observe his surroundings, seeing that he was in a safe, yet unfamiliar room with no akuma around. Hiding his face in the palm of his hand, he relaxed himself, trying to get his heart rate down. Eventually, he calmed down and had a better look around the small area.

He frowned after a few minutes, not recalling ever going to bed or even going to a hotel in the first place, only that he and Kurai were fighting an akuma. He wasn't even sure how the battle concluded.

Lavi then scratched his head in confusion before he noticed that his headband was off and quickly moved a hand to his right eye. He sighed in relief when he felt his eye patch still there.

"Finally up Lavi?"

The startled red head looked up and finally noticed the girl of his dreams sitting on a chair by his bed side. Surprisingly wearing his jacket which was a little big on her and zipped up, she had her knees tucked into her chest with her hands held together around her ankles.

Kurai had her chin resting on top of her knees as she smiled lightly at him, her hair meshed around her face.

"Kurai? What's going on? What happened yesterday and why are you just wearing my jacket?" he asked her confusingly.

She opened her mouth, but shut it, uncertain of what she was planning to say before looking down and sighing.

While waiting for her to give him an explanation, he realized that he was shirtless. His eye widened from the assumption something had occurred that night once he remembered why he woke up in a cold sweat. Quickly, he pulled up the covers – revealing his boxers.

He let out a deep breath while dropping the blanket back down on his lap. Closing his eye, Lavi ran a hand over his face, feeling somewhat relieved.

"I put your boxers back on, if you wanted to know. I knew you'd freak out if you found yourself… fully unclothed," she softly stated after watching his funny display.

He opened his eye slowly, looked up and stared deeply into her crimson orbs, not believing what she just said, "Are you saying that we… we slept together? Like… slept together? It wasn't a dream at all?"

Hesitantly, she nodded before explaining everything that happened, starting from when he went unconscious. He listened intently, not saying anything as he took in all she was telling him.

After she finished, Kurai turned her gaze elsewhere, not wanting to face him for she was afraid of how he would react – and she was right to do so.

Anger started to boil within him at the news he just received. The frustrated Lavi removed the covers off him and sat on the edge of the bed, his body now towards her, with his hands messing up his hair while his head was down, "Dammnit!" His sudden shout caused her to flinch.

Kurai grew upset and guilty, thinking he was furious at her. Not wanting him to see her cry, she brought her feet to the ground and stood up, "I'm sorry… I'll just go to the bathroom and get ready."

Just as she turned and started walking, she was stopped by a hand grabbing her wrist, causing her to stop.

"Don't go… please. I'm sorry for yelling. It was intended for me, not you," he explained, realizing that he scared her with his action.

She wiped a few tears before turning back and sitting on the chair again, bringing it closer so that Lavi could sandwich her hands in between his. They both just stared at their joined hands as no words were being said.

Kurai then broke the silence, "I'm the one that should apologize… if I had left the room like I was going to last night, none of this would have happened."

"Then why didn't you?" he asked her curiously.

She looked at him, not expecting him to ask such a question before averting her eyes back down as her face softened, "You told me that you loved me, saying me how it was hard keeping your feelings to yourself, especially whenever we near each other…"

Lavi became embarrassed and rubbed the back of his neck, "I said that?"

Kurai nodded, letting out a laugh before she continued on, "You really got to me because the truth is, I've loved you for a while too… and never admitted it. You probably think I'm stupid though."

She suddenly felt something soft gently holding her chin, tilting her head up. As Kurai looked up, a pair of lips met hers. Shocked at first that Lavi kissed her out of nowhere, she eventually closed her eyes and responded.

Her body was pulled forward until she was sitting on his lap, making her squeak before she wrapped her arms around Lavi's neck. They continued to kiss as he allowed his hands to move down her hips, resting them on the sides of her waist.

Eventually, they released to catch their breaths, their foreheads pressed together while his emerald eye stared back at crimson.

As they panted from the loss of oxygen, Lavi caressed her smooth cheek, looking at her seriously, "Not once did I think you were stupid so don't think that. I'm actually glad with what we did because we both know how we feel about each other... and I hope we can be together now, if you'll have me that is."

She nodded with a smile forming on her face, "Of course… I love you."

Delighted that she didn't reject him, he leaned in and kissed her again, "Good… because I love you too."

Feeling all emotional, Kurai's eyes started to water, but Lavi quickly dealt with the tears before they could fall, wiping them away, "There, there. No need to cry."

Pulling away from him, she pouted and did a little huff, avoiding his eye, "Shut up, I'm happy!"

Lavi chuckled and grinned, "Aww, you're so cute Rai!" he exclaimed before squeezing her body to his and pulling them down onto the bed. The red head then proceeded to hug and kiss the poor woman to death as she struggled to get out of his iron grip.


Kurai watched the scenery outside, observing the landscaping that changed as the train continued to move in a fast pace. She was sitting on one side of the train compartment, all alone while Lavi and Duncan went exploring around the train, probably to find food.

After Lavi finished torturing her in the hotel room for being cute, they both dressed up in their uniforms and finished getting ready before meeting their finder downstairs. He was eating, intending to go wake the two up as soon as he was done, but didn't have to anymore when they showed up. Kurai and Lavi were relieved since they didn't want Duncan to see them together.

Once the exorcists ate, they all searched around the area for innocence, but they couldn't find any and decided to just go back to headquarters already.

The door suddenly opened, catching the attention of the crimson-eyed woman. She turned her head to see that it was Lavi, except he was by himself and looking all happy for some reason.

Kurai raised an eyebrow, "Where's Duncan?"

Lavi closed the door behind him before sitting down right next to her, placing his arm around her shoulders to bring her body closer to his, "He's… around. I just decided to go back already."

She was a little suspicious, but didn't really care think anything of it and just looked back out the window, "Whatever."

He chuckled before moving his eyes down to the familiar orange material around her neck, grinning, "I think my scarf looks awesome on you, don't you think?"

Her cheeks blushed, remembering the accessory around her neck and why she had to use it in the first place – when Kurai went to the bathroom in the morning and walked up to the mirror, she immediately found her neck all red from Lavi's biting. She ranted at him for what he did, saying how the marks won't come off for at least a week. Plus, she had nothing to conceal it for the trip back. After he had a few laughs, he offered her his scarf which she accepted right away.

Kurai crossed her arms, "Hmmph, well it's not like I had a choice. You really went for my neck last night."

"Your neck was probably really tasty then," he teased, licking his lips for emphasis.

She rolled her eyes and playfully punched his arm, "You're unbelievable."

Lavi let out a laugh before giving her a short, sweet kiss. Afterwards, he just stared at her while stroking the back of his gloved hand on her cheek, "Thank you."

Perplexed by him thanking her, she couldn't help but ask, "For what?"

"I'm grateful you told me what happened. I wouldn't have lived with myself if you carried the burden of last night all to yourself. I probably would have also kept questioning the flashes I kept getting – wondering whether if it was really a dream or in fact, reality," he clarified to her.

Her gaze softened before she looked down in thought, "It was actually a tough decision for me to make – choosing whether I should tell you or not. After all, whatever choice I made, there would always be consequences in the end, no matter what. Once I made up my mind this morning after waking up with you cuddled against me, I sat on that chair for about half an hour, figuring out how to tell you in the easiest way possible."

He kissed her forehead and rested the side of his head with hers, "I'm glad with your choice. Although we have to keep our relationship a secret from mostly everyone, especially Bookman, I don't mind. I just want us to be together as long as we can."

"What about when he eventually finds out?" she pointed out in a rather depressing state, "You'll be in trouble and what's worse… you might leave me forever."

Lavi brought her to an embrace, tightening his hold on her as she wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her head on top of his shoulder.

He rubbed her back in a circular motion, "We'll deal with that later, but, I promise you that, even if I were to leave, it wouldn't be forever. I wouldn't want to lose you," he swore to her.

Kurai smiled as they faced each other again, "I'll hold you to that then," she said, trusting him.

The emerald-eyed exorcist grinned once again before he quickly got up, locking the door and shutting all the curtains he could find in the compartment.

Kurai observed his strange behavior, "Umm Lavi? What are you-OOF!" She then found herself with her back on the seat and Lavi hovering over her, "You know, you're lucky that my stomach isn't sore anymore!" she scowled at him.

"Sorry about that," he chuckled.

She squinted her eyes at him, "You better be… now what are you up to?"

"Now that all the talking is over with, how about we have some fun? We're going to be stuck on the train until morning anyway," he smirked while leaning his face towards her.

Kurai stared at him like he was crazy, "Are you on crack or something? You want to do it now?"

"No and yes… before we get back to headquarters, I want to have a clear memory of us actually doing something instead of having vague flashes. Now, is that so wrong to do?" he asked her with a husky voice as he slowly inched his lips closer and closer to hers.

"N-YES! What if Duncan comes back and finds that he can't come in?" she protested while blocking his face with her hands, "Unless…" she then had a sudden thought before she moved her hands to either side of Lavi's face and yelled, "DID YOU DO SOMETHING TO HIM?"

Lavi had a cheeky smile before avoiding her eyes, giving the look like he did something he shouldn't have.

She glared at the busted man above her, "What did you to do Duncan?"

He then let out a nervous laugh, "I may have… sort of… knocked him out with my hammer so we can be alone and… undisturbed for several hours."

"You did WHAT now?"

He waved a hand off in defense, "Don't worry though, he's safely resting in another compartment that was empty and he won't be up until we get back so…" Then, without another word, he crashed his lips against Kurai's.

She would have tried to stop him again, but seeing how their finder was passed out and would be for a while, she decided to give in and began to kiss back, causing Lavi to smirk.

As they proceeded with their intimacy, Kurai couldn't help but think how relieved she was telling him, grateful that she wasn't on her own, 'Thank you Lavi. I'm glad that I made this choice too because, you're right, whether I like it or not – Our secret… is ours to bear together.'

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