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Sebastian Smythe was not amused. Not at all. His family was gathered around the dinner table, dressed to impress, eating their light salads, and making small talk with people whom Sebastian considered unwelcome guests.

Logically, it made no sense. His father, Scott Smthye, had been a US Senator for eighteen years. He was elected at the young age of thirty-two and had served three terms in the US Senate. Year after year, there was never any doubt that he would be victorious. The diligent voters of Ohio were enthralled with the Symthes. They were the picture perfect family, headed by the ambitious Democrat who ensured that he would speak for the people of Ohio. Sebastian had seen his speeches; his father was very convincing. He was trustworthy, confident, and obviously well educated. He came from old money, attended Columbia University, and was in the top of his class. In Sebastian's mind, he was the exact opposite of Burt Hummel.

He stole a glance at the other recently elected US Senator, who was looking down at his salad with disgust until his son elbowed him in the ribs and made it clear that he had to eat the leafy greens. Sebastian smirked, shaking his head just slightly, and put his fork down. Only twenty minutes of this "celebratory" dinner and he was already bored and irritated. It could have a lot to do with the pale, skinny boy who was invading his house and shooting glares at him every so often. Kurt Hummel was one of the most irritating people he had ever met. He was every gay stereotype compiled into one lanky, bitchy boy.

He sits back in his chair and refrains from taking part in the conversation between the two senators, speaking to each other from one head of the table to the other. It was all terribly boring. Sebastian stuck to texting his newest conquest under the table, and poking his sister Anna in the ribs every now and then. The sixteen year old would send a death glare his way, he would laugh, and that was about the only amusement he would get from this tedious evening. The tall boy sighed and ran a hand through his hair, clearing his throat and beginning to speak.

"Dad, Anna and I want to go to the basement," he declared suddenly, standing up and pushing his chair back from the dinner table and ignoring another glare from his sibling. He couldn't stand political small talk anymore. His father looked up at him, a slight frown on his face at his dinner being interrupted. His frown disappeared quickly though, replaced by a short chuckle and a playful scolding.

"Don't be rude, Sebastian. Aren't you going to invite Kurt and Finn?" he asked, making it clear that this was not a request. Kurt looked like he would rather shoot himself than be around Sebastian, and he was pretty sure both boys had on a similar grimace.

"Of course," Sebastian muttered, though the idea practically made him sick. Great. A night with Pretty Boy and his drooling pet. He glanced over at Finn who was sitting and staring off into space with his mouth open. The kid had an IQ of a rock. He nodded to Porcelain and Frankenteen, gesturing for them to follow them down the hall and to the basement door. Anna excused herself (more politely than Sebastian had) and joined her brother. As soon as they were out of the line of vision of their parents, she was texting her boyfriend of two weeks. Josh, maybe? Or Kevin. He couldn't remember.

They walked down the steps to their furnished basement and Sebastian flicked on the light. He looked up at the two other boys, his signature smirk making an appearance. They looked half irritated and half in awe of the lavish room with two flat screens, two gaming systems, a pool table, an air hockey table, and a fridge full of refreshments. Sebastian was used to people ogling. At his possessions, and at himself.

"Are you coming, halfwits?" he chuckled, strutting down the stairs and just assuming that they would follow him.

"Only if you promise you're not dragging us into some Satanic ritual," Kurt replied, but followed him hesitantly down the stairs.

"An insult concerning devil worship? That's a new one."

Anna groaned at the bickering and walked over to the couch, collapsing into the cushions and turning on the giant flat screen television in front of her. Sebastian sat down next to her, sparing a glance at the two brothers. Kurt was muttering something into Finn's ear, most likely an insult towards Sebastian. He so loved to see Kurt react. It was such a treat. Finn sat on the couch next to Anna, yelling at her to stop flipping channels when he saw a basketball game. Surprisingly, Anna did and didn't seem to mind the almost mindless yelling at the television. She was staring at Finn all, her eyes a bit clouded over and giggling at every cheer he made or pout that crossed his face. Oh god. Kurt had sat down in the chair on the far end of the room, as far away as he possibly could from the Smythe siblings.

"I don't bite. Promise," Sebastian said, twisting his body around to face the pale boy. "Unless you're into that." He winked and his smirk grew wider when Kurt's face twisted into a disgusted expression. He took that moment to look the boy up and down, taking in his creased pants and his suit jacket. He was actually dressed like a boy for once, excluding the bedazzled jacket pocket. "Not my fault if you're frigid, Porcelain."

"Not wanting you doesn't mean I'm frigid, Sebastian," Kurt uttered, saying his name as one would say "maggot" or "scum." "It just means I have common sense. Ugh, I feel like I'll contract an STD just from being around you."

Sebastian just chuckled at that, Kurt's whiny insults having little to no effect on him. He simply licked his lips and winked at him again, enjoying Kurt's reaction. Anna hit him in the side and rolled her eyes, bored of Sebastian's games. She'd seen them one too many times.

Finn was now engulfed in the game, yelling or booing or getting up to cheer. Kurt crossed him arms over his chest and let out an angry breath every once in a while. A loud fit of laughter erupted from upstairs. Yep, the adults were well on their way to being drunk. Sebastian rolled his eyes at his sister and got up from the couch, taking his jacket off and flinging in on the ground. He rolled up his sleeves and walked over to the pool table.

"Anyone wanna play?" he offered and Anna shook her head with her eyes still glued to the television. "Fetus face? Lady lips?" He smirked at both of their offended and then confused faces, both of them trying to figure out who was who. Kurt just crossed his arms over his chest again, his face still in a scowl.

"I'll need a tetanus shot before I go anywhere near you," Kurt retorted, pursing his lips.

But Finn shot an apologetic glance at his step-brother and walked over to the table. "Atta boy," Sebastian praised and laughed, collecting the balls from the pockets and starting to set up. Sebastian stole a glance at Kurt again, smirking still.

"You're sure, Kurt? Oh I forgot, you don't do anything that involves skill or fun," he commented, laughing at Kurt's eye roll.

"I don't do anything that involves Neanderthals such as yourself."

"Hasn't anyone ever taught you not to be rude to your host?"

"Hasn't anyone ever taught you not to be rude to your guests?"

"At least I don't wear lady clothes."

"At least I don't bathe in cologne."


Sebastian laughed and lined up the cue ball, his smirk contrasting to Kurt's angry scowl. Did the kid ever get the pole out of his ass? He assumed that Pretty Boy was still mad about the whole slushie thing. Oh and the flirting with his boyfriend. And the insults. It was simply collateral damage on his quest to snag Blaine. Which could be back on, since he'd heard through the grapevine that Blaine and his little boy toy had gone their separate ways.

"Maybe I'll invite Blaine over."

Kurt froze, as did Finn, and Anna just shook her head. "Shut up, Seb," she muttered. She didn't enjoy getting people riled up, like he did. He found it amusing- pushing people's buttons and finding out what made them tick.

"Shut the fuck up, Sebastian," Kurt choked out through his teeth, his fists clenched by his side. All his petty insults were gone; there was just anger. Oh god, this was going to be fun. His face was practically turning pink.

"No, I'm serious," Sebastian laughed, still smirking like he always did. "I thought you two were in looooooove."

"Shut up."

"Make me, Ladyboy."

Chaos erupted: Kurt yelling, Finn trying to hold him back, Anna yelling at Sebastian to quit being a douchebag already. But the damage is already done and Sebastian has found Kurt's Achilles Heel. And he just loved to poke at a sore subject.

"Ooh, feisty," he cooed, smirking at the string of insults flowing out of Kurt's mouth as Finn placed a hand on his shoulder and pulled him away from the taller boy. "You're kind of hot when you're angry, you know that?"

Kurt pushed Finn off of him, smoothing down his jacket and taking deep breaths to calm down. Sebastian didn't try to hide his amusement. He was having way too much fun. "Well that was rude. But no matter, I accept your upcoming apology."

"I should really apologize to your sister. I pity anyone who is cursed with being in your presence every day," Kurt spit, taking a few angry breaths. And Kurt was back with the wordy and not even mildly offensive insults. He had seemed to compose himself after his little freak out. Sebastian assumed that The Hobbit had broken up with Kurt. Recently, it seemed.

"Well fuck you very much."


All of them look up at the staircase. The four parents are tripping down the stairs, grins spreading across all of their faces, as they all cheer in unison. Matching scowls were painted across Kurt and Sebastian's faces, and Anna and Finn were equally uncomfortable. The drunken adults don't even notice they've interrupted an almost fight, or that there is explosive tension in the room. They're stumbling and slurring their words and spilling wine on the floor.

"We're going on vacation!"