AN: Wow, okay so hi everyone. It's been a whirlwind in my life and to be honest, I had forgotten about this for a while. Then Cory's death happened and I couldn't help but remember how much Glee meant to me, and the deep sadness that his death caused, and how much time I committed to this fic. I figured I should finish it, and let Finn live on at least in my world. Thank you so much for your support and anyone who is still reading. Longer chapter coming up soon back in Sebastian's POV. This is a short glimpse into Kurt's head. Xoxo Chelsea


Kurt really couldn't wrap his head around that one. Dating was something that was reserved for Blaine, and previously only reserved for Blaine. He didn't even know if he knew how to date anymore. This was all so new and, honestly, a little terrifying. Blaine had been everything he had wanted from the very beginning. He'd been intelligent, funny, loving, kind, tender, and everything else that Kurt could ever want. But that was ripped out from underneath him.

Sebastian, on the other hand, was everything Kurt had thought he didn't want. He was rude, arrogant, selfish, pompous, and so overly sexual. Before this vacation, Kurt had seen nothing of value in Sebastian in the least. He couldn't stand two minutes around the guy. So what had changed? What had turned Sebastian from that pompous asshole into the guy that made his heart flutter? Maybe he had been there all along and Kurt was just too headstrong to notice.

He was confused.

Kurt, though he was embarrassed to admit it now, thought that Blaine was The One. He had pictured a life together with kids and a beautiful home and all that white picket fence crap. Blaine had called and they spoke only for a few minutes; okay well "spoke" is an understatement, it was more of Blaine pleading. Blaine swore that he missed Kurt and that he'd made a mistake. He begged for his forgiveness. Kurt was pretty sure he was drunk. He asked Blaine to call him the next day, when he was sober. He hadn't. It was all different now.

But somehow, better.

Sebastian stirred up something in Kurt that he hadn't felt in so long. Kurt felt wanted. He had this urge to know Sebastian better and memorize every little part of him; from his slight gestures to his inner thoughts. He wanted to know what Sebastian dreamed of at night, what the muscles in his back felt like under his palms, and what his coffee order was. Kurt wanted to be immersed in Sebastian.

He knew that it would be a mistake to take things too fast though. He wanted to give Sebastian his full and undivided attention, away from any fears of Blaine reappearing in Kurt's life. He wanted to fall in love with Sebastian fully and completely.

They were going back to Ohio soon, and Sebastian was getting restless for answers or some sort of label.

Kurt was getting fairly restless himself. Every time he saw Sebastian casually stroll by in nothing but loose-fitting swim trunks, Kurt felt a need in the pit of his stomach and blood rush to his groin. He had almost attacked Sebastian when they were in the taxi. Kurt was trying to slow things down, he really was. Sebastian just wasn't making it easy with his perfect body and the substantial bulge in his pants and that smirk.

Kurt needed to calm down. Close quarters weren't making it any easier.

Maybe it would be easier when they got home? Maybe this sudden romantic and sexual flair would die down?

Probably not.

But Kurt could hope.

Or dread.