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Story takes place between Twilight and New Moon for Twilight and the end of Season 2 for Supernatural. Bella is a hunter, and conveniently Dean and Sam's sister. Yeah I know overused, but hey. It's fanfiction.


"Edward, I won't accidently kill myself when you're gone." I laughed, but wasn't so sure. I had been hearing them all day. Hellhounds.

Edward laughed, and shook his head. "Fine. I'll go. I'll see you in a couple days." He then turned and jumped out my window. The moment he was gone, I was running downstairs. And not in the clumsy way I had been acting this whole time. I was a hunter.

And now I had to act like one.

I grabbed the huge bags of salt we had in the basement. Once I had them I darted back up the stairs. I placed lines of salt on the windowsill, the doorway, and in a half-circle around the bed. I then crawled into the middle of my bed, careful not to ruin the salt lines. I worried about the hellhounds. They shouldn't be coming!

I thought back to the day I made the deal.


We had been looking for my older brother Sam, for what seems like forever, when I was suddenly hit with a massive headache.

I groaned and sank to the ground. Bobby and Dean rushed over.

"Bella! What's wrong?" Dean asked panicked. I just groaned again and closed my eyes. I saw something. A bell? With a… tree on it? Then, Sam! He's okay!

The headache disappeared shortly afterwards and I opened my eyes to Dean's vivid green ones.

"Dean! I saw something… Like a vision! Sam's okay! I also saw a bell? It was strange." I trailed of.

"Was there an oak tree on it?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah! Exactly it! How'd you know?" I asked.

"Guys, I think I know where Sam is."

And that's how we found our way to Sam. We couldn't get all the way through, so we had to run, but we finally found him! He had something in his hand, and it looked like her was going to beat this other dude's head in.

"Sammy!" I called. He looked up, saw us and smiled. He dropped whatever he was holding and slowly started walking towards us. He was hurt. I then saw the boy on the ground move. He grabbed something from the ground and moved toward Sam.

Then he lurched in a strange way, and I figured it out. He had a knife.

He had just stabbed Sam.

I cried out and landed next to Dean who was holding Sam and talking to him. We were helpless to the receding light in Sam's eyes. Then Sam's head dropped, his whole body drooped, and I knew he was dead.

No, I couldn't let this happen.

Not to Sam, not to Sammy, was all I could think. I managed to slip the Impala's keys from Dean's pocket. He didn't notice. Man, he was worse than I was.

It was hard to find the car in all the darkness, and the tears that coated my eyes but eventually I did. I climbed in and drove to the nearest crossroad. I dug around in the back until I found a box. I filled it with graveyard dirt, a picture of me from a fake ID, and an animal bone. I buried it in the middle and waited. And waited. And waited.

"Well. Little Miss Bella Winchester. What a pleasant surprise." I heard a deep voice drawl from behind me.

I turned around and there was a man, about late teens early twenties. He had longer black hair and was about six foot one. Pretty cute.

"You asshole." I glared, but stopped when I knew it wouldn't work. "Please bring him back. Please." I tried again.

"And what are you offering? You're soul? Ha. I'd like to see you try." I glared at him.

"That's exactly what I'm doing. Ten years. Ten years and you come drag me to hell. As long as Sam comes back." The demon just flashed his red eyes and me and shook his head.

"Lower sweetheart. You think I'm that generous?"




"Not a chance."

I took a deep breath. I knew this had to happen. I refuse to cry, I thought to myself. Don't let him best you.

"One year. One year is all I'm asking for. Please." I said bravely.

The demon looked surprised that I offered that low. "Well, if you're offering." He smiled his evil smile, "But…" I cut him off with a kiss.

"There it's done." I said, not sure whether to feel happy, or scared to death.

The demon sighed. "Yes, it is. Your precious Sam is alive, but you try to wheedle yourself out of this, and he drops dead, like that." He snapped his fingers. "See you next year." He grinned.

He left, and I felt a lone tear roll down my face. I knew I had to get away from my brothers, they would try to get me out of the deal, they were way too overprotective.

But I had to get Dean's car back.

That was my excuse to seeing them one last time. I had found a piece of paper in the trunk and wrote them a note,

Sam and Dean,

I know you will be looking for me, but I don't have much time. Please, please, please stay safe. I don't know what I would do if you guys were dead. You won't be seeing me again… I'm sorry, guys, but I had too. I couldn't stand not having two living brothers, don't look for me. You won't find me.

All my love,

Bella Winchester.

I signed my name and tied the note to the keys. I dropped it by the door, and knocked. I heard rustling, too much to be one person, and saw Sam open the door. Sam! He was alive. A couple more tears joined their friend.

"Dean… Why are you're keys at the door?" he said suspiciously.

"What? Dammit! They're not in my pocket… Bella! NO!" I heard him roar.

I looked through the bush I was hiding in at Sam. He was reading the note.

"I died Dean?" He didn't know? "And you let Bella sell her soul for me? How could you? Our little sister! And you just gave her the keys?" Sam was yelling, furious, and hurt.

"No. Sam. You had just died. In. My. Arms. She must have slipped them out of my pocket! How could she have? We don't even know how long she has. She could already be dead." He moaned out.

I knew my time was gone. I had to go before they found me.

And that's how I ended up with an old friend of Dad's, Charlie Swan.

End Flashback

That's how I ended up at Charlie's. He knows everything too, my deal, why I came, and supernatural creatures. I would never go to live with someone who wasn't a hunter, that's crazy.

But that was seven months ago! I still have five months left!

The howling outside grew louder, closer. I had no idea what was going on, was Lilith going to back out on my deal? She can't do that! Even demons have rules.

A tapping on my window made me scream and grab for my knife.

I looked up and there was this girl, about 6 years old, looking at me through the glass. She smiled in an innocent way, but I could see the evil she possessed.

"Won't you let me in Bella? I only want to talk." Her voice sounded cute and adorable, but she herself was anything but. I got up and broke the line of salt by my window, by pushing some of with my finger.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Lilith. What can I help you with, bitch?" I said, my old self popping out.

"Is that any way to speak to a child?" She said, almost as if it were true.

I shrugged nonchalantly, when really I was terrified. "Why are you here?" I demanded again.

She made a weird clucking noise with her mouth, almost like a squirrel. "Can't I just come see my favorite client?" My glare kept her talking, "Okay, if you just want to cut to the big stuff. Your deal has been changed. Instead of just five months, I want you to destroy the Volturi. You destroy the Volturi in those five months; I won't send my hellhounds after you to drag you to hell. But of course you have to destroy every single one. No active guard or anyone working for them left."

I was confused. Why would she want me to destroy the Volturi?

"Why?" I asked.

"Why what?" she smirked.

"Why do you want me to take out the Volturi? Won't they help you in the long run?" I asked, totally confused.

"I have my reasons, and you don't really need to know them." She smiled, and with that, leaped gracefully out my window into the darkness below.

I sank onto my bed, shocked beyond comprehension.

Then the hellhounds howled again and I screamed. Screamed in frustration, fear, and sadness. I couldn't take down the Volturi alone. I had to call my brothers. They would be so mad…. Would they even want to talk to me?

Charlie burst into the room. "Bella! What's wrong?" he stopped in the middle of the room.

"Why did you take out the salt? Are there demons coming?" I looked up at him despairingly.

"Came." I said in a monotone voice. I winced as the hellhounds howled their evil to the sky.

"Came…? Lilith. Why? Don't you still have five more months?" He said suddenly panicked.

"She changed my deal. I have five months to destroy the Volturi. Every. Single. One. Why me?" he sighed.

"Because you love your brothers too much." I closed my eyes, knowing it was true. With that I went downstairs and picked up the phone.


It was only one ring before he picked up.

"Bella? What's wrong? I only left an hour ago." An hour? How long had I been in my room?

"I need you to come back, Edward. Please. There's something important I need to tell you." My voice still had not returned to normal.


"I have to go now Edward." And with that I hung up. I walked back up to my room and just sat on my bed.


I heard a commotion going on downstairs, and I knew that Edward was here, but I couldn't get up to go see him. It was like I was broken, stuck on shock.

Edward burst through my door, eyes frantic.

"Bella? BELLA?" I finally came out of my trance when he shook my shoulder. I looked up at him hopelessly.

"How many of the Volturi are there?" I asked.

"What? Why?" he said, very confused.

"Please. Just answer my question." I said, desperately.

"About 42, why?" I was just sinking though. 42 vampires. Forty. Two. And all the silly humans working with them. I then noticed something that made my heart stop for a second or two.

I screamed and launched myself off the bed. Unfortunately Edward caught me mid-air.

"Bella! What's wrong?" he said, fully freaked out now.

"My salt! My salt! Let go! Let go!" I said struggling viciously.

He let go, and I fixed the line of salt that was broken. Sighing I knew it was time to give him some answers. I climbed back onto the bed.

"What do you know about Hunters Edward?" I said warily.

He looked confused, not that his face had changed from that since he got here…. "Well, they're people who go out and hunt things for food. Bella you know this." I was shaking my head.

"Not those kinds of hunters Edward. The supernatural Hunters, what do you know of them?" My eyes were downcast, looking at my feet.

"Nothing. I don't even know what you are talking about." I looked up then, so fast my neck hurt.

"You don't?" I said totally confused. Every supernatural creature knows about us… unless he wasn't told. Jasper. He knows. All the scars on him show he was in the Southern Wars. There are so many hunters down there he has to know.

I looked up and said strongly, "Ask Jasper. Go. Now, and please don't come back until you do. I can't explain it now." I said tears filling my eyes. He was going to be disgusted with me. He's going to think I tricked him, that I was hunting him.

He was still there. "Edward, please. Go." And when I looked up he was gone.

I crawled under my bed and dragged out a box.

My fireproof box that has been there for seven months, collecting dust, and torturing me as I try to ignore it.

I open the lock, and there at the bottom is my cell phone. The only one that would be able to contact my brothers. I lifted it out and turned it on. I had two hundred and five missed calls. I lifted it up to my ear and listened to my voicemails. I cried after Sam and Dean were reduced to begging me to come back, that we would find a way. I erased every single one except the last.

It was from Dean. He was saying, "Bella, please. I know you made a deal. Hell I tried, but you stole my car. I talked to the crossroads demon. She told me how long you have. One year Bella, really? That time is so short. Please, come see us before your time comes, at least, we'll keep our old phone numbers. We'll still be here; we'll still love you. Please."

He was crying. Dean never cries. Ever.

So I sucked in a breath and hit talk.

DPOV (Dean's point of view)

It's been seven months. Seven months since she left. We had called her 205 times, but her phone was always off.

I sighed as I sat down on the bed, my hope gone. She was going to die, get dragged down to hell in five months and I couldn't stop it.

"Take care of your brother and sister Dean." I remember hearing Dad tell me that every time he left. And I had failed him. Sam had died, and Bella is going to die.

I looked over and saw Sammy on the bed, sleeping. He was tossing again. Shaking his shoulder I called, "Sam. Wake up. Sam!" he jolted up.

"Bella?" Was the first thing he said. It was always the first thing he said.

"No, Sam, just me." I replied. He sank back down on the bed. I swear he was taking this harder than I was. They were like twins, even if he was four years older.

"How could she do that Dean? Why would she do that?"

"To save you. If she's anything like me, she couldn't live without you." I said, telling him the absolute truth.

"But then why did she run away? Is she even alive?" I stopped him.

"Yes, she's alive. I know it." And right after I said that my phone rang.

Wait. I know that ringtone… Back in Black by AC/DC. It's Bella's!

I launched myself to the phone. "Hello? Bella?"

It was quiet on the other end. Then I heard a small sniffle. "Dean?"

It was her. My world just lit up again, like seeing the sun after seven months of darkness. "Of course Hell Bells. Who else would it be?" Sam jumped up.

"Bella?" he looked hopeful. I turned and grinned at him, nodding my head.

"Dean… I'm sorry. I'm sorry for making the deal, I'm sorry for running away, I'm sorry for being a crappy sister." I had turned it on speakerphone by the time she was done, so Sam's look of horror matched mine.

"No! No you could never be a crappy sister! You saved my life! And Dean's multiple times." Sam said, and she laughed a small laugh.

"Where are you guys? Are you looking for me?" She said, her tone getting darker near the end.

"Yes we are, we're in Lawrence, Kansas. We figured you'd stop by home. I'm sorry sis, but you can't just go disappearing like that and expect us no to look for you! I mean really, you're a Winchester, and Winchesters look out for each other." I said.

"Where are you? No one has seen you anywhere!" Sam said, too eager to not interrupt.

"I'm in Forks, Washington, with Charlie Swan. Going as Bella Swan, that's why you haven't found me yet…. You can come… If you want to, I mean I haven't been–"

"Of course we'll come! Hell, we'd cross the world for you. We'll be there later tonight." I said, knowing I was going to take a plane, but who the hell cares? I'm seeing my sister tonight.

"But even you can't drive that fast…. NO! You can't take a plane Dean you'll freak! Please, I've screwed up your lives enough."

"Bella, please. I haven't seen my favorite little sister in seven months and you're telling me to drive? No way in hell. We will see you tonight and that's that."

I smiled when I heard her sigh that meant she gave in.

We had been talking for an hour when all of a sudden Bella said, "Guys. I have to go. Now. I'll see you tonight. Bye." And then she hung up!

"What was that for?" I said.

"No idea, I suggest we better get there soon to find out." And with that we got in the Impala and drove to the airport. Maybe I'll get through this…. Just think of Bella.


My brother's still loved me! I was smiling the whole hour I talked to them. What was taking Edward so long?

Finally I saw his car drive up my driveway, and I said quickly, "Guys. I have to go. Now. I'll see you tonight. Bye." Then I hung up.

I raced to the door and answered it before he could knock. I stepped out onto the porch with him, in case he wanted to leave when he found out.

"Why did I need to learn about Hunters? They sound dangerous…. They're not coming for you right?" He said suddenly panicked.

I sighed. "Edward, I'm going to tell you something right now that Jasper probably doesn't know. All Hunters have the same kind of cell phone, one with GPS, so that they can be found if lost by the other Hunters."

He looked at me puzzled. "How did you know that?"

"If you met a Hunter Edward what would you do?" I asked, ignoring his question, begging him in my mind not to do anything violent.

"I would get them away from my family; peacefully at first, and if necessary with violence." I sighed, knowing it would come to this. I looked at him with tearful eyes and handed him my cell phone, the one that has been under my bed this whole time.

He took it from me, "Why did you give me your phone? I didn't even know you had a –" He cut off and looked at me, before looking through the menu and seeing the GPS app.

"I knew Edward, because I am a Hunter."

"What? No, you can't be!" he said, shaking his head in denial.

"Edward. I know you think of me as this innocent, clumsy, young girl, but I'm really a dangerous person." I whipped out the knife coated in dead man's blood and pointed it at him. "I could kill you right now. One stab from my knife to incapacitate you and then a swing from my machete to decapitate you. I've been lying to you Edward, and I'm sorry. My name isn't Bella Swan; it's Bella Winchester. I have two brothers named Sam and Dean, and Charlie isn't my dad. In fact I'm not even related to him. But the biggest lie I think I ever told you was that I planned a long happy life. Edward. I'm going to die in five months, probably dragged to hell by hellhounds, and with what you said earlier about Hunters well… once my brothers get here I'm going with them to hunt down the Volturi." His head snapped up, his eyes furious.

"You want to destroy the only thing keeping vampires safe? Keeping humans safe?" he growled out. Oh, now I was pissed.

"It's that or go to Hell Edward! And I don't mean figurative Hell, I mean actual Hell. With demons torturing me every second! I'll probably still go to hell because I won't get them all! They're all over the world! Here in the U.S., in Italy, Africa, South America, China, hell Australia too probably! Five months is like having a day to make a whole dresser with one tree!"

Then Edward said something that broke my heart, well more like shattered it, "What's one hunter to probably hundreds of vampires and thousands of humans?"

His eyes widened as if he understood what he just said. "Bella, wait I didn't–"

"Go away." I said my knife out and pointing at him. His eyes widened.

"Bella. Bella please." I pulled out my machete too.

"Now. Edward. Maybe I'll come visit if I live through my five months." I hissed, stepping closer. He took two steps back. I came closer again, and he went to his car.

"Bella. I know you won't believe this, but I'm sorry. No one should have said that to you. You are far more important than anyone else in the world. I love you."

"Please, Edward. Just go. I'll be out of your hair tonight, so your family doesn't need to move." I said. And with that, he left, his silver Volvo pulling away from my house and around the corner. Out of sight, for maybe the rest of time.

I sat back on the porch and thought, Did I just break up with my soul-mate?


I don't know how much time had passed, but what seemed like soon after he left, my brothers arrived. I grinned and was at Sam's door before he could get out, seeing as Dean was asleep in the passenger side.

"You're alive." I said squeezing with all my strength the massive person that was my brother.

"Of course I am. You made sure of that." He paused for a moment and I knew what was coming. "Why? Why did you sell your soul for a year? That time is so short."

"Because. I couldn't offer anything else. I couldn't live with the thought of you being dead, Sammy." I said smiling up at him sadly. Then I hear a snore like a chainsaw behind Sam.

"But I have another question for you, why is Dean sleeping? I figured he would be the first one to squeeze me to death." I noted with a little laugh.

"He was too freaked out on the plane, so I drugged him, woke him up long enough to get him off the plane and into the car, and drove here to Charlie's. Speaking of, where is Charlie? I haven't seen him since I was 10."

I laughed. Inside. Probably drinking a beer while watching TV. You can go in if you'd like. He grinned and darted inside the old graying house. I heard Charlie shout, "Sam!" in surprise a couple seconds later. I laughed and walked around to the passenger side of the car.

Dean sat there sleeping peacefully. I opened the door he was leaning on and unbuckled his seatbelt.

He toppled out of the car and then groaned from the ground. "Sammy. Why'd you pull me out of the car?"

"Sam didn't Dean. I just thought you'd want to give your little sister a hug after seven months, but if you want to complain about being on the wet, muddy, ground, be my guest." I said, smirking.

"Bella? Hell Bells it's you!" he sang launching himself off the ground and into a bone-crushing hug.

I laughed at his antics. "Awake now? You were out cold. I told you not to get on the plane! Sam had to knock you out with drugs!" I scolded.

"I knew there was a reason I was seeing hot babes in bikinis!" he exclaimed. I laughed, and by now both Sam and Charlie had come out.

"Charlie! I haven't seen you in awhile!"

"Well, I'm sure twelve years is too long. Come here." Charlie said and they hugged in that weird guy way. I was just standing there smiling watching the guys talk and catch up when I heard them again. Why were the hellhounds here? I had five months to destroy them still!

But either way, the blood was sucked from my face, my eyes growing the size of dinner plates, and my hands started shaking so hard it looked like they were vibrating.

I took off sprinting into the house, up the stairs and into my room, being more sensible and grabbing devil's shoestring and placing them in front of every way into the house.

I had curled up on the couch before I remembered I had an audience.

"Bella. Devil's shoestring is only good for one thing. I thought you had five more months?" Dean said suspiciously, as if expecting me to say I only have a day left.

"I do it's just…" I trailed off, not knowing whether to tell them or not. I needed their help, but didn't know if I wanted to get them involved in this.

"Just what?" Sam and Dean said at the same time.

"Creepy. Do you guys practice that or something?" I said trying to veer away from the topic.

"Bella." I got a warning tone from Dean.

"Okay. I… My… Well… Lilith came yesterday. She told me my deal had changed. That instead of just having five months left, I had to…" I mumbled the last part incoherently.

"What was that Bella?" Sam said, his eyes hard, not really wanting to know what I was going to say.

"Destroy the Volturi." The silence in the room actually hurt my ears. Dean's eyes widened, and Sam's hardened, hiding his pain.

Then Dean knocked out of his shock and said, "Well, we better get going then! Can't let them spread out farther then they already are!" I looked up in shock.

"You're going to help me?" I clarified.

"Of course. Anything to keep you from Hell!" Sam said.

"Well boys, we better get cracking, five months is not nearly enough time to get these sons of bitches." I said, smiling like I used to since I left. Cocky, arrogant, and joyful. It's about time my life got back to normal.

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