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"Ruby's dead." I said, my voice monotone, and solid.

"Why?" Sam asked, shocked, and slightly outraged.

"Because I killed her," I said, rolling my eyes. I knew I was just trying to avoid telling them what happened.

"We get that, Bella," Dean said, giving me a harsh glare. "What we want to know is why you killed her." I gave them each a good long look.

"I wanted to know what she knew, and what she wanted. Why she was bugging Sam." Sam cut me off before I could continue.

"She wasn't bugging me! She was helping me! She was going to save you, Bella. Why can't you see that?" I shook my head and walked up to Sam.

"She couldn't save me, Sam. She told me so herself. I know all of her plans, and what is going to happen. And what won't happen if I have anything to say about it." Dean's ears practically twitched up.

"What? What are their plans? Besides having Sam as their leader." He rolled his eyes at the last part.

My eyes hardened though, even with his attempt at lightening the mood.

"I can't tell you." Both of their eyes narrowed.

"Why not, Bella?" I just stared at Sam, wishing I could answer his question, wishing I could comfort him and tell him that everything would be all right.

Except I knew it wasn't going to be.

"Because that's just for me to know, and for you guys to, hopefully, never find out. I will tell you one thing though, it never included saving me from Hell. It was just a bunch of lies to keep you trusting them, Sam." I said, wishing he would just get it already, I was going to Hell, and there was nothing he, or dean, or anyone could do about it.

"But, Bella–" I cut him off with my rant that has been waiting to come out ever since we found out we couldn't break my deal.

"But, nothing Sam. You listen to me, now. You too, Dean. Here's what's gonna happen. I'm going to go to Hell. You guys are going to be up here, safe, and kicking supernatural baddies' asses. While I'm in Hell, they are going to torture me. They are going to torture the humanity out of me, and I am going to become a demon. When I become a demon, I will most likely encounter you guys. You are going to kill me. You won't even know that I'm the demon, but you will kill me. Then, when I am wherever the hell I will be after dying as a demon, you two will die of old age. Once we're all dead, our souls will recycle back to the earth, and end up being a happy, apple-pie, white picket fence family. Dad will be a dad who plays ball with his kids, and spoils his baby girl. Mom will be alive. And god damn it, Sammy will play soccer! That's what's going to happen, and that's all that we're gonna talk about this. Okay?" I said, fighting the tears in by eyes, because I knew that Winchester's don't cry.

Sam sat down with a sigh. His hands snaked up to rub his temples. They dropped into his lap a minute later, and he looked up at me with a pleading gaze.

"Why'd you do it, Bella? I can't just stand here and watch you die. Why couldn't you just let me die?"

I stared at him in shock. Dean's eyes widened as he heard what Sam said, and he looked towards me, to see what I would do. My eyes filled with fire.

"I couldn't just watch you die. I'm tired of just watching all the people I love die! Mom died over my bed, Jessica died in the fire Dean and I pulled you out of, and the Demon pulled out Dad's soul right in front of me!" Their heads both snapped up from where they'd been hanging.

"What?" Dean's voice was tentative.

"Yeah, you heard me. I watched Dad die. I saw the Yellow-eyed Demon stare at me with his cold gaze and do you know what he said? He said, 'You're next, sweetheart.' And he was right. Sam, when I watched you die, I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take all the death, and then seeing how Dean was probably going to die along with you, I knew I had to do something. So I sold my soul. I sold it so you could live Sam! Because I'm tired of all the death and pain. I am so scared of dying myself, because all the death I've seen has been bloody! I know I'm going to die in great pain. I feel like I'm trapped in this long dark tunnel. Then I saw a light out of it, only to find that after I rushed towards it, it was fake, artificial. Then there was an even brighter light at the end, hellfire. I know you can't just stand there and watch me die, but I couldn't either. Keep this in mind though: I did it for you! So you could live!"

I slugged him in the shoulder, hard. He looked up in shock at the sudden pain in his shoulder, and then saw the pain plastered on my face.

"I did it for you, you idiot!"

Another hit on his shoulder. And then another, and another.

Soon my fists were flying and Sam had to forcefully grab me and he pulled me into a one-sided hug, as I was still struggling. Then I finally stopped struggling when Dean joined the hug pinning my arms even more to my sides, and dragging us to the ground. I broke. The dams in my eyes shattered.

The tears from my fight with Edward, the tears from the rejection from the Cullens, the tears from leaving my brothers, the tears from the fear of dying. They all came bursting through.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." It came out of my mouth in a chant I couldn't seem to stop. My body was shaking from the force of the sobs. It just wanted my brothers to know the pain I was in.

Finally Sam broke out of the hug and looked me in the eyes. His were full of love, pain, and… understanding. He only said, "It's okay," but I understood. He still loved me, and didn't think of me any differently. I looked over, and Dean's eyes showed the same thing.

My answering smile was radiant.

"Okay! Major chick-flick moment over. We never speak of this to anyone ever again. Understood?"

Once glance at Sam and we both said, "Understood!"

We all stood up laughing.

I was sitting in the bathroom grinning at my little black box of Tampons. This would be the perfect prank to play on Dean and Sam. I mean seriously, we all needed a little bit of humor right now. Putting on a really worried and scared face I walked out of the bathroom.

"Bella? What's wrong?" Sam said, picking up on my worried face right away.

"Um, well…" I blushed. Well, faked it, just thinking what would happen if what I was trying to pull off actually happened.

"Well what, Bella? Spit it out." Dean said, worry peaking through a bit.

"Well, um… My period was supposed to come today…" I said, hiding my face behind my hair, because I couldn't hold my smirk in.

A thump made my head jerk up real fast.

Sam had fallen out of his chair in shock, and Dean… Dean was fuming.

"What. Did. You. Just. Say?" He said, clearly mad.

"My period didn't come today… I'm never late." I said, hesitant now, thinking Dean might just explode.

And I was right, Dean did explode.

"What?" he yelled. "What bastard did this? I'll kill him! Who would dare get my baby sister pregnant?" He went on with a very nice long string of profanities.

I busted a gut laughing.

He pivoted on his foot, still glaring. "You think this is funny? Bella! This is serious!"

That seriously made me laugh harder. I looked up at them, and thought, When did I end up on the ground?

"It was a joke. Dude, would I really get pregnant? Holy shit, though, that was funny!" I started laughing again at their faces.

Dean rolled his eyes, obviously relieved that I wasn't really pregnant. Sam was still gaping from his spot next to me on the floor.

"Oh my god! This is kind of like the time I first got my period! Only the exact opposite!" That cracked me up again.

"God, don't remind me." Dean said, grabbing a beer from the fridge and downing half of it in one good pull.


A scream erupted from my mouth.

There was blood everywhere. In my underwear, in the toilet, maybe even on the floor. I didn't know what was happening but I did know that blood usually meant injury, and too much of it meant a major one. Oh god, I was gonna die.

There was a pounding on the door.

"Bella? Bella! Are you okay?" Dean's frantic voice made it into my thoughts from where I sat. I looked up. People. I could still understand them. That meant that I wasn't dying, but then why…? Oh! Two words popped into my head. Puberty, Period. I immediately calmed down. This was normal. But I didn't want dad to think I couldn't handle something as mundane as a period, he barely let me hunt as it is.

"Bells? If you don't answer me, I'll kick the door down. Pants up or down." I kinda panicked. I knew he would, and then he'd see all the blood and freak out.

"Um. Yeah. I'm fine. Just thought I saw a rat." I smirked, knowing that would keep Dean out of the bathroom for a while. He was terrified of rats.

I could hear him back away from the door. "All right, but hurry up! Some of us gotta pee!" His voice made it through the door, but it sounded further away than before. I stayed quiet, trying to figure out how I could do this. Then I saw the window in my peripheral vision. I grinned, knowing that was my out.

I shoved some toilet paper down there and pulled up my pants. I made it up onto the counter and from there wiggled my skinny ass out the window. I landed carefully on ground, so as to not make any noise, and grinned again, because I had fifteen dollars in my back pocket. I stood straight up and made my way to the nearest pharmacy.

I was back twenty minutes later. I managed to stop at a gas station and fix my problem, but when I got back and looked through the window, I knew I had an even bigger problem. The door to the bathroom had been kicked in, and Dean was pacing a hole in the floor. He was also yelling something into the phone, probably to Dad… and poor Sammy kept looking over to the bathroom.

"Damn." I whispered under my breath,

Then I heard Dean talking.

"I don't know Dad! She's just gone! There was blood on the floor too." My eyes widened at that last part. I thought I had cleaned up all the evidence! I backed away from the window, but sat down on the ground. How was I going to get out of this one? Dad would probably come back from his hunt to "find" me, and he would be pretty upset.

I sighed and stood up. Might as well face the music.

I managed to get the box through the window with out Sam seeing me, or the box making a noise. Backing away from the window again, I walked in the door leading to the room.

"Dad, I don't– Bella! Dad, she's here, I'll call you back." Dean cut off his sentence and stormed over to me. I flinched and shrunk back, but he kept coming and grabbed me in a strangle hold.

"De-an, ca-n't breath-e." I managed out. He pulled away, but held me by my shoulders. He looked in my eyes and then, "Where the hell were you?"

End of Flashback

"Dean you were so freaked out!" I was still slightly chuckling.

"Dude, you so were." Sam.

"Hey! You were too, Mr. Stare-at-the-bathroom-every-thirty-seconds." Dean huffed, defensive now.

"Oh guys." I just shook my head.

Dean's head snapped up from where he had been on Busty Asian Beauties, on Sam's laptop of course, randomly.

"What's up, Dean?" I asked, not even looking up from my book. We had been chilling out in the motel for the rest of the day, deciding that we deserved a small break between here and the next job.

"We never went to Bobby's. To figure out why you're getting these weird feelings and thoughts." He answered giving me a long, hard stare. I sighed and started packing up my book.

"I'm guessing you want to go now, then?" I said.

"Yes. Bells, we gotta figure out what's going on, it could be something bad. I mean it did make you jump out a three story building." He said, voice in his serious, I'm-your-big-brother-so-listen tone.

"I guess. But it didn't kill me right? Auriolus doesn't want to do that." I said matter-of-factly.

"Who?" Dean's tone was like ice. Shit, I accidently told him she has a name.

"Auriolus. The name that popped in my head, remember?" His eyes just narrowed, knowing I wasn't telling him the whole truth, and nodded.

"When Sam gets back from the diner we're leaving. South Dakota's still a long drive." I groaned.

"Especially for you, Hells Bells. Still gotta get back at you for that prank." My eyes widened. Oh no. I had just inadvertently started a prank war. I groaned again, and walked out of the door with Dean laughing evilly behind me.

Then a thought occurred to me, and I raced back into the motel room where dean was packing up.

"My clothing is so off-limits! Last time I had an allergic reaction to whatever the hell it was that you put in my bra. Do you even know how awkward that trip to the doctor's was?" I said, blushing just at the thought of that trip.

"Oh yeah! That was so funny!" Dean was now cracking up, trying to keep his hands steady, and packing. I was glaring at him, and had just shoved him over when Sam came in the room. He walked over to the table and set the food down before looking over to us.

"Do I even want to know why Dean is on the floor laughing?" He asked, slightly curious.

"No," I muttered the same time Dean said, "Remember the end of the last prank war?" Sam then started cracking up, and I'm sure my face was bright red. I stalked out the door to the car, calling, "Hurry up," over my shoulder.

I had my iPod going on full blast when they came out ten minutes later. Dean must've explained the newly declared prank war, because they took forever!

"C'mon, Bella. You know it was funny!" Dean said to me, obviously trying to get me to talk. I just pointed to my ear buds, even though I had turned it way down, so I could hear them talking, but they didn't say much the whole ride.

When we stopped for gas, I crawled out of the backseat to I could stretch my protesting muscles out. We had been driving for four hours with no break. Sam and Dean came out of the gas station after a couple of minutes and we got back in the car and started to drive out of the small town, and back on our way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We hadn't even been driving for more than five minutes when I saw a small glow just off the road, and when I looked closer I noticed that it was an altar in the cemetery for El Día de los Muertos. I smiled, and wished that a line from one of my favorite Spanish songs could apply to me.

"Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto."

Sam's head went up when he heard my Spanish, and asked with a questioning gaze, "What was that, Bella?"

"Nothing, Sam. Nothing at all." He just gave me a weird look, and didn't question it, but kept giving me glances as I sat there wistfully, fighting tears. It just wasn't fair.

Dean sighed, and then said, "C'mon, Bella. What did you say? And when did you learn Spanish?" Now it was my turn to sigh.

"I've been away for awhile, figured learning Spanish could be fun. Besides, I took it at every school I went to, remember?" Sam nodded.

"Yeah, I remember, you drove Dad nuts with all the Spanish you said." I was smiling now.

"Yeah, yeah, Bells is really good at Spanish, but what did you say, Bella? You look like you're gonna cry." I frowned now.

"Gracias a la vida, que me hado tanto." I said it louder.

"What does it mean?" Sam was pushing now. I wished they would just give up on the topic.

"Guys, it doesn't matter what it means, just know I don't believe it." I snapped. Then I shoved my ear buds in and turned the music up so I couldn't hear them.

I jerked awake, AC/DC blasting me right out of my "pleasant" dream of hellhounds and dying.

I glared at Dean and Sam, who were laughing their asses off no less, in the front seat. Then my eyes widened in horror at the camera in Sam's hand, and my hand flew to my hair, which was a wild mess.

"Shit! No, no way. Please tell me that you didn't–" I swear my heart stopped in my chest. "You did didn't you?" I launched myself at him

"Gimme the camera, Sam! I swear to God, I will murder to get that picture!" Sam used his freakishly long arms to push me away, and threw the camera to Dean, who then put it in the seat of his pants. There was no way in hell I was gonna get it now.

I sat in the back seat, and pouted. Then I perked up.

"Does Bobby know why we're here?" Dean kind of smiled sheepishly.

"No…" I grinned larger.

"Does he know that I'm with you guys?" Sam's eyes twinkled, knowing where I was going.

"No, he doesn't." My grin was at the shit-eating stage. I darted out of the car, and up to the door. I banged on it as hard as I could, not being able to wait to see Bobby's face when he recognized me.

"I'm comin' ya idjits, I'm comin'." I was bouncing now; I was so excited.

The door flew open, Bobby standing there in his ratty shirt and jeans, his old baseball cap sliding down his head.

"What did you two do now? God, do I have to do–" He cut off when he noticed it was me, not my brothers. My smiled softened.

"Hey, Bobby."

He had the same reaction as Sam did. I got a huge hug, one that almost damaged my lungs. I was laughing before he even let me go.

Then he got real serious, real fast.

"I'm guessing because you're here, something's happened with the deal, am I right?" My eyes watered and I sighed.

"Yes, and no. My deal has changed, but it's really complicated." I looked up at him, and his face was sorrowful.

"What part about it was changed?" I swear his grave voice echoed through my soul.

"Instead of just five months, I have five months to destroy the Volturi. There is a problem though, the vampires, specific ones that is, they–"

"Kill demons." His stone hard face kind of scared me.

"Yeah, how'd you know that?" He chuckled humorlessly.

"I know everything, but what I don't know is what is taking those boys so long." At that I laughed out loud. Then I held up the keys to the Impala.

"I grabbed my stuff and locked it. Only way they're getting in is if they use a crowbar." I grinned even larger. "I also covered the place for the key to go in, they can't pick their way in." Laughing evilly I ran up the stairs and into the room we always stayed in. Then, I grabbed the special bear I made.

I loved this bear.

I gutted the insides out and filled it with a tough plastic. The plastic only went around the sides of the bear though, so it was hollow. Then, the head came off, but only if you really pulled, so you could put stuff inside. Also, it was like Bobby's panic room, blessed with holy water, covered in salt, and with a shit load amount of symbols that warded off evil.

Tossing the Impala's keys inside, I grabbed my clothes and went to go take a shower. I turned the heat on as hot as it would go, and enjoyed how warm it was when I stepped in. I melted, and was so glad I was at Bobby's. Most motels we stayed in didn't have good water pressure, much less heat, and it felt really good just to get clean again. I sighed when the water started to run out.

Once I was out of the shower and dressed for bed I glanced out of the window and laughed at Dean swearing at the car, trying to get the lock open. Sam was obviously trying to convince him to use a crowbar, but Dean just wouldn't have it.

Lying down, I swear I was still chuckling in my sleep.


I could hear their awful barking behind me, chasing me through a forest whose name is unidentifiable. They were catching up to me though, and I just couldn't keep running. And then it just stopped, and there was a little girl in front of me, in my way.


Her head tilted, and said, "Bella. You just don't get it do you? You can't run away from this! I will win, and I will get your soul. Then, I will get your brother, Sam. Dean, well, he's a pest. And pests can be eliminated." Her malicious grin was filled with blood. I screamed then, actually seeing the hellhounds this time, and took off running in the other direction, but my legs felt like lead, and I wasn't getting anywhere anytime soon. Then, I somehow ended up on my back, with a hellhound on my chest snarling, and just about to eat my face off.

I screamed again, terrified for my life when it was ripped off of me, and in its place stood a glorious, and soft, but fierce and striking light.

It whispered to me, "Bella. Your mind is filled with fears of these things. Be calm, all will be well. I will keep you safe, and if I fail, I will keep you from all consuming pain." I stared up at this light that I somehow knew was the person, or thing, that would speak to me in my brain.

"What are you?" I said, not wanting, but needing the answer.

"I'm afraid I cannot tell you. That will just have to wait, but you need to awaken, your brothers are worried for your health. You are scaring them." She started to fade, but I called out to her.

"You're Auriolus, right? The one who speaks to me," She came back at the mention of her name.

"Yes, I am. But do not search for me as I know you wish to do, nothing good will come of it, and I do not wish to cause harm." This time she completely faded away, as did my unconsciousness.

I shot straight up in bed, gasping for air, soaking wet, with tears streaming down my face.

Sam and Dean were on each side of my bed, right next to my head, and Bobby was at the foot of the bed. My brothers both had to move quickly to avoid my quickly moving body. I started shivering, and noted my super thin t-shirt and lack of a bra. I bent down and picked up the sweatshirt I had discarded on the floor last night and put it on.

I heard them all speaking to me, but I couldn't comprehend what they were saying, it sounded weird, muffled. I looked around the room, expecting to see a little girl, or hellhounds, hell, even Auriolus, but it was just our bedroom at Bobby's. Nothing to come eat me, but nothing to save me either, but then again, there were my brothers, and they were going to try as hard as they could to save me.

My tears came harder and faster as I reached out and clung to them. I was so scared, but they didn't realize what had happened. They didn't know that I was finally showing my feelings about this deal, didn't know how much I needed them.

But when I glanced at their calm faces I realized that maybe they did know.

I don't know how long it was but eventually I pulled away from Sam and Dean. They looked so worried that I immediately felt bad for worrying them so much.

"What happened?" I said quietly, because I didn't want to destroy the small amount of peace that had come over the room.

"You don't know?" Sam asked timidly. I shook my head, and Dean sighed.

"We had just come inside after trying to get the trunk open when we heard you scream from up here. Sam and I raced up here to see you thrashing around on the bed, freaking out. We tried to wake you up, but you just wouldn't come to. You were sporting a fever of a hundred and two point six. You had us really scared, kiddo." Dean's eyes told a way different story than his mouth did. He had been terrified.

"I'm sorry, guys. I didn't mean to, really I didn't." I looked up at them, and then remembered I was still wet. "Why am I all wet? I swear I was dry when I went to bed…" Their faces were sheepish.

"Well," Sam began, "your fever was getting to high, so we ran you a bath of cold water, and we had to put you in it. I didn't think you would appreciate being unclothed…" He said, embarrassed.

I blushed bright red, and kind of stuttered, "Oh, well, uh, thanks." I smiled softly, and Sam's answering smile was just as bright. Then I thought of something.

"Hey, Dean! Did you ever get your stuff out of the trunk?" I asked giggling.

"That was you? I still can't get it open! Where did you put the keys?" His face was so red that I just started laughing, Sam joining in beside me. We laughed for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a couple minutes.

When we were done laughing my eyes started drooping shut. Sam looked at me, concern in his eyes.

"Come on, Bella, you should get some rest." He said after watching me fight with sleep for a little bit. Dean nodded in agreement.

"How can we get back at you if you're sleeping all day?" I smiled at Dean's reply, but as I went to lie down I noticed Bobby had left, and realized he probably stepped out when we were having our moment. I smiled, grateful for the small amount of privacy.

"You'll be here when I wake up, right?" I said, sounding like the little girl I felt inside, but right now I just needed to be taken care of.

"Of course, where else would we be?" Sam's reply had me gently closing my eyes, and slipping into a dreamless sleep.

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