When I Fall For You

Summary: Yuuri just realizes his feelings for Wolfram after 6 years of engagement but it doesn't go just what he has planned.

Rated: T

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst

Warning: unbeta'd/OOCness (contains grammatical errors! You've been warned!)

Disclaimer: I don't own KKM.

(Yuuri POV)

It has been three days since that day. The day that changed my whole life. Again, I'm crying in my room, alone, without anyone to accompany me. I've locked the door just in case anyone going to open it. Just remembering what Wolfram had said that day, it breaks my heart. I was about to tell him that I love him but he cut me off and broke the engagement.

Now, I understand the feeling rejected by a person you truly love.

It hurts.

It hurts so much that I can't stop my tears from streaming down my cheeks.

I'm so stupid!

Really stupid!

Why can't I realize it earlier that I love him?


Why do I need to think about that homo-thing?

Why did I need to make a poor excuse over my stupidity?

Love and Homo is not the same!

It's different!

Love is love! Homo is a homo!

It doesn't matter if that someone I love is a guy or girl!

It's really doesn't matter…

Oh, God! It hurts so much that I want to die!

Wolf… I love you…

Just please come back to me…

I really love you…

It's hurt… hurt so much, my heart will simply burst from the pain.

Hugging my already wet pillow, again, I let my tears soaking the feather pillow that Wolfram used. I miss him… I miss him so much. Why can't he just wait for a little for me? Isn't that the reason why he called me a wimp? Because I'm too dense to realize my feelings for him?

Why Wolf? Why?

Why can't you wait for me?

What about your promise?

To follow me to the end of the world? Where is it?

Did you lie to me?

Why did you make me love you and then you left me alone?

If that's the case, I beg you… please, don't appear in front of me. Don't make me slap you on that fateful meeting. Don't give encouragement when I'm upset or feeling weak. Don't make that face that made me want to kiss you. Don't… just don't…

I love you…

So please, don't leave me...

Or I'll rather die than living without you for the rest of my life…

(Wolfram POV)

It has been almost one week since I broke our engagement. It breaks my heart when I said those words to Yuuri. I love the wimp but he doesn't love me. And I don't want to chain him into this accidental engagement. I know he loves women and he won't love me since I'm a guy.

He will never love me.

It hurt me, thinking of that phrase.

It does really hurt.

Clenching my front shirt, I take a deep breath to calm my misery and force the unseen tears from leak out. I can't look like this. I must be strong! I did all of this for Yuuri and I want him to know that I'm happy with anyone that he chose.

It doesn't matter whether it's a woman or a man.

Man… what I'm thinking?

He rejected me because I'm a man. He doesn't want to marry a man.


I mask my face and turn around to see my uncle, Waltorana, standing behind me. He has the serious look on his face and he is watching me keenly. Forcing all the earlier emotions deep inside my heart, I smile at him.

"Uncle Waltorana, what is it?"

My uncle stares into my face and I try my best not to flinch. He then let out a sigh that is unseeing coming from him. I stare at him, confuse. "What is the problem, uncle?"

"I got a letter from Blood Pledge Castle."

I wince and control my voice so it's not sounding weird or anything. "What's the subject?"

"Gwendal wants you back at the castle."

"But why?"

"Since, Lord Weller is busy with the matter of Big Shimaron. He wants you to be His Majesty's personal bodyguard for a while."

"Is it an order?"

"Yes, you'll set off to Blood Pledge Castle, first thing, tomorrow morning."

I nod my head as I watch my uncle walking away.


Why it needs to be me?

Why Gwendal can't just find someone else?

He knows that I love Yuuri. He knows that it hurt me when I'm seeing Yuuri with someone else. Yet, he ignores it. You're so cruel, Gwendal. Heartless. Don't you understand my feelings?

I can't.

I can't show Yuuri that I still love him.

It will prevent him from seeking the happiness that he wants. I understand the wimp better than himself. If he sees me miserable over him, he'll try to protect my feelings and maybe did something that he shouldn't do.

But! I don't want that!

I don't want to be someone that will hinder Yuuri from finding his love.

I'm not that kind of person.

I left him for good and I left him because I love him.

I love him still.

It hurts me… I love him.

I love that wimp.

Stupid, Yuuri! Why can't you just fall in love with me?

Is it hard to love a guy?

To love me?

This is my new story. I know, I know.. I shouldn't start with a new story. But, this is a very short series. I promise I'll update it faster. It's only 4 short chapters.