Ultra Rodimus' notes: Getting MA a bit more used to Rapture, a supply run, and the appearance of Rapture's strangest spider splicer. Just another day in the city of ADAM

Into Rapture

"That was... disturbing," the Transformer commented almost conversationally a few moments later.

"Biological mechanics I think..." Ice Queen said, then she sighed, "But when it comes down to it, yes, it is."

Slowly, the blades were lowering back to their usual position, hanging down the triple changer's back. "This is going to take some getting used to."

"It's a lot to take in," Ice Queen nodded, patting the mech's arm after taking back her hand, "but there's good in with the twisted down here."

Medic Alert tilted his helm toward the woman. "Oh?"

"You'll find them," The blond shrugged, "There's still humanity down here."

"They survive around those things?" One blade pointed in the direction the Slasher had gone.

"Around, or in different parts of the city." Ice Queen nodded, and then paused as she considered something, "Come to think about it, there's generally less splicers in the higher levels. Not all the time but," She shrugged.

The medic considered that. "This is a very strange place." He looked around, taking in the area, looking at the stuff piled here and there.

"You might have liked it before the fall." Ice Queen said as she turned, eyeing one of the stacks to their left. Extending her scanners into the darkness as another Slasher migrated closer from above.

Noting the movement, Medic Alert followed her gaze, turning his sensors upward. It only took a moment to locate the Slasher, his blades stirring slightly. The Slasher didn't seem to notice them as it clung to the stack, using its claws before gathering its limbs under it. The Splicer hopped cricket like to the next stack and then the next.

Medic Alert turned to watch the thing. "Odd that so ungainly a beast could move like that."

"I think it's more the joints and placement of the muscles." Ice Queen said, "Have you ever studied insects? Like grasshoppers, spiders and such?"

"Not particularly," the triple changer replied. "I have enough work keeping my comrades in one piece. Have you any idea how much maintenance the Prime alone requires, due to his multiple alt modes? It'd be Skyfire who would've been looking at Earth bugs."

"Shame he can't use an echo system," Ice Queen paused, "but then I don't think Primus would like that or Roddy."

Medic Alert's audial antennae twitched. "Echo system?"

"An echo of a spark in a shell," Ice Queen touched her chest, "Instead of the whole spark. It's what happens with most mid to high ranking Knights since our bodies get torn up sometimes on the job, or outright killed. But that part of the spark, the echo, is killed with it."

The antennas twitched again. "No, neither Roddy nor Primus would think much of that."

The blond pulled her hair back, holding it up off her shoulders for a few moments, "It sucks slag to be honest, but," she shrugged, "I can't help it."

"I'll take your word for that." Medic Alert glanced at the crates. "Is there a reason Ultimus is coming to this area, aside from meeting us?"

"He said something about needing things," Ice Queen shrugged again, blowing a lock of hair out of her face, "There's a one of the shopping districts right next to us before the tram."

"Ah." Medic Alert nodded, absently brushing flecks of debris off a red-marked white shoulder. "Makes sense."

"...question for you." Ice Queen said after being quiet for a bit, looking up at the Autobot. "Can you fix energy weapons?" She held up the bronze colored and pronged hilt of her deactivated saber.

"I'm not a weaponsmith or armorer, but I can try." Medic Alert took the weapon, checking it over.

"That's the working one." Ice Queen said, digging into subspace and pulling out the twin hilt. She turned it and tabbed the red crystal, "This isn't cracked as far as I can tell..." She sent a mental command to the hilt before opening and offering it.

"Hmm." Finding a place to sit, Medic Alert peered at the malfunctioning weapon.

"They activate by mental command and with my energy signal... or supposed to." Ice Queen said as she moved to be by the Autobot but keeping her back to the wall.

"But this one will not work?" Medic Alert glanced up from the weapon.

The blond shook her head, pushing her hair out of her face, "No, it's the first time. And I've had those since before becoming a Knight of Chaos."

Medic Alert's optics narrowed. "The problem is not with the crystal. It's something else."

Ice Queen shifted into a hipshot, holding her arm as she watched the Autobot quietly for a bit, "It's not time to recharge it, I know that much."

"Perhaps it has to do with the underlying circuitry?" The triple changer peered at the weapon.

Ice Queen reached over and running a finger down the side sent a mental command, and the hilt cracked. It would open up all the way for Medic Alert. The medic nodded to her, leaning over the weapon. Blue optics flared as he traced the circuits, some of them so small they were difficult to see.

"If you're feeling kind enough, I can wait until we're both full sized." Ice Queen said as she hopped up onto a barrel, looking around and scanning for Ultimus and any possible threat to the distracted medic.

Medic Alert lifted one hand, fine tools extending from his fingertips, working carefully into the fine circuitry. "This would be even more awkward, considering that I'm normally twice your size." Something sizzled slightly as he worked on something, then handed the weapon back to her. "Try it now."

"True." The woman took it, sealing it closed before flipping it into a reverse hold and triggered the command to activate it. Ice Queen grinned in relief as it the red energy leapt out and into shape, glowing in the dim lighting and some heat coming from the curving blade of the saber. "Oh thank you." She said with true feeling.

Medic Alert smiled, then tilted his head, pinging Ultimus' internal comm. "He's almost here."

"Good." Ice Queen said as she hopped off the barrel after taking her other saber, running through a quick practice sets to be extra sure. She was a bit more confident with both blades fully working again. The triple changer watched, picking up his rotor sword. Stretching as he stood up, he leaned against the wall, waiting.

A child's humming drew attention, Icy pausing before deactivating her sabers to vanish from general sight of a Big Daddy or splicer. Looking over at the red door as another girl crawled out of the mini-hatch.

Jack bounced up and waved at the sensor, smiling proudly as the larger doors swished open again.

Medic Alert turned toward the door, stepping out of the shadows as a familiar form stepped through, following the girl. Familiar except for the massive drill on the right arm, anyway. Ultimus grinned over at them, waving his free hand. "Hello, Icy, MA."

"Greetings O' Tall and Fangy One," Ice Queen waved, smiling as Jack giggled at that before retreating behind Ultimus' leg.

"I wish you could have warned me before having me literally shoved through a hole in space." Medic Alert walked over, reaching for the drill-bearing arm.

"Wasn't really an option, MA," was the calm response.

Ice Queen turned perfectly angelic as she moved to one side, investigating a crate. At the same time a squeak came from Jack, and the girl's yellow glowing eyes widened at the other Autobot. Her grip tightening on her new extractor needle, Jack moved behind Ultimus' other leg, peeking around it at Medic Alert.

Ultimus looked down. "He won't bite. This is Medic Alert. He's a medic, and a good one."

"Is that like a doctor?" Jack asked softly, not moving from her spot. She also didn't see Ice Queen looking back over.

The redhead nodded. "He's a doctor for my race. Has repaired me more than a few times."

Jack squeaked again, huddling closer to the metal leg.

"It's not the same kind of doctor," Ice Queen said in a surprisingly gentle and soothing voice. She had been a mother several times.

Medic Alert's rotors twitched as he peered down at the girl. "Normally I'm too big to work on humans... There are human doctors who work with me, though. I only work on Cybertronians."

"I don't like doctors..." Jack muttered, still staying close to the taller mech, "They're scary."

The red and white triple changer drooped. "I won't hurt you."

Ultimus reached down to run his palm over Jack's hair. "Medic Alert is one of the best medics I know, and one of the gentlest mechs. He has two sparklings of his own, as well."

"I think her fear is more ingrained from," Ice Queen spoke and made of a motion of something cutting into her torso, over the stomach, "The implantation of the slug."

"Makes sense." Ultimus regarded the triple changer for a moment, then subspaced his drill, saying something in Cybertronian. Medic Alert nodded. The redhead opened a wrist compartment, pulling out a cable and plugging it into the medic's forearm. Two sets of optics flickered, oddly like the lights on a computer modem.

"Kinky," Ice Queen piped up, unable to help it.

"...what?" the younger girl blinked over at the blond and then up at what was going on. "...they're kinked?"

"Erm, no." Icy shook her head, "They're actually sharing information kiddo."

The two Cybertronians remained still for several minutes while Ultimus transferred over a mass of files. Medic Alert's optics flickered as he sifted through it, absorbing all the information the bigger mech had compiled, about splicers and ADAM and Rapture in general. And about the Thinker.

A soft poking came, Jack had slipped closer to the medic. Poking his near leg first with her needle and then touched the warm living metal. Finding it like Ultimus' to start to reassure her more than his words before. The medic didn't even move at the poke or the touch, still concentrating on the file transfer. His blades twitched idly.

Confident that he was distracted but not knowing for how long, Jack edged around Medic Alert for a better look, glancing over as Ice Queen chuckled. Thankfully she didn't get too close to his rotors. Jack sniffed, looked around again and spotted the body the Little Sister from before had harvested from, and drifted over to poke it now.

Finally, two pairs of optics returned to full brilliance, Ultimus unhooking his cable from Medic Alert. The two conversed in Cybertronian briefly, before Ultimus looked around for Jack.

"Over here," Ice Queen called, having moved to a better position to hop to Jack's defense. The girl looked up as she pulled the half full extractor out of the corpse already moving to down the contents.

Medic Alert blinked at Jack, but this time he didn't react. Ultimus nodded to him, and then walked over, the medic trailing him. "We've got to pick up some supplies from this area before we head back to the others."

"I'm sure there's an office around here somewhere," Ice Queen said as she fiddled with her dress, looking under at the patch on her leg. She pointed into the darkness, "I know there's stores- shopping stores that is that way."

Ultimus nodded, stopping next to Jack and rearming with the drill. Medic Alert watched, his blades shifting. Jack wiped her mouth on her arms before looking around and then pointed, "That way." She said with confidence as she drew on an ADAM given memory.

The two Cybertronians nodded. Medic Alert shook his sword, which unfolded back into a rotor blade, and returned it to his back. Tilting his head, the medic looked at Jack. "Whatever you do, do not grab hold of my rotor blades. The edges are razor sharp."


"They hurt," Ice Queen added holding up her wrapped right hand.

"I heal," Jack muttered, walking ahead of the others. She looked around, spotting movement in the darkness, and then after a few more paces lost her nerve. She retreated back to latch onto the nearest mech's leg, more afraid of the possibility of Spider Splicers in the dark then her nervousness with Medic Alert.

Medic Alert rattled his rotors to produce a warning buzz, as he would with intruders in his medbay. Blue optics flared as he tracked the movement. Chatters that weren't quite true words anymore drifted down from the Slashers above as the responded to the new sound. They stayed up there though, though blinded the Slashers were more than aware of the group, yet the smell of the Cybertronian metal kept them away.

Ultimus snorted his amusement at the splicers' response to the medic's warning. "Never piss off a medic..."

"Noooo..." Ice Queen agreed, tagging along for a lack of anything else to do- the half idea of trying to take over the city had since fizzled out thanks to the Autobots being here.

"Up?" Jack asked in a small voice.

It was the triple changer that the girl had latched onto, as he'd been closest to her. Carefully, the red-and-white picked her up, holding her alongside the helicopter-ish cockpit making up part of his chestplate.

Jack blinked a few times, absorbing this new place, tense at first before relaxing. She had to poke at a few things, shifting and reaching up to touch at Medic Alert's cheek. Staring intently for a few moments before looking around to point at the right direction, "That way," Jack said almost shyly.

The medic smiled at her, looking up in time to meet Ultimus' sulfur stare. Red audial antennae slanted back. "I've always been careful with my own offspring; you know me better than that," he informed the older mech tartly. Ultimus blinked, then snorted, turning to head in the indicated direction.

"You're as bad as a queen," Ice Queen commented, climbing up Ultimus' back to his shoulders, using him to get to a stack and pull a box off a shelf and hopped down again before the Slashers were aware of what she did.

Ultimus let out a deep rumble, looking up as she climbed onto his shoulder. "Something interesting up there?"

"Too small for me but," Ice Queen came back, tilting the box so he could see the larger picture of a dress like the Little Sisters were mostly in, "Less stained probably."

"Hopefully." Ultimus took the box, opening it to look inside.

"Heh, nearly Autobot red." Ice Queen shook her head at that, glancing up to note other boxes above them.

Ultimus looked up at the boxes, then looked back at Medic Alert. "Too bad you can't fly in bipedal mode."

"I'm sure you can get some in the stores," Ice Queen said.

"And a teddy?" Jack's voice lifted.

"If there's a toy store, then yes," Medic Alert answered. His antennae shifted slightly, tilting forward.

The movement caught Jack's attention, he eyes widening a little before reaching up, yet wasn't close enough to touch. "What's that?"

Medic Alert smiled, wiggling his antennae at her. "My audial receivers. My helm does not come off, like Ulti's does; I don't have actual ears. My antennas help me pick up signals. They help me hear."

"They also contain specialized audial equipment for monitoring patients," Ultimus added.

A soft giggle came from Jack as she leaned up to try and touch, but not grab them. As much from his warning of not grabbing- but she had a stronger poke reflex then grab in general. The three antennas on the closer side of the triple changer's helm flared out, wiggling at her. Medic Alert's smile became a grin at her reaction, revealing his lack of intimidating dental hardware.

Jack smiled back as the last of her fear from before was melted away. She was also distracted enough to forget about leading, but there was no need anymore, a lighted door ahead showed a door with a wide mirror up above it, but on the door was 'Offices.'

Medic Alert picked up his pace slightly, catching up to Ultimus' longer stride, falling into step just behind the redhead's shoulder. Yellow optics looked back at the two as Ultimus hefted his drill, just in case.

Ice Queen sniffed frowning as she moved so her back was to the wall, listening as she scanned above them again and then tensed. "Scrap."

Ultimus let out a rumble, lifting the drill as Medic Alert's rotors fanned out. Both Cybertronians overlapped their scans, seeking out anything lurking in the shadows.

Ice Queen kicked the door in as a scream was heard above. The high nerve-stunning scream of a very upset Big Sister. The second scream was like it but a bit deeper, followed by flashes of fire and arching energy up in the rafters of the warehouse like dome. There was a scramble in the Slashers, the screeches were overly painful to them, and other splicers that hurried to get out of the way or hide.

"I think we should stay out of this," Ice Queen said from inside the office.

"What the slag is that?" Medic Alert wanted to know, his blades fanning out as far as they would go. Ultimus growled low in his throat, staring in the direction of the racket.

"I'd say two teenagers getting into a spat." Ice Queen commented at the same time Jack squeaked out.

"Big Sister!" The girl squirmed to hide more in the medic's arms, clinging like a leech.

If he'd been bigger, Medic Alert would have tucked her into his cockpit, but at his current size that wasn't an option. He held her closer, blades fanned out in a warning and protective display. Ultimus was bristling, keeping a weapon pointed in the direction of the noise, wary.

Ice Queen leaned out the door, grabbing Medic Alert just above the elbow, growling softly, "Get in here, you can watch them from that one way mirror above."

Medic Alert had to lower his blades to get through the door, but as soon as he was through they fanned back out as far as they could. Ultimus followed, yellow optics glowing brightly. The blond moved to close the door, just in time as a lithe armored form dropped down outside. The Big Sister twisted and leapt back up to her feet, launching backwards and teleporting with an angry hiss.

Blue optics flared. "So that's a Big Sister?"

"One of them yes." Ice Queen nodded, "They're former Little Sisters that grew up with the slugs and ADAM saturating their bodies."

The medic peered up, over Ultimus' shoulder. "That other voice is deeper..."

"I did say there was a Big Brother here."

Jack squeaked again at hearing that, she ducked back down.

Ultimus' optics narrowed. "I have yet to have encountered a Big Brother. The Big Sisters seem to like me for some odd reason, so I've seen plenty of them."

"There's not as many," Ice Queen said moving away from the door and the sounds of a fight beyond. She activated both sabers, using the glow to help her as she scented the air. Pacing to the stairs in the back of the office.

"Why?" Medic Alert couldn't help asking. "Do these slugs not take as well to boys as they do to girls?"

"Nah-uh," Jack muttered softly, "The boys got meaner..."

"Would explain that catfight out there." Red antennae twitched toward the sound of hissing and spitting and shrieking.

"Maybe the Sister followed Fangs there and he didn't like it?" Ice Queen offered as she climbed the stairs, there was a pause as she went out of sight before whistling low and long. Two helms snapped around at the sound. Medic Alert hung back while Ultimus padded soundlessly up the steps, poking his head in to see what was going on up there.

Ice Queen was standing to one side of the middle of the room, looking out the massive one way mirror/wall. Her whistle had been more for the computer set up on two walls for inventory, and then at the light display outside. Medic Alert had been watching Ultimus' back, and after seeing aggressively-fluffed armor panels begin to settle back down, he made his way up to the second level.

Jack made no move or want to be put down, more so after the Big Sister landed on the clear wall, driving her needle in to anchor herself. Fire licked around the altered teenager's body, mostly her hands. She yanked free and launched to one side as a second armored form pounced where the Sister had been. Unaccustomed to using the two modified extractors in the same way though, the Big Brother got stuck.

"Klutz," Ultimus informed the Big Brother in a completely casual tone of voice, shaking his head. Medic Alert smiled slightly, turning slightly to shield Jack with his own thick plating.

The Big Brother didn't hear, or see them, growling to himself he scrabbled for footing on the one-way wall, twitching and jerking his arms to try and free his needles. The teen faceplanted his helmet into the wall, legs drawn up to try and push himself off next. He was like and unlike the Big Sisters, still lanky as if just getting over a growth spurt. His armor was a little different, as he wasn't as slender.

After several minutes of watching the fruitless struggles, Ultimus drew his sword and reversed it in his hands, using the heavy pommel to slam one of the needle points back out of the hole it was stuck in. Stepping back, he waited to see what the Big Brother would do.

A startled yelp came from the teen, failing a moment and started to slide back... The Big Brother looked up and to the side at the sound of a teleport. Purple mist formed and out of it a Sister- different from the one before, as she was bigger with different armor. She tackled the male teen, yanking him the rest of the way out of the wall.

The first Big Sister had apparently called for help.

"...that had to hurt," Ice Queen said as she moved for a better look at the ground.

"Worst catfight I've ever seen." Ultimus sheathed the sword across his back, tilting his head as he looked down. Medic Alert eased forward to peer groundward, blades rattling ever so slightly.

The first Big Sister hopped down from the shadows, hovering near the older one. The eldest of the three Rapture nightmares relieved the Big Brother of his helmet and had gotten a hold of his ear, scolding low enough that the words didn't make it up to the watchers. The Big Sister then moved, dragging the Brother away by his ear.

"He's in trouble." Jack finally piped up, watching the first Big Sister strike a pose that hinted she was razzing the Big Brother.

Medic Alert snorted. "Apparently so."

"I've never seen Big Sisters fight each other..." the girl murmured, still not ready to be put down.

"Maybe it only happens when one of them does something particularly stupid?" the triple changer mused. "That's what usually starts fights between my two."

"Possible." Ice Queen spoke up watching the Sister nurse her hurts now that she was alone and before completely healing, "From the what I hear those Big Brothers don't get along with even each other." She paused and looked over at Ultimus, "Maybe you should ask Tenenbaum."

"That sounds like an average teenage human male thing," the redhead noted. "Can't stand each other at the best of times."

"Only these ones are packing plasmids and huge aft needles." Ice Queen quipped, finally looking around again and stepping back to sit in one of the roller chairs, poking at the nearer computer.

"Those needles would probably break on Ultimus' armor," Medic Alert chimed in. "I have to remove armor panels to do any repairs on him, and my tools are made for going through Cybertronian armor. My own isn't as hard, but those needles still would not have any easy time getting through it."

"So nice for you two," Ice Queen muttered, as she was still mostly flesh and blood at the moment. Her four digits hands typed at the keyboard, "Here's the inventory."

There were two shrugs almost in unison. "Not like we can help it. I was built to take a pounding and keep on coming, and Medic is armored like a tank to keep him from getting shot while repairing the wounded on the battlefield."

Ice Queen pushed away from the computer, wheeling on the chair before twirling a bit with legs tucked up, "Eh. Well, there you go. Pretty sure it says what's been given to the stores too."

Ultimus leaned over to get a look at the screen, the cameras behind the sulfur-yellow lenses tracking across the information. "Looks like we can find everything we need in this area... And pretty much all of what Tenenbaum was looking for."

"Normally these warehouses do have pretty much everything," Ice Queen said, pushing her chair to the window to see if the Big Sister was still there or had wandered off.

The bigger Cybertronian pondered the screen for a moment, and then swept his sensors outward. "Coast seems to be clear... Let's get what we need and scram."

"Is there squid?" Jack asked shifting in Medic Alert's arms to look hopefully up at Ultimus.

"That looks like a section for bulk food storage, so we can check for some." Ultimus tapped a section of the screen.

"Well, while you three go annoy the Slashers," Ice Queen got up, "I'm going to find a shower and take a nice long nap in a safety portal."

Ultimus' grin showed fangs. "We'll see you later, then, or whenever."

The blond looked back at the taller Autobot, narrowing her eyes and pausing her inspection of her hair. "Oh I'm sure I'll be seeing you in a day or two whether I want to or not." She said remembering what Ultimus said about his tanks. And then she flashed a smile, "Besides, we had a deal. Cheers!"

"Unless you'd rather do a tank refill now and not see me again for two weeks," the redhead added innocently.

"And risk seeing what Dark Energon will do to you?" Ice Queen paused at the stairs, "Ah, no..."

Ultimus lifted an eyebrow. "Dare I ask?"

"Not now," Ice Queen turned to give a two fingered salute to Medic Alert, "Thanks again for the help doc-bot." The Unicronian hopped down the stairs, leaving with a cackle just because she could.

Ultimus shook his head, rolling optic cameras behind the lenses. Tilting his head, he looked at Medic Alert and Jack. "Let's get going... I don't feel like tangling with a Big Brother right now, so let's be in and gone before he gets away from those Sisters."

"That looked like one of the first generations of Big Sister," Jack said slowly, "I don't think he can- and she took his helmet."

"Still, better safe than sorry." Ultimus subspaced the drill, pulling out his laser cannon. "Let's get started." He walked down the stairs, Medic Alert trotting after him.

Jack hiccupped, eyes widening as she did so again. The girl made a face at the after taste, rubbing one eye with the back of a hand and hiccupped again. Wilting a little, she ran back to Ultimus from where she had been pressing up against the clear passage way to watch a shark.

Both Cybertronians turned toward her, Medic Alert leaning over slightly to look around Ultimus' shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"I got-" Jack hiccupped again, making a face, "...hiccups." The girl reached and hopped up to grasp at Ultimus' hand, asking for water.

The bigger of the mechs pulled a container of water from subspace, removing the cap. He still remembered how much trouble she'd had getting the cover off that first time.

Jack happily took it, and probably for the first time didn't drink too fast. She frowned in concentration, counting in her head and sipping every time she hit four. By the time she was done the annoyance of hiccups had faded away. Jack smiled, proud she had remembered the trick.

Ultimus smiled at her. Medic Alert wiggled his antennas, his optics glowing a warm cobalt before returning to the view outside the transparent walls.

The girl's attention was distracted to the movement and she drifted closer to the new mech. With him not as tall as Ultimus it was a bit easier to grasp at Medic Alert's hand, though she only held one or two fingers. "Are we going back now? I'm full." And she was, Jack had gotten both ADAM and some food so she may start to nod off before they got back to the safe house.

"We're on our way back," the triple changer confirmed. "Ulti's leading the way... He may have shared the maps with me, but he's more used to this labyrinth than I am."

"It's easier to find places in the vents sometimes." Jack said, pausing as she look ahead at Ultimus, and then up at Medic Alert, blinking, "...you won't fit though."

"Already knew that," Ultimus chuckled. "And Medic can't turn human like I can. We're just too big... and pointy... to fit into those things."

Jack shrugged, pausing to point up, "Look- an ADAM slug!"

Two pairs of optics turned toward the thing. Medic Alert's rotors fanned out absently, the medic wishing he had turbines so he could hover closer and get a better look at the thing crawling across the window. Ultimus grabbed the two uppermost blades, keeping them from spreading too far. "Not in here," he rumbled in warning, and Medic Alert sheepishly lowered his rotors again.

"You can find them in the moon pools." The girl said after watching the two mechs, tilting her head. "Or in the places that connect to the outside water I think... not sure about the trains."

"Those rotors are sharp enough to cut right through these walls if he's not careful," Ultimus told her. He glowered at the sheepish medic. "This city has enough leaks without you adding a few more."

A frightful eep came from Jack, "...yeah...and I don't like the outside pressure."

Medic Alert's rotors appeared to press even closer to red-and-white armor. They were back to pointing straight down, their owner flattening back his antennae.

Seeing the possible threat now gone, Jack came back over to grasp at the triple changer's fingers again, tugging to get him moving, "Come on!" Slowly, the medic's antennae began to rise back to their normal positions. He let Jack pull him along, an amused Ultimus trotting after them. Jack paused once in the next building, confused or turned around. Half lidding her eyes the girl tilted her head back and sniffed at the air, "uummm... that way?"

Ultimus tilted his head. "This way." He indicated the proper way back to the safehouse.

The girl turned that way, tensing as she heard the tink-ing sound that came with Spider splicers. Unable to find where the sound came from, Jack retreated to Ultimus, holding up her arms to be picked up again, "Please?"

The mech nodded, picking her up and tucking her against his side. Medic Alert's antennae leaned forward; he recognized the sound from the datafiles Ultimus had given him. After a quick glance around to make sure he had the room, he fanned out his rotors in warning to any approaching lurkers.

There was muttering, echoing slightly before a head poked out of a large crack in a wall. The splicer wiggled and squirmed his way through, dropping down to the ground before finally noticing the two Autobots. He blinked his one working eye and didn't move for a moment. Then giving a high and oddly girly scream the splicer through up his hands and bolted to the side away from them like an old faction cartoon of a house wife seeing a mouse.

Ultimus let out an amused snort as the splicer took off, while Medic Alert just stared for a long moment. "...the slag?"

"...that." Jack said slowly, "Is the weirdest splicer. Ever."

The redheaded mech called something in Cybertronian after the splicer, his tone distinctly mocking. Medic Alert almost choked on a snicker.

Jack blinked up at Ultimus, tilting her head, "What?"

"That was an insult, basically the splicer a coward, but in a few more words and with a more derogatory meaning," Medic Alert replied after getting his snickering under control. "It doesn't translate into English."

The girl blinked again, snuggling closer to Ultimus. Though she peeked back up when the not so distant male voice of the Splicer started singing about dandelions and kelp.

"If he tries to jump off the ceiling at us later, he'll impale himself on Medic's rotors," the redhead commented, looking over at the triple changer.

Jack couldn't help herself as she heard the splicer go on to singing about kelp flowers, giggling a little and wondering if this was the one splicer that wasn't really aggressive.

Medic Alert tilted his helm as he listened. "If I hadn't already known about the side effects of ADAM, I'd suspect that person of being high as a Seeker in orbit on something."

"What if he is?" Jack asked after shifting through her ADAM given memories. It was a valid point, if there was ADAM why not other drugs down here?

The triple changer's helm tilted back the other way as he pondered the question. "Considering how long it's been since Rapture fell, I would have thought that all the other potent recreational drugs would have dried up long ago."

Jack yawned around her next words, "Just an idea... he was acting funny."

"Maybe he ran afoul of one too many actual Big Daddies," Ultimus suggested.

Jack smiled as jingle-bells echoed before fading as the splicer and they moved away from each other. Though there was an odd feeling that couldn't be explain (other than one of the Authors loving the splicer) that the twisted man might come across them again. The big redhead shifted Jack in his arms, tucking her into the crook of his arm, against his chest. Medic Alert's optics glowed softly as he watched, smiling.

The girl rested her head on the Autobot's chest, idly fiddling with her extractor needle. As long as there was no random attack, Jack would soon start to nod off. Full and tired, she listened to what she could though Ultimus' armor and the steady footsteps of the Autobots.

'We're getting close to the train station." Ultimus' voice was a low rumble.

Jack yawned again as she shifted to lean back, tilting her head to smile at Medic Alert at this new odd angle, "It's a really nice train- it's soft and has wood!"

"I'm assuming that's a bit of a luxury down here?" Medic Alert tilted his helm.

The girl nodded, "Not much came down after the ban on sub traffic to the surface was induced. And we all need trees in Arcadia for air."

"That makes sense." Medic Alert nodded his understanding. He glanced back briefly, sensing movement.

"Big Sister. They've been in and out for the last while. Probably just curious. But they're not coming any closer." Ultimus didn't even look back.

There was a faint sound of a teleport behind them, and it would be motion at the edge of their visual sight. The following Big Sister had gone out into the open water, swimming gracefully and expertly despite the raw pressure out there. She followed the Autobots before slowing and stopping at one window they had to get closer to in order to go through the door. Tilting her head and hanging onto metal on the water side of the window, half upside down as she studied first Ultimus and then Medic Alert. A distorted sound coming from her that could be heard as the latter of the two got closer.

"More curious about you," Ultimus added. "I've been here long enough now that they're at least a bit more used to me. But you're a newcomer."

The Big Sister made the sound again, hang on with her right hand and putting the left on the glass, working the fingers in a childish gesture of 'I want' to Medic Alert before pressing it flat. Yet apparently didn't want the take the chance of teleporting in. Medic Alert tilted his head, blinking. He wondered what she was trying to say

"I think she likes you." Jack said blinking at the two as she peeked over Ultimus' shoulder.

"Apparently." Medic Alert eased closer to study the Sister through the transparent wall.

The Big Sister jerked, turning to the side as movement grabbed her attention. Her while body tensed and there was a unseen yet physical feeling of being tugged as the teen called on a plasmid... then it faded after a quick jab with the left arm that had a needle. The Big sister had just stabbed and caught a large squid.

Probably dinner judging by her hopping motions.

Medic Alert blinked. "Huh."

"Squid!" Jack chirped in a happy-tired voice, getting an agreeing warble from outside.

"I take it fresh squid is a bit of a delicacy in Rapture?" Ultimus lifted an eyebrow.

The younger girl scrunched up her face as she tried to place the word. At the same time the Big Sister finally teleported away- with her squid. "...a what?"

"Something you don't get to eat all the time, a treat," the redhead rephrased.

"That's honey," Jack said, fighting back and failing to keep in another yawn. The girl was getting more tired thanks to the slug hard at work with the ADAM inside her.

"Ah." Ultimus watched her for a moment, smiling slightly. Medic Alert eased closer, looking around the big redhead's arm. Then the bigger Cybertronian resumed walking, the triple changer following.


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