Okay y'all! I have watched Three Musketeers about 5 times and I came up with a story. So please bear with me here. I want to see if anyone really liked this story or sees if it has any potential what so ever, I will accept constructive criticism, advice, and of course praise. So um, yeah.

Madeleine- Athos's younger sister who he hasn't been in contact with for about an year after Milady's betrayal.

All For One-1

"Athos, do you still keep in touch with any of your family?" D'Artagnan asked his fellow musketeer. It was a perfectly normal question to ask, but he had known Athos to not be one for backstories. "Only one. But I haven't heard from them in about an year." Athos replied somewhat bitterly as they sat at the table. An urgent rapping sounded at the door. Sighing, Aramis got up and goes to answer the door.

Madeleine's POV

I inhaled the heavy Paris night air as I reached my destination. Dismounting off of my horse, I pull up the hood of my cloak. Walking toward the door, I nervously tapped on the door. I mean I haven't seen my brother in about a year, just before Milady betrayed him. After that I left Paris and stayed in Amiens with a servant who was more of an friend named Sorrel. I smiled faintly as Aramis opened the door. "Madeleine?" He asked in astonishment. "Aramis." I mused. "Lovely to see you again. And can we keep the news of my arrival on the hush-hush? I do enjoy surprising my brother." Suddenly, Porthos emerged from within the house. "Madeleine." Was all he said. They were all probably wondering what I was doing here. I had official business that I needed to take care of. It involved all of them, even the young lad D'Artagnan. Aramis stepped aside and let me inside the house. Suddenly, I was met with the gaze of my brother. His usual bitter fa├žade faded away as he looked at me. Me and him were very close, he was my best friend. "We'll give you two a moment." Aramis said politely as he and Porthos exited the hall. "Madeleine. It's been a long time since I've seen you." Athos remarked. "Yes, I know. I actually came here to warn you and the other musketeers." I told him, staring into his blue eyes that matched my own.

Athos's POV

It's not that I wasn't happy to see Maddie, I mean I practically raised her. She only shows up if it's something really important. It didn't surprise me that there was something interesting going on. In fact, it was a tad refreshing, as yelling at Planchet to fetch me wine constantly gets old very fast. "Warn us? About what?" I asked my little sister. This can't be good.

Madeleine's POV

Good heavens, this next part was going to be hard to tell him. "Milady is still alive. She was fished out of the water by Buckingham and they are coming back to Paris for revenge." I look up at my brother hoping for a nonviolent reaction from him. This should be good.

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