A Simple Twist of Fate

by: L. Tyler


"Stuart! .. Stuart!" Mike Flaherty skated through the halls of City Hall, hockey stick in hand.

"Leave me alone! I didn't steal your dang bagel!" Trying to escape the wrath of the hockey stick, Stuart ran into Mike's office and locked the door. Upon realizing that Mike has now inserted a key into the lock, Stuart panics before remembering the other hidden door. Just as Mike throws open his office door, Stuart escapes and runs laughing down the hall.

"Mike! Hey, Mike!" Paul Lassiter's voice echoed down the corridor.

Mike spun around and was hit in the head with a Twinkie. "What the...?!"

Paul rushes up to Mike. "Mike! I would like for you to meet my niece, Lisa Corrigan.

**WHAP!** Paul is hit in the back with a Twinkie. He moves out of the way and gestures to Lisa.

"Sorry, Uncle Paul. Just workin' on my slap shot." Lisa is in her early 20's, about 5'6" with shoulder-length layered blonde hair and brown eyes. She is clad in inline hockey skates and is carrying a hockey stick, which is poised on the ground. She skates over to Mike and Paul.

"Mike, Lisa. Lisa, Mike" Paul made the introductions. "Mike is the Deputy Mayor!"

"You know, you look like that guy from Back To The Future," Lisa smiled.

"Yeah, I get that a lot." Mike grinned