1 Tetsuo Lives

'Kaneda! Kaori help me! What's happening to me? Oh my God everything's so dark, I can't see, I CAN'T SEE!'

'Keep moving Tetsuo, you'll find your way'

'Kiyoko, is that you? Takashi, Masaru, where are you? I can't see you,'

'You'll find the light'.

'No Kaori's dead! Oh I've killed her, it's my fault, IT'S ALL MY FAUUULLLTTT!'

Tetsuo opened his eyes quickly, he was covered in sweat. Had he dreamt the whole thing? The accident, the children, the experiments, the final battle. He must have done. His head ached though, like a severe throbbing in his temples, like the pain he had 'dreamt' about.

"A hangover of course," he said happily, "I must have drank too much and passed out here and dreamt the whole thing."

"Hate to break it to ya kid, but this ain't no dream,"

Tetsuo looked across to where the voice came from to see a man about forty years old, leaning on a mailbox and smoking a cigar, he was wearing glasses and a long, dirty overcoat and a brown pork pie hat.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Tetsuo,

"#32, but you can call me Nobuyuki, Tetsuo," he said, outing the cigar on the mailbox.

"How do you know my name?" asked Tetsuo

"I read your mind, how else do ya think? And I'm sorry but it's all true you did kill Yamagata and Kaori, you almost killed Kaneda too, if it wasn't for Kiyoko, Takashi and Masaru you would've done," said Nobuyuki.

"I did? Oh my God Kaori, Yama, because of me? Where am I?" asked Tetsuo,

"You're in Hikari," said Nobuyuki, helping Tetsuo to his feet, "It's the only place strong enough to hold our kind."

"What do you mean our kind?" asked Tetsuo,

"Oh come on Tetsuo, don't act like a dumbass, we're all here for the same reason, we all have psychic powers that are too much for normal human beings to handle, too much for Earth, so they send us here," replied Nobuyuki,

"And what exactly is Hikari?" asked Tetsuo, he looked at his right arm, it was back to normal, not the metal arm he had fashioned in the stadium. "Hey my arm, it's back."

"In Hikari you return to your true form, nothing artificial, like that metal arm you made yourself, you're just a normal teenage boy again now, well not quite normal," said Nobuyuki, "As for Hikari, it's a prison of sorts that holds people with strong psychic powers like you and me and like jail you get a sentence that you must serve here,"

"Where are those weird wrinkled kids? I heard them a while back, but I couldn't see them," said Tetsuo.

"The Espers are in a different place from this Tetsuo, much nicer. This place is for criminals. Those kids sacrificed themselves to save Kaneda and Neo-Tokyo, they're heroes." Said Nobuyuki.

"Heroes, HEROES! Bullshit! It was those kids that got me into this mess in the first place. It's their fault I'm here! I'm getting out of here I'm going home," said Tetsuo, starting to run away. When Nobuyuki saw this he began to laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" asked Tetsuo angrily.

"There's no escape Tetsuo, you can only go when you're deemed fit to enter normal society again, I've been here eleven years and I'm still not ready and for what you've done you'll be here a very long time," said Nobuyuki,

"What could you've done that's so bad that it got you stuck here for over eleven years?" asked Tetsuo. Nobuyuki didn't answer, he just led Tetsuo to a door across the street, he took a key out of his pocket and un- locked the door. Tetsuo walked inside and looked around, it looked so familiar, like the house he had once lived when he was a child with his real parents. He snapped out of his trance and turned to face Nobuyuki.

"Welcome to my humble abode," said Nobuyuki, taking off his coat and hat and placing them on a stand.

"So why'd you bring me here?" asked Tetsuo,

"Well, unless you'd rather sleep in the street," said Nobuyuki,

"Are you inviting me to stay?" asked Tetsuo,

"Of course, after all Kaneda was the only person you could really depend on wasn't he? Well he's not here, so you'll have to stay here with me," replied Nobuyuki,

"Thanks," said Tetsuo. No-one apart for Kaneda had ever been this nice to him. All of a sudden the door to the kitchen opened and a young girl, about Tetsuo's age walked out. She was very slim and had long black hair.

"Uncle Nobuyuki, you're back," she said, giving him a hug. She looked over towards Tetsuo and smiled at him.

"Who's your friend?" she asked,

"This is Tetsuo Shima, he's new here and doesn't have anybody so he's staying with us," said Nobuyuki,

"Excellent," said the girl, she walked over to Tetsuo and placed her hand under his chin, "You're a cute one, what're you in for?"

"Mass destruction of Neo-Tokyo," replied Tetsuo,

"My, aren't you a naughty boy?" she said rubbing her arms up and down his shoulders. Tetsuo grabbed her arms and pulled them off him,

"And you are?" said Tetsuo,

"Masyo," replied the girl.

"O.K Masyo, could you not touch me please," said Tetsuo trying to push her away. Masyo smiled at Tetsuo and then walked back into the kitchen.

"Who the hell was that?" asked Tetsuo,

"My niece," said Nobuyuki, "Well not exactly my niece. She was abandoned by her parents, I took her in".

Tetsuo sighed, he knew exactly how Masyo felt, even though he couldn't remember his real parents, he knew how it felt to be un-wanted and abandoned by the people who were supposed to love you more than anything.