a/n~ Here's a little story of what I think Zara could've been dreaming while she was turning pixie. more specifically, becoming Astley's queen 3 team astley (yeah, another team thing? i don't get it...)

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I see it: A perfect world. A beautiful, perfectly white world. It's just me and… this guy.

Is it Nick? It can't be! Nick is still in Valhalla. Am I in Valhalla?


We're running. Running to a wonderful white meadow. Pretty white flowers, all in bushes and ready to be picked. This mystery guy picks one and hands it to me.

I wrap my fingers around his-the ones holding the flower. I think he smiles at me. I smile back. I hear a noise, a giggling noise. I think it's me. I take a look at the shining white flower again and it's multiplied. I hug the guy. His warmth is familiar. I like it there. I never want to let go of this.

Then, there's a crackling noise. The flowers are on fire. I can't let go of them and the guy is still hugging me.

I try to let go of his embrace. I can't. The fire is catching to my skin. I try to blow it out but the flames still engulf me. I scream in terror and rip this guy's shirt to shreds. I'm on fire and he isn't helping. He isn't catching on fire.

His embrace is finally done and he takes a step back. It's Astley! I knew it! I never should have let him kiss me! I want to stop this! I don't want to be turned anymore! It's too late.

I feel the poison setting into me. I'm becoming a pixie. No. A pixie queen. Astley's pixie queen. I hate him. I always will for not telling me how painful this would be

Algophobia fear of pain

Amnesiphobia fear of amnesia

Will I remember this? Will I remember who I am? Will this place ever have its own memories?

Astley is now closing in and laughing. Laughing! He drops the laugh and caresses my face. I'm still getting burned, but his touch soothes me.

My teeth ache. I feel like my teeth are poking me from the inside of my gums. I taste copper. Blood.

Astley's shifting. His eyebrows are thicker and his hair is becoming darker. I know this face. It's Nick.

He's really pissed at me. I can tell. He backs away and runs off.

"Nick! Baby! NO!" I'm screaming as the pain in my mouth roars as loud as the flames consuming me. My nails too. They feel like someone is trying to pull them out to sharpen them.

My nails are getting sharper. I scratch something. Something squishy. A pillow? A flower? Skin?

I don't like this. My skin is getting dried and crusted by the flames and blood rushing all over me now.

The pain. It consumes me. I scream.

I breath. Then scream again.

Something holds me down. I am now frozen. No longer is the pain from heat or growth. No. It is from the ice I am trapped in.

I'm in a giant ice cube, freezing my ass off. Well, that's Maine, for ya...

I know I might die, but I think, "What about Nick? If he was in this pain, would he fight for comfort to save me?" but then, I think, "He could never be in this pain because he's a were. He can't become pixie. He can't be a queen." I try to chuckle at the thought of my Nick becoming a queen.

I chuckle? I can't chuckle! I'm in pain. How is chuckling even possible in the state I'm in right now? I feel something.

I'm waking up. The pain is releasing me, but my skin feels like paper. It's tight and… I'm awakening.

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