This is one of those Hiccup in charge kind of stories. There isn't going to be a lot of action, more comedy and probably more romance. The chapters will be longer than my last story. But, there will be fewer of them. Another thing if you want this to make sense you should go ahead and read "The Wish". There'll be a few references to that and plus a character that came in during that story.

Please enjoy.

Chapter 1

"Morning, Bud," Hiccup said to his best friend, the Night Fury Toothless.

Toothless gave his own sort of greeting. A second dragon also greeted Hiccup as he exited his house.

It had been only two weeks since Hiccup and his friends had freed the wishing dragon now known as Valhallarama.

"Good morning to you too," Hiccup said.

It was odd enough living with one dragon, but two. Not to mention they were both legendary.

"Dad'll be out for you later," He said as he patted Valhallarama's snout.

Hiccup mounted Toothless and they prepared for their morning flight.

They took off. They twisted through the air with ease. They both enjoyed the fruits of their labor. The training. All the time spent together.

It paid off. They now ruled the skies.

Well, technically Toothless took back his reign.

They enjoyed the flight around the island. They overlooked the village and watched it as it woke.

Less than a year ago Hiccup thought this place was a hell. But, now he thought it was a home. He had friends. His family was now closer to him than ever. He rode a dragon every day.

He had a girlfriend.

He couldn't pick which was his favorite. All he cared was that now his home meant more to him now than it ever had before.

Hiccup spent some more time in the air with the friend that had changed his life forever.

After he had had his fill of the air for the moment he returned home just as his father was preparing for his own flight.

"Mornin' Son," Stoick the Vast said.

"Hey, Dad," Hiccup said.

"How is the air today?" Stocik asked.

"It's getting warmer. Winter is finally giving up a little." Hiccup relied.

"Before I go flying can we talk?" Stoick asked.

Hiccup was wary. These conversations were usually pretty one sided. His father had started to value his opinion more but it still wasn't much of a conversation when he talked to Stoick.

"Sure. What is it?" Hiccup said.

"I'll be going away to a conference with a few other Chiefs regarding this new… dragon situation. I'll be trying to win us some support before the next big gathering."

"Oh, well that's good." Hiccup replied.

"You don't have to go. Right now I would prefer for you not to be seen by the other Chiefs. I want them to cool down first."

"Okay," Hiccup said. Where is this going?

"Well, it's going to be and Spitelout leading the ambassadorial party."

"Well yeah I would figure…" Hiccup had a sudden realization. "No! Absolutely not! I refuse!"

"It'll be for a couple of days maybe over a week," Stoick replied trying to ease the situation.

"Why can't Gobber do it?"

"Hiccup. You know our customs. You must do this."

"Can Sno…"

"If you suggest your cousin I will tie you to a boat and send it off to sea."

Snotlout may be an excellent Viking. But a leader? Not so much.

"Fine." Hiccup said reluctantly. "I'll do it. When do you leave?"

"Tomorrow," Stoick said.

Hiccup was going to complain but knew it was pointless.

"I'll announce it to the village tonight," Stoick said proudly.

"Yeah I'm sure they'll be thrilled," Hiccup said sarcastically.

"You'll do fine," Stoick said gripping his son's shoulders.

"Yeah I guess,"

"I'll see you later today,"

Stoick left on Valhallarama.

"Temporary leader huh?" Loki asked appearing next to Hiccup.

Hiccup jumped. "Can you stop doing that?"

Over the past two weeks Loki had been visiting Hiccup in his dreams and in reality. At first Toothless had given him a problem but Hiccup was able to convince him that Loki was on their side.

"I can. But, based on my past, I probably won't." Loki replied. "So you're going to be in charge of this crap hole for a week give or take?"


"Most teens would be pretty enthusiastic. Not only is your dad leaving you at home but he's giving you power over the village."

"Most would. But, I've seen what a stressful job this is."

"You'll be fine Haddock. As of right now I have Njord sending some good fish and crops."

Hiccup looked at the god funny.

"Don't ask," was his reply.

"Whatever. Will you be helping me out?" Hiccup asked with his face turned toward the sky.

Hiccup looked over at where the god was standing. He wasn't there anymore.

"Well, that answers that."

Later that day

Hiccup walked down to the arena. He had to teach a class of much younger children. Dragon training was fun and all and Hiccup loved teaching the smaller ones. It gave him the best chance to undo all the generations of draconic hatred.

But, today Hiccup was in a daze.

Leader for a week. That meant people would ask him questions and he would have to make decisions.

Decisions that would affect hundreds of people.

"Good morning Mr. Hiccup," His class said as he arrived.

He didn't even realize he had made it to the arena.

"Oh. Hey guys," Hiccup said half heartedly.

"What's wrong?" One of his female students asked.

"Nothing," Hiccup replied. "Let's get started." Hiccup said with a little more enthusiasm.

Hiccup opened the arena and led them in.

"Today we're learning about how to incapacitate a dragon," Hiccup said.

A child raised his hand.

"Question," Hiccup said pointing to the boy.

"What does incapimitate mean?"

Hiccup sometimes what age group he was working with.

"It means how to make them unable to move or do anything to hurt you without killing them."

"But, why would a dragon want to hurt us?" A small girl asked.

Hiccup was happy at that question. It meant that this generation might completely forget the War. "It's just in case."

There were no more questions.

"Okay Toothless here will help me." Hiccup said.

Toothless was good with the children. He was just a puppy around them. He had struck fear into the hearts of their parents but to them he was a black ball of loveable dragon.

"Okay there's a point right here," Hiccup said pointing under the dragon's chin. "All you have to do is put a little pressure and…"

Toothless fell to the floor out cold.

The children were amazed.

Hiccup went through it a couple more times. He didn't like the idea of going on flights with the small children. He decided long ago that now would be a good time to get the basics. When they became Hiccup's age then flight training would start.

Afterwards Hiccup went to meet up with his friends. Turns out the only ones who could make it out to the field were Astrid, Tuffnut and Snotlout.

Ruffnut was no longer denying the fact that she was a good cook and she now helped with cooking meals for the village on a regular basis. Fishlegs was out with his parents fishing.

"How was runt training?" Snotlout asked.

"Not bad," Hiccup replied.

"What's wrong?" Astrid asked. She could tell there was something off about him.

"Well… You'll see." Hiccup said.

They all gave him strange looks.

"What do you mean?" Tuffnut asked.

"My dad will announce it at dinner." Hiccup replied.

"Are we going to war?" Snotlout asked getting excited.

"No but you're pretty close," Hiccup replied. "But, let's ignore it for now. Please?"

"Alright," Astrid said. "What do you want to do?"

"Not much," Hiccup said.

For the next few minutes the teens sat out in the field and relaxed. They talked about their day, how boring life had been since they got back from their quest. All sorts of things.

Finally the time came for them to head to the Great Hall for supper.

Hiccup was dreading this. But he sucked it up and went.

In the Great Hall

Dinner went well.

Well, meaning Hiccup didn't pass out from the anxiety.

Hiccup sat with his friends and quietly ate his food. His friends tried to ignore the nervous energy that was leaking from Hiccup.

"Everyone!" Stoick shouted. It was followed by immediate silence. "I have an announcement!" Stoick said happily.

Here we go.

Hiccup began to shift uneasily. There was a hand on his shoulder. He looked behind him. It was Astrid.

He felt slightly at ease. She had that effect on him.

"Tomorrow, I will be leaving to try to get more villages to see that the dragons are not what we thought them to be." Stoick said.

Good start with the positive. Hiccup thought.

"Spitelout and several others will accompany me,"

Good segue.

"And in my absence,"


"I leave my son, Hiccup, in charge."

All eyes fell on him.

There was complete silence. Hiccup didn't know if he should wave to acknowledge it or stand and bow. He just froze with an awkward smile on his face as his cheeks turned red.

He was hoping one of his friends would speak. But, he knew they wouldn't. It was frowned upon for teens to voice their opinion on matters such as this. Unlike Hiccup they all had a fear of disappointing their parents. Hiccup had extensive experience in that field.

He just hoped he wouldn't this time.

Eventually and thankfully Stoick broke the silence. "Now I know that Hiccup is young but by law he is the only one suited."

"Why not leave Spitelout behind?" a voice from the crowd called out.

Hiccup's uncle spoke up. "We need as many important figures from Berk as possible. And we cannot bring Hiccup in case negotiations go south. I know that I have confidence in my nephew and so should you."

Hiccup was shocked.

His uncle had never said anything kind to or about him. He wasn't an ass to him like most people but he was no friend.

Spitelout turned and nodded to Hiccup as a way of showing encouragement.

"There must be another way," Another protestor yelled.

Great. Not even first day on the job and they want to fire me.

"There isn't," Stoick said. "Both myself and the Elder agree that this is the best course of action."

Normally there would be some arguments, but in this case there was more silence. They knew better to speak out against a plan agreed on by both the Chief and the Elder.

If the Elder had to put her opinion into the political affairs then it must be important.

"Then it's settled," Stoick said. "Starting tomorrow and for about a week Hiccup will be Chief of the Hairy Hooligans Tribe."

All eyes turned toward Hiccup once again.

Quit doing that!

"Hiccup. Come and receive the Elder's blessing."

Seriously? You're gonna make me walk up there?

Hiccup started limping his way up to the head of the Great Hall.

He reached his father and the Elder. The eyes followed him the whole way.

"Please kneel," His father said.

"Really?" Hiccup said under his breath. He did so awkwardly. He nearly fell.

Damn it. Why does even kneeling have to be such a problem?

The Elder came forward and began to say a few words. It lasted a little while and Hiccup's leg began to bother him.

She ended with: "May all the gods bless his short reign,"

There was clapping. Even a few cheers.

Hiccup was stuck on that last part. Did the Elder know about Loki?

"Rise, Chief of Berk," The Elder said.

Hiccup rose slowly. He turned and faced his people. His friends were in a frenzy. Even if he a sub, he would have to have a cabinet of advisers.

Others were genuinely happy at Hiccup's coronation. Gobber was choking back tears. Mr. Hofferson gave him a nod of approval.

Then his eyes fell to the far corner of the chamber. In the dark and secluded corner sat Loki.

He gave Hiccup a stupid smile and lifted his hands to his face and raised both his thumbs.

At least Hiccup had some supporters.