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Chapter 11

Hiccup and Venn made it to the docks where they were met by most of the tribe. Astrid and the others were waiting for them.

"So when are you guys coming to visit?" Venn asked.

"Well," Hiccup said. "We're going to have to wait for my dad to get back so this place has a Chief,"

"That's not too long right?" Venn said.

"Nah," Hiccup said. "He should be back in a couple days,"

Venn looked relieved. "Good cause you guys were a blast,"

"For once you were tolerable," Snot said.

"Oh shut up Snot," Venn said. Even they were getting along now. They even hugged. She hugged each one of them. Until she got to Tuffnut. The two embraced in a long kiss. The others stood there kind of awkwardly. They were done and so were all of the other goodbyes going on around them. Venn and her tribe embarked on their journey.

They all stood on the stern and waved their final goodbye. Hiccup looked toward the sky. He just hoped that Thor learned his lesson. Njord would hopefully keep them safe and so would Heimdall. Lofn had apparently done the favor Hiccup had asked of her.

Hiccup shook himself. He had to stop thinking about what he called "Divine Politics". Hiccup almost laughed. As if there was such a thing.

Hiccup made sure that the ship was past the horizon. Then he went to go handle a property dispute between two families. It wasn't to the point of Gaut and Bram but Hiccup learned a lesson from that fiasco. He wouldn't let any conflicts progress to that point.

Then after that Hiccup would have to approve a new nesting area in an unused field in a semi-remote area of the island.

Then finally oversee the reconstruction of a guard tower on one of the many cliffs that made up the Isle of Berk.

Hiccup had a busy day ahead of him.

With Fishlegs

Fishlegs had been overseeing the docks the whole week. He had to direct landings and departures of the fishing ships. Even though the Vikings had dragons now and they were a large help with fishing, fishing boats were still needed.

Fish had to deal with the many fishermen and their stories. He didn't mind much. Fish never really got lonely. He wasn't like Hiccup in the way that he never had friends in Berk. But he was always the awkward kid of the group.

But lately despite his awkwardness he felt more included in the group. He had run all of the stats in his head a million times and they always came out the same way. His popularity and comfort ratings rose directly with Hiccup's. Ever since Hiccup had risen to the de facto "leader" of their group of friends Fish was a lot more comfortable talking to the others knowing Hiccup and by default Astrid would listen to him and defend him on occasion.

He truly owed Hiccup. Hiccup had helped him more than he knew. Not like he did to Toothless but nonetheless Hiccup had made Fishlegs' life considerably better.

Fish thought back to all the times that he could've helped the Chief's son. He could have stood up for Hiccup when he was being bullied by Snotlout. After all Fish was a big kid. He could have at least threatened Snot. But, that risked his own unstable acceptance.

Fish's entire life was based on statistics. Statistics are just an inaccurate way of predicting the future based on the past.

Fish understood that. But, he believed it was more accurate than less. And the way Fish saw it Hiccup could become a bully to those who did it to him at any time. So far Hiccup seemed to be nice to all the other Vikings on Berk. But what Fish feared was Hiccup taking vengeance on the kids outside the village.

The odds in Fish's mind told him that that could lead to a lot of trouble for the Viking world.

But then Fish thought of other statistics. Hiccup's niceness rating was unbelievable. He barely ever showed anger and when he did it was justified and well controlled. He had given his leg and was willing to give more to save his tribe who hated him.

Fish's head hurt. This was difficult for him. Stats were his way of rationalizing the world. Now they gave him an uncertainty. Without certainty in his life Fish was kind of lost. Science wasn't exactly big with Vikings so when they didn't know something it just kind of had to work itself out. But Fish would observe. He would watch which way Hiccup would turn.

He had no idea when Hiccup would have to deal with the other tribe but Fishlegs made a conviction right then and there as he watched over the docks in the late morning.

He owed Hiccup. And whichever way Hiccup went, Fish would stand behind. No matter how corrupt it might be or how dangerous, Fish would stand by him.

With Hiccup

The day was tiring. After he had finished his work with the village Hiccup walked home to relax a little before dinner.

Hiccup arrived at his house. He walked over to his couch and lied down. He even unbuckled his leg. Hiccup let the time go by while he relaxed.

"Don't get too comfy," Loki said.

Hiccup was expecting him. Loki always loved to show up when Hiccup was most comfortable. Hiccup let out a sigh. "Can't I get a moment?"

"I gave you a moment," Loki said. "I delayed my arrival."

"Whatever," Hiccup said leaning up. "What's going on?"

"Thor's still being a bitch," Loki said. "He's not going after your friends for the moment so that you don't have to worry about. But he has an idea that I can't exactly tell you about it."

"Since when do you care about laws?" Hiccup asked.

"Since I started using it to protect you," Loki said. "If I get caught disobeying orders right now there'll be nothing to stop Thor from simply killing you."


"Yeah, oh."

"Well how long do I have until his 'plan' goes into action?"

"A couple days," Loki said. "Enough time for your dad to get back and take back the tribe. Trust me you'll know when it starts."

"Great," Hiccup said sarcastically. "Now I have something to really look forward to."

"Relax," Loki said. "What I can tell you is that it won't be designed to hurt you but to gain favor with my father… to hurt you."

"Yeah, no this sounds great," Hiccup said.

"If you play your card right," Loki said. "It can backfire and we can gain favor with Odin. That might even be enough to make Thor quit."

"Great," Hiccup said. "Don't I have to deal with whatever my dad has planned?"

"Yeah," Loki said. "But that's not for a while. Just practice with your sword. All I'm going to say. See you around."

Loki vanished. "Bye," Hiccup said as he rebuckled his leg. He would have to go to the Great Hall.

Dinner was boring. The tribe seemed happy even though their visitors had left.

Hiccup walked out of the Hall with his friends. They were all going over his house for awhile. After all, his dad was away.

They arrived at Hiccup's house decided all they would do is lounge around. Hiccup started a fire and they all began talking and laughing. As repetitive as this may sound but there wasn't much of a night life for Vikings. Especially the teens.

"So how long 'til you're not the Chief?" Ruffnut asked.

"Hopefully," Hiccup said. "Not long,"

"Oh come on," Snotlout said. "How hard of a job could it be?"

"You want to do it?" Hiccup said. Snot brightened at the concept of being Chief. "You want to deal with every squabble, every building and nesting situation, or solve every problem?"

Snot became a lot less enthusiastic.

"Thought so," Hiccup said. "Besides it's not just that. As soon as he's back we can go to Valden. See Venn and teach them to train dragons."

"That's going to be great," Tuff said.

"You would think so Lover Boy," Snot said.

Tuffnut got up and tackled the boy. They began wrestling and fighting. Hiccup was going to break it up soon, but decided that as long as the two didn't destroy his house he would let it go on.

Eventually Tuffnut was able to get Snot's arm behind his back. "Give!" he said.


"Oh come on Snot just…" Hiccup said.

Ruffnut connected a punch square in Tuff's jaw.

"Hurt! I am very much hurt!" he announced.

"That's what you get for winning!" Ruffnut said.

They all laughed as the two stood and returned to their seats. The fight was over and they returned to just lying around. After awhile longer Hiccup sent them all home. He got lucky in the way that Loki didn't bother him that night.

With Stoick

Stoick and the rest of his tribe were preparing for the day long journey ahead. They were leaving Trenk and sailing home. Stoick heaved another large chest onto the boat. This was far from an ideal conference.

His son would have to prove to them that dragons are trainable. He had no worries about that. Hiccup could train anything that breathed fire and had scales. But what worried him more was Viking stubbornness.

He himself was guilty of it. He didn't believe Hiccup when he had the Night Fury right in front of him risking its life to save his son. Maybe the other tribes were so staunch in their position they would ignore the proof right in front of them.

Spitelout came up to his brother. "So do you think Hiccup's in trouble?" he asked.

"Not at all," Stoick said. "At least not with the dragons,"

"We can always hope that the other tribes will open their eyes," Spite said.

"Hope is a powerful thing," Stoick said. "But it can't be the only thing,"

"Aye," Spitelout said.

"Stoick!" said a cry from the Chief of the Reckless Pillagers, one of Stoick's allies. He walked up to Stoick.

"What is it?" Stoick asked.

"In a week or two," he began. "I may ask you for a favor,"

"What would that be?" Stoick asked becoming suspicious.

"I can't tell you now because I don't want any stir. Besides I may not need it,"

"Just tell me," Stoick said.

The Pillager looked around and came in very close to Stoick and said one word. Stoick looked at the man to make sure he heard him right. Stoick wouldn't mind…

"I'll have to inform you on the details of the situation but how would you feel about that?"

"I am honored," he said. "Why me?"

"Like I said," the Chief stated. "I'll have to tell you the details later. But it's good to know I have someone to rely on,"

"Of course," Stoick said. If only his wife was alive. She would have screamed her acceptance.

With Hiccup

The next two days went by pretty quickly. Hiccup was growing tired of being Chief. While he doubted that it would be this bad when he became the permanent Chief because then he had actual power. He would be able to make decisions for the tribe that, he thought were best.

He wouldn't have to just sit around and make sure things went the way they needed to.

Hiccup was out for his morning flight. He was just out over the massive torch holders in the bay. He looked out toward the sea.

A smile crossed his face.

Out in the sea was his father's ship. It most likely wasn't visible from the shore just yet. It would be in the docks soon enough.

Hiccup landed where he saw his friends. They saw the excitement on his face.

"What's up?" Astrid asked.

"My dad's back," he said. "I'm done!"

They all raced to the docks. As did many of the other Hooligans. Soon they saw the Chief's vessel. There were cheers to welcome them back.

Stoick docked. Hiccup stood on the dock and greeted him like he had to. He knew how this was supposed to work.

"Welcome back Dad," Hiccup said.

"It's good to be back," Stoick said. "That conference was a pain,"

"I bet," Hiccup said. He desperately just wanted to ask him about the news but that would reveal he knew something.

"So how did things work out here?" Stoick asked. "I don't see any fires,"

"Rolig said the same thing,"

"Rolig? Where is that son of a Gronkle?"

"Home by now. They left two days ago,"

"Oh that's a shame," Stoick said. "Everything worked out,"

"Yep," Hiccup said. "Which reminds me, I have to talk to you later,"

Stoick nodded. "Very well," he said. "But right now let me get settled back on my island,"

They all went into the Great Hall to celebrate the return of their Chief as well as many other members of their tribe. Hiccup sat with his father. There was some form of symbolism in it.

Hiccup was able to make it past breakfast without bursting with the question he so desperately wanted to ask. Finally it was over and the tribe began to disperse. Hiccup walked back to his house with his father.

As they approached Valhallarama caught Stoick's scent and began barreling toward them. "There you are Val," Stoick said.

The dragon tackled her rider. Stoick let out a hearty laugh. He had missed his dragon.

"How were you while I was gone?" Stoick asked. Val let her rider return to his feet. She then let out a soft sound that told Stoick that she had missed him dearly. "Oh don't worry we'll go for a ride soon," She visibly became happier.

Stoick and Hiccup entered the house. "So what I need to talk to you about," Hiccup said.

"Oh yes," Stoick said. "What is it?"

"Well," Hiccup began. "I was thinking that maybe me and my friends could fly down to Valden and start training the kids how to ride dragons."

Stoick stood there speechless. Hiccup was expecting a "no". He wasn't expecting laughter. "You have no idea how good of a thing that would be," Hiccup gave a questioning look. Stoick readied to tell his son about the upcoming "Youth Gathering". That's what the Chiefs had decided to call it. "This summer you and all the teens will be going to Trenk for you to teach them to train dragons. Not all the tribes believed that we had the dragons trained. So to prove it you have to and train a few."

"Oh," Hiccup said. That must be the news. Hiccup let it sink in. He thought it would be good. He would be able to train his entire generation in riding dragons.

"Right," Stoick continued. "So you training another tribe would make it a lot easier,"

"Yeah," Hiccup said. "It would,"

"And there's one more thing,"

"What is it?" Hiccup asked.

"Another Chief has asked a favor of me and by default you," Stoick said.

Hiccup wasn't sure where this was going.

The End