Yume no Shinden (Temple of Dreams)

Night 4 – Hibiki (Sound)

Pairing: Benkei x Yoshitsune

Rate: T

Warning: Male x Male Relationships, AU, OC, OOC

Tonight he plays a different tone than the usual. A beautiful, but rather a sad song. It's more like a frustrated song. A raging sound. The tunes stabbed Benkei's heart more deeply than ever before, especially, when Benkei heard some tunes that sounded more shaken.

"Yoshitsune-dono." The monk called when the fue stopped.

The fue player turned his body to his only audience, "Ah! Sorry, Benkei. You had to hear this terrible sound." He said with a bitter smile.

Benkei shook his head, "No. I'm not really influenced in music, but if every sound is a reflection of what's in the player's heart then I want to know what's been bothering you, Yoshitsune-dono."

The smile on Yoshitsune's face changed bit by bit. He exhaled deeply, tilting his face towards the sky. "Even my flute betrayed me." He ended with a cynical chuckle. Then he continues after seeing Benkei's concerned face. "You're the only one I can't let to know."

"Eh?" Benkei furrowed his forehead in question.

Yoshitsune walked closer to him and even closer to where Benkei was sitting on the bridge. Once standing right in front of Benkei, he got down to the monk's eye level and cupped both Benkei's rough cheeks with his hands. Without warning or time for Benkei to comprehend the situation, Yoshitsune suddenly pulled Benkei's face closer to his own and kissed him on his dry lips.

For a few seconds, they stayed in that state. Benkei's eyes widened in both surprise and disbelief. Although he always think of Yoshitsune very dearly, he never thought something like this would happen.

Then Yoshitsune disengaged their lips. The warm feeling still lingers on the monk's lips.

Yoshitsune puts his hand on the monk's hand lightly, his eyes spearing into the other's. "After this, we won't see each other anymore."

"Eh? Why?"

"You're the only one, I can't let to know." He echoed his earlier statement in a wounded voice.

Benkei gasped sharply. Yoshitsune's figure became more and more vague. His voice is disappearing and the bridge's scene is gradually blurring.


He couldn't reach Yoshitsune's hand that still graced his hand warmly just a minute ago.


He couldn't fight this. He lost the light to see Yoshitsune's figure. His consciousness of the real realm forced back into him.



Benkei awakened roughly. His body drenched in sweats, and he panted heavily.

The same dark ceiling he saw everyday.

"What's the meaning of this?" He asked desperately to himself. 'Yoshitsune…'

As he breathed the name, he heard the sound of that frustrated song in his head again and again.

End Note: for the next chap, I'm still thinking "should I make this fic M rated?" like that. Hahaha. Well, depend on my inspiration and mood… Otanoshimini! ^^