I couldn't resist a Cas/Meg one shot…it's set after Caged Heat. Just a little look at what might have happened after Castiel kissed Meg so passionately. This is my version of what may have happened.

Thanks is due to the amazing Mali Bear's Buddy for helping me make this story happen. Thanks so much for lending me your ideas for this one!

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, or any characters therin.

He'd always liked to stare at the stars. His favorite spot to stargaze was Bobby's junkyard. Castiel had come up on the remains of an old convertible, and reclined in the backseat, just looking. He was so busy counting the stars in Orion that he did not sense her next to him at first. It wasn't until she ran her soft fingers down his cheekbone that he was startled back to reality. It was Meg, the demon who had come with the Winchesters to take down Crowley.

"What do you want?" he said with some annoyance.

"You got me thinking, Clarence. Exactly what did you learn from the pizza man?" She smiled devilishly.

"You want me to kiss you again…" he asked, a little perplexed. What was she insinuating? He did not wish to slap her rear. That whole section of the movie he'd found in the Winchesters' room still did not make sense to him.

"Baby, I want more than that…" She connected her mouth with his, shoving his trench coat off. His suit jacket followed. As her hands traveled to his belt, he grabbed her wrist and pulled back.

"What are you doing?" he asked, nervous.

"Relax, Clarence. You're gonna like it." She unbuckled his belt and slid her hand into his pants.

He'd never felt this feeling before, but Castiel was absolutely sure he loved it. He felt his body tense up as she worked his length in her hand. A moan escaped his lips. Suddenly, she stopped. That would not do. He really liked that feeling. He didn't want it to stop. Not yet.

Before he could stop himself he ripped open her shirt, the buttons flying in every direction. He pushed her down onto the seat and attacked her body with his mouth. As he worked the button on her jeans, his mouth closed on her nipple. He loved her moans. It made him ravenous with lust.

After an eternity he got her pants undone, and pulled them off, along with her panties. She pushed his slacks down and he kicked them off. He continued his assault with his mouth, making his way down her body. He planted kisses along her inner thigh, making his way to her core.

"oh….oh God…"

There it was…her whimpers and moans… it made him want to do this even more. He felt her quiver as she climaxed. He kissed his way back up to her lips as she came down, and plucked her lips.

"I want you, now," he said, almost ordered, as he entered her roughly. It felt right, what he was doing. If she'd come to him a couple of years ago, he'd have smote her on the spot for even suggesting fornication. At at that moment, any doubts he'd had about sex were gone.

He sat her up and she pushed him backward, taking over. She rode him hard, working him up. He was very close to losing himself. He could feel it building up inside him, and he could tell Meg was close, too. She came down on him hard, and he lost it, screaming her name as he climaxed. He felt her body clench around him.

"Clarence!" she shouted, her body quivering. She collapsed onto his chest, her heart beating out of her chest. Castiel lay there for a moment, trying to breathe again. He would never doubt Dean's opinions on sex again. Being with Meg was the most amazing experience of his human existence.

"So Clarence," Meg said seductively, running her fingers over his chest, "what else did the pizza man teach you?"