Draco Malfoy headed to the back of the castle. This is where Harry and Ron entered in their second year; when they were left behind by train, which was Dobby's doing. Draco going down the steps saw a chair with a thick cloth hanging on it; it seemed to be a black cloak, which was placed at the end of the stairs. He went to the chair and saw a note, it wrote; "Wear me". He looked behind him, checking if anyone was watching, or following him.

But there was none. He thought it might've been prepared by Theo? Would there be anyone else? He hoped not. Assuming that it was for him, he took it. Thus, headed to the wooden door, it led him to the castle grounds.

The Hogshead was filled with wizards and witches. He knew this by hearing the laughter and the yelling from the outside. He approached the door,

"You're late," said a voice.

A very tall and massive man was standing at the corner, outside of the Hogshead. His face hidden beneath the cloak.

"Brilliant disguise young-"

"How did you?-"

The man walked towards Draco and looked down at him.

"No boy from Hogwarts would go here at night... Unless of course, they needed... something"

"If this conversation is all I'm here for-"

"Just like your father. Come. Follow me"

Draco didn't answer back, he followed the man. Without asking who he was, he didn't want to look clueless. But to Draco he was already familiar. They reached the clearing in the woods.

"Where is it?" said the man irritably. "Bloody crooks didn't tell me where they left it"

"Where is what?"


The man searched the area; he looked on tree branches and on the grass, behind rocks, until

"Aha! Here it is" he said, holding an old rusty door knob.

Without any warning he held Draco's arm and twisted the knob clockwise. They started spinning 'til they were up in the air. Draco almost fell nauseous, he hated using the Portkey. But after a few moments, they landed on grass and he straightened himself up. His companion in the other hand was standing still. Draco started to wonder who this man is.

"We're late. They're probably looking for us now" said the man as he started to walk.

"They?" asked Draco. "No one told me we'll be expecting anyone"

He didn't answer; instead, he started to walk.

Draco opened his mouth to call him something foul. But they started to walk and then he realized where they're headed.

They were walking in a forest, and in the east side was an open field. And as he looked towards north, he saw the stadium, lights in the sky and echoes of people cheering. He saw the Quidditch stadium, where Viktor Krum was.

"Are we heading to the stadium?"

"No. Not yet. We have to meet the others" answered the man. "Lumos"

They continued to walk, and a few minutes later the man stopped. He took out his wand and muttered something. Draco couldn't hear him. A small white light flickered, in which the man stepped forward. It was as if he crossed a line.

"Hurry" he ordered.

"We wait beyond this point. Don't speak until I tell you to"

Draco stepped forward with him. They stood there and waited. Draco didn't hear anything else except the distant cheers from the stadium, and the insects in the woods. He looked at his companion; Draco couldn't tell if he knew this man. His thoughts disappeared when he heard a few footsteps in the dark, coming towards them. His companion heard it as well; two wizards appeared under the moonlight. Draco took out his wand, but his companion held his arm. The two patrolling wizards stopped in front of them, saying nothing, as if they never saw Malfoy and his companion...

The two stood behind an invisible wall. They both watched the patrolling wizards who were still standing in front of them.

Two shots of green light came from their backs, the two wizards dropped dead in front of them. Draco felt some electricity crept on his spine.

Draco's companion held out his arm against him, preventing Draco to walk towards the bodies. He took the first step, his wand out. From where the green light was from, came three hooded wizards.

"About time! The game's almost over" grunted Draco's companion.

"Good work Rowle" said Antonin Dolohov, as he unhooded himself. The others followed, who were Fenrir Greyback and Walden Macnair.

Thorfinn Rowle unhooded himself; he was a massive man with blond hair.

"Thorfinn Rowle... Now I remember" thought Draco. He remembered Rowle in the Manor, this man used to go visit his father but never spoke to him or his mother. He was known as the "Brutal-faced Death Eater".

Draco too unhooded himself.

"Who is this?!" exclaimed Macnair.

"It is the Malfoy boy, under the influence of the Poly Juice" said the Rowle, glancing at Draco.

Fenrir Greyback stood in front of Draco; he started smelling him like a dog.

"Get off my nephew, you wolf!" shouted a woman's voice.

Draco couldn't believe whose voice he's hearing.

"It's the Malfoy boy" confirmed Greyback. Who was finally done sniffing him.

"Aunt Bella" Draco whispered as he saw another hooded figure walking towards them.

"Very clever, my darling nephew" grinned Bella. She approached her nephew and gave him a light hug.

"It's a pleasure to see you again Aunt Bella"

"Oh! My sweet darling boy" she laughed. "It also a pleasure for the Dark Lord to see his most loyal servants" she continued as she glanced at the others.

"Draco, do you know why you're here?" asked Dolohov ignoring Bellatrix's glances

"No" he lied.

"You are here for your task. To prove your loyalty to the Dark Lord" he grinned, "Your task will be killing the boy named "Viktor Krum". The illegitimate son of the late Igor Karkaroff"

Draco did a splendid job of not showing his interest. But he couldn't believe his ears. Flashes of memories occurred to him; how Igor treated Krum during the tournament. No bloody wonder Igor wanted Krum to win so badly. He wanted to laugh with disbelief. Instead, he stood still with a bored expression. But what lingered in his mind was, if Krum knew that Igor is his father.

"I couldn't believe it myself" said Macnair

"No one did" answered Fenrir

"Silence!" ordered Dolohov. The other two kept quiet.

"We are here to see if you do it well, but if you fail. There will be consequences" warned Dolohov

"The Dark Lord did not mention why, but his orders are to be followed"

Draco nodded

"What happens if he fails?" asked Rowle as he sneered at Draco

"It will be settled once it happens Rowle" answered Dolohov as he looked irritated at him.

"Nervous, are you Malfoy?" sneered Fenrir

Draco looked at the man coldly. Even if he was in a different appearance, his eyes told them that he was Draco Malfoy. He cloaked himself and started to walked away, towards the stadium.

"That's my boy" giggled Bellatrix as she wore her mask and followed her nephew.

Dolohov, Fenrir and Macnair followed them as they too wore their masks.

Draco could see the stadium a few feet away.

Dolohov has started fire at the entrance. Fenrir shot a few green lights to five wizards standing outside the gates. So did Macnair, they cursed everyone in sight.

"Morsmodre" shouted Bellatrix. The Dark Mark drawn in the night sky.

Draco heard his aunt's laughter just behind him. He heard swooshing sounds from above and looked up. Around fifty Death Eaters and Snatchers arrived in brooms. Throwing curses and hexing civilians who were trying to run outside the stadium, trying to shield themselves. Some were running back; not knowing that doing so, will be even worse.

Draco walked against the screaming crowd untouched, as if no one can see him walking towards the gates. His body was calm but his mind was exploding. He could hear his own heart pounding, as if it was trying to escape his rib cage. The Dark Lord expects much from him, all this, just for him to finish Viktor Krum.

He entered the gates, and saw people from the bottom of stadium were running in every direction. The others from the top box were struggling trying to get out. A stampede was so close from happening. Apparition is disabled within the grounds, this Draco knew, it would be difficult for Krum to escape.

Draco stood near the balcony of the third level of the stadium, his eyes searching for Krum. Though he was hooded, he remained to be unrecognized. Either way, he would still be "Bertie Nicholas". Wizards and witches from the top box were hurrying down to the stairs, Draco caught a glimpse of boy who wore Quidditch robes; Black and red. It was one of Krum's team mates.

But he spotted him first, he shot "Stupefy" at Draco, he missed.

"Impedimenta!" shouted Draco, blocking his opponents spell.

They exchanged spells, reaching the end of the stadium.

"Stupefy" shouted Draco, and the boy fell and started crawling.

"Where is Viktor Krum?" demanded Draco as he held the boys cape. He was still lying on the floor.

"I-I don't know" whimpered the boy.

"I'll ask you one more time. Where is Viktor Krum?" said Draco dangerously.

The boy didn't speak, but instead his tears started to roll down his cheeks.

"P-please... Don't k-kill m-me" he stuttered

Draco let out a smirk.

"Now that you've given me a splendid idea. I might try that" he warned throwing the boy on the floor.

The boy raised his arms, showing that he has yielded.

"He's in the -"

A shot of red light hit him, it came from Bellatrix Lestrange who passed by.

His aunt laughed with delight, the boy was unconscious.

"I was getting information" growled Draco

His aunt's smile faded. "Sorry love" she said pouting her lips then grinned.

Draco pointed his wand on the boy once more and whispered "Obliviate"

He searched almost every corner of the stadium, he had to act fast. The Aurors would come any moment.

Draco started to run when Fenrir shouted that Krum was still inside the locker room. He ran against people running and screaming. Fire was wildly spreading out. The Aurors would be there any minute. All he needed was Krum, to get it over with.


Harry and Ron went back to their seats, after helping Neville with the pixies.

"Now that's settled" said Ron as he sat beside Hermione, who was watching the students dancing at the center.

"Where's Bertie?" asked Harry to Hermione.

"Oh, I dunno. He left earlier" she answered. "Ron, did you ever tell anyone about S.P.E.W" she continued in an angry tone.

Ron, with confused eyebrows said "Who would be interested?"

Harry tried very hard not to let his chuckle get out of his mouth or else it would be the end of him.

Hermione glared at Ron, but before she spoke

"No, Hermione. I did not tell anyone about S.P.E.W" he said reassuring her.

"Harry?" she looked at the boy

"No, definitely not" coughed Harry in a serious tone of voice.

"That's odd" she whispered.

"Does anyone know where Selena is? I haven't spotted her lately" said Harry as his eyes looked at the crowd around them.

"Oh no, Neville's coming" whispered Ron.

Neville Longbottom was walking towards them in a rather fast pace.

"Listen. All of you slowly one by one stand up and follow me outside the hall. Fred and George has something to tell you" he whispered as he leaned on the table. "What is it?" asked the youngest Weasley boy.

"I dunno, they just said, but I think it's urgent" answered Neville. The Trio looked at each other and nodded at Neville. Once he left, one by one they followed him, trying not to get attention from the others inside the Hall.

They reached Fred and George outside the hall; they stood there and looked worried.

"We've got news" said Fred as the Trio reached them.

"From the Order" continued George when Neville walked back inside the Hall.

"What is it?" asked Harry.

"The opening Quidditch game in Romania will be attacked tonight."

Ron stared at him, Harry left his mouth open.

"Not again" Harry whispered.

"But... But... Dad, Bill and Percy!" exclaimed Ron. "They're all there!"

"We have to warn them. It'll be brutal. No-We have to go" whispered Harry. The Weasleys are like family to him, and they were supposed to be there, Viktor Krum invited them there.

"Does mum know?" asked Ron, not noticing his hand slipping into Hermione's.


"Listen, you three. We all can't go someone has to cover up for you" concluded Fred.

"Fred's right, we'll do the lying and the distractions" smiled George.

"Get them back Ron" ordered Fred.

Ron nodded.

"Go, Sirius won't be there Harry" said Fred. "But he's the one who told us"

"He better not be, it's too risky for him"

"See you later. And take care"

They started to run; they followed Hermione who wasn't talking.

"Where are we going?" asked Ron.

"To the Forbidden Forest" she answered. "The Portkey is there"

"How on bloody earth did it get there?-Wait, How on bloody earth do you know it's there?" he spat. Hermione Granger was pale, her thoughts elsewhere.

"Hermione, Are you okay?" asked Harry.

"Hermione... What did you do?" asked Ron. Of all the years of friendship, Ron knew Hermione would get this nervous if she did something wrong.

"I helped her" she said tearfully.

"Helped who?"

"Selena... She's already there" she answered as they reached the Hogwarts grounds.

Harry and Ron looked at her with disbelief.

"Hermione Jean Granger! What were you thinking!" said Ron

"I... I JUST WANTED TO HELP HER RON! She wanted to see her best friends and I-I didn't know the game will be attacked!" she answered defending herself. "If I was in her shoes, and this is the chance of seeing you two. I'd-I'd do the same"

"Its alright, we all must go. Hermione?" asked Harry.

"The Portkey, it's there. Viktor sent two Portkeys. The other one's already with her and the other... In the Forest" she said as she stopped running, they reached the entrance of the Forbidden Forest.

"Of all bloody places in Hogwarts, you chose to hide it there" said Ron


Harry, Ron and Hermione reached Romania. There were loud cheers in the stadium, chaos hasn't started yet.

"Where could they be?" asked Ron as they walked into the gates.

"Excuse me?" said a voice. A man who stood near the gates held them off, he collected the tickets.

"We're with Viktor Krum" said Ron confidently as he tied to walk passed the man.

"And so am I" he sneered at him. "You can't enter without tickets"

"We need to go inside-"

"Are you Harry Potter?" asked the man who was staring at Harry, he sounded surprised.

"No. He's not" answered Hermione quickly. "He just looks like him"

"Oh, I thought, but he sure does look like-"

"Blimey Ron, what on earth are you doing here?" said a voice.

It was Percy Weasley, walking passed the gates.

"Percy! Lets us in we've got to tell you something!" shouted Ron, who jumped on the rails of the gates.

"Tory, let them in. This one's my brother" ordered Percy.

"Alright sir" said the man, still looking at Harry, who looked away.

They went in and pulled Percy to a corner.

"What is it? How did you get here?" questioned Percy looking at his brother and to Harry.

"Where's dad? We've got to get him and Bill. They're coming!" said Ron desperately.

"Who's coming?" asked Percy.


"FIRE!" screamed Tory from the gates, a huge fire occurred from the west of the stadium.

A loud pop, like a firework exploded. Once again, they saw the Dark Mark drawn in the night sky.

"Death Eaters" whispered Percy Weasley.


The hooded Draco Malfoy reached the locker rooms, the door was ajar. He slowly stood behind, listening intently for voices. And he did.

"Viktor, we can fly out of here!" shouted a male voice.

"We zcan do itz, but how aboutz-"

"I'll take her with me, to London" the other voice answered back

"Itz too rizsky, zshe just uzsed the Portkey I gave her" said Viktor Krum. Draco knew his accent even if he had his eyes closed.

"Come on, we don't have much time" demanded the male's voice

"He's right Viktor, it's the only way. Disappiration within and surrounding the stadium is disabled by the Ministry. Flying out of here is an option" said another voice and Draco swore he knew this voice. Ronald Weasley was also there. Would that mean?

"Where is the Portkey!?" whispered Harry angrily. Harry Potter was here as well.

"I'm fine Viktor, please don't worry about me" said a weak voice, it was Hermione Granger.

"Damn it! Of all places that you could be, here! I find all of you here!?" Thought Draco angrily, he took a glimpse. They were still wearing their dress robes, how on earth did they bloody find out? thought Draco. What a relief it was to him when Selena wasn't there with them.

"Bill, Percy! Do you know any Portkeys near here?" asked Harry

"It's all gone by now, you've seen the people who ran out before us" said Percy as he shook his head.

"We can fly out, but we'll be followed" said Bill as he glanced at Krum.

"What would they want with Krum?" asked Ron as he looked at him, and Viktor looked back.

"I meant-Viktor" corrected Ron. "It's not like he'll play Quidditch for the Dark Lord. He's making a team of his own?"

"Stop being silly Ronald" spat Hermione.

A door opened from their end, an exhaling loudly being came in.

"We must get out of here, they're all after Viktor" said a worried female voice. Draco felt his knees weakened, his worst fear came true.

"The Death Eaters. They're all looking for you" said Selena tearfully. Viktor took her to his arms and hugged her.

"I'll bze alright Szelena, plezase do nozt worry" he said as he hugged his friend.

"We can't be zseen. If thzey find out Harry'zs here-"

"Viktor's right, we've got to make it quick" said Bill

Draco thought long and hard. He let a sigh and closed his eyes. He let out a smirk and shook his head. There was only one thing to do.

He smashed the door and lit it with fire.

"They're here! Run!" shouted Bill. All of them started to run using the door where Selena entered. Draco went in and started smashing everything he saw, making much noise as possible; he put the room on fire. He followed them as they ran, he aimed his wand on directions where they were about to turn, directions Draco knew the other Death Eaters were. It was like guiding a flock of sheep, indirectly leading them. Everyone was screaming around them, a few wizards unconscious on the floor.

"Run to the woods! The Disappiration point is beyond the woods! shouted Bill

"Finally! A damn plan Weasley. Someone's got a brain in the family" Thought Draco sarcastically as he ran after them.

Percy and Bill were leading the way, while running behind them were Harry, Ron and Hermione. Selena, Viktor and another boy were falling behind. Draco needed them to run faster, for them not to be noticed by the others. They were shooting spells at Malfoy, but due to the anxiety, they did not aim properly.

"Ungrateful bastards" thought Draco angrily.

They finally reached the entrance of the woods.

"THERE! THERE THEY ARE!" shouted a voice. Draco felt a bit of panic. Antonin Dolohov was following them now with a few snatchers behind him.

Draco hit a tree near the running unknown boy; it was a warning for them to run faster. And thankfully they did, but unfortunately they all shot in different directions.

Draco was panting now, running as fast as he could, following whoever it is. They were somewhat deep in the woods, and still continuously ran. He shot "Stupefy" at another tree, trying to cause precautions for them. But he couldn't see clearly and his spell landed on someone, whoever it was, fell on the ground. Draco looked around him, seeing if anyone was following him. There was no one in sight.

He approached his victim. But it stood up, slowly.

"Harry? Hermione?" a girl whispered. It was Selena.

How lucky can Draco be?

She stood up. "Lumos"

She turned around. Draco hid behind the trees; she stood a few steps away from him.

"Who's there? Show yourself"

Another noise came from the bushes; a man appeared from the bushes.

"Well, well... What do we have here?" said a man's voice. "Pretty young lady lost in the woods?"

He was one of the Snatchers.

"Incendio!" she shouted. Balls of fire came flying towards the Snatcher. She started to run.

The man was almost hit by the fire but blocked it with another spell. He ran after her, and so did Draco who still kept his distance. They were all running in the dark.

He was outrunning her, and caught her by the waist. Her wand fell from her hands; they all heard a faint crack.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" she shouted tearfully. The snatcher held her in his arms; she tried to wiggle her way out.

She was wand less.

"Oh, I won't hurt you. We'll have a little fun before I hurt... you" he answered as he stood up and started unbuckling his pants, but stopped when he saw Selena stood up and started running but couldn't do so with some strange reason.

Her arms open, hands searching for something. Like a blind man, with no cane.

"Ahh.. Can't see in the dark now little missy. I'll have much more fun with you" he laughed. He pushed her to ground holding her shirt as it tore, she laid they with her tank top, breathing heavily.

He stood before her. But stopped moving when he felt an object on his neck.

Draco already had his wand up; it was embedding on the man's neck. He stood right beside him.

The man stared at him; he tried to look at him better. Then realized who he was, he saw him under the moonlight. He saw that the owner of the wand had blond hair.

"I know you..." he whispered.

A shot of green light appeared from the right, and someone fell on the floor. Draco Malfoy has made his first kill.

A scream echoed the woods. Selena crawled away faster realizing she was still not alone. There was one more lurking in the shadows.

"Who's there? Show yourself" she cried.

"She really can't... See me?"

Draco watched her crawl away, she looked so frightened. He wasn't relieved of what he had done, but he stood there still watching her. He wanted to approach her. He stood in front of her, just three steps away...

They were both under the moonlight and it was dim, but Draco could see her clearly.

"Who's there?!" she asked tearfully.

"She really can't see me?" he thought.

Her hands searched the floor around her, on her knees she tried to look for her wand. And she did, she found the other half. She stood up, and Draco heard her sniffing, she was starting to cry.

Selena walking backwards, furiously looking around her.

Draco never thought she had night blindedness.

"Viktor?" she called out in a whisper. "Ron?" she called out again. But all there were was silence.

Tears were falling from her cheeks; she wrapped her arms around herself.

He was watching Selena, so pale and frightened. It was the most painful of all; he could do was stand there and watch her.

"I... I can't see" she whispered as she started crying, she fell on the floor not seeing a tree branch behind her. Draco was trying to control himself; he couldn't stand watching her like this.

He wanted to grab her in his arms.

"Viktor? William?" she called out again. But no answer.

She started sobbing as she sat with her knees covering her face, she started to whisper...

"Draco... Draco..."

Draco was nailed to ground. He stood there like a statue.

"Damn it! Where's Potter!?" he thought so angrily, his eyes started to fill with tears. He never thought he would say it, but right now, he wanted Potter to be here.

She stood up.

"If you won't come to me. I'll go to you" she said as she reached out her hand. She almost touched Draco's chest. He simply watched her.

Selena could feel that whoever it was, isn't intending to hurt her. Because if he did, he would've done so already.

Draco took a few steps back. His hands slightly shaking.

"Wait. Tell me who you are! Please don't go" she begged.

"If only..." thought Draco as he watched her, he closed his eyes.

"You helped me. Please show yourself! I... I can't see in the dark" admitted Selena. "Let me thank you properly"

Her hand still reaching for whoever it was, and unexpectedly, she felt a hand touching hers. It was a man's hand, she didn't sudden movements. She took the point that this man, whoever he is didn't want himself to be known.

He rubbed his thumb against her hand; his touch was soft and longing. She felt him; it was as if she already knew him.

"Thank you" she whispered

Draco could almost see her smile under the moonlight; it was all clear to him. She stared at him, but not in his eyes. She felt a pointy object that he placed in her palm, it was a wand.

"Lumos" Draco faintly whispered.

Light came out from the wand, and she saw her surroundings again. But realized that she was all alone.

"Selena!" shouted a voice, it was Harry Potter. "Selena! Is that you?!"

"Yes! I'm here" she shouted, and didn't move. She stood there, her eyes still looking for the owner of the wand.

Harry, Ron and an unnamed boy approached her.

"Are you hurt? I told you not to let go of my hand" scolded the boy. "Are you alright Are you alone?"

The boy grabbed her and hugged her.

"Yes William, I am alone" she said, still thinking of the nameless man.

"Thank Merlin we found you" said the boy named William. "I knew you couldn't see in the dark"

"Are you alright Selena?" asked Harry as he helped her walk. "The others are waiting for us, they found the disapparating point"

"We have to go" said Ron, "There might be other Death Eaters here"

"Let's go" led the other boy.

Wasting no time, they hurried west. Draco watched them leave; making sure no one was following them. He felt a mixture of relief and sadness inside him, as he watched them go. He walked back, to find the other Death Eaters. He laughed. He never felt so ridiculous in his life, it all seemed so hilarious, but a tear rolled down on his cheek.

He suddenly felt something painful on his arm, unfolding his sleeve; he saw a black ink spreading on his skin. Like a spider web growing on his arm, he fell on his knees because of the pain. It was almost unbearable, he started panting. A few seconds passed and he realizes what it was, the skull was neatly drawn on his arm, as if someone invisible drew it himself. The Dark Mark is imprinted on him.

And the snake was moving in the skull's tongue, he was being summoned.


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