"Checkmate." The First Officer's cool, ever so logical voice pronounced.

"Already?" Chekov's brow furrowed as he replayed the game in his head and then sighed. He lifted his head up and spied the Captain enter the Rec room. "Okay, I give up. Pairhaps the Keptin vould play a game vith you, Mister Spock. You are too good for me."

"I must concur with you in that I am a better player; however I believe that all you need is practice. You show promise in becoming a fairly talented chess player."

Coming from the Vulcan, Chekov knew this to be great praise. "Thank you, Mister Spock. Hovewer, I did promise Hikaru that I'd meet him at twenty one forty and it is nearly tventy one hundred hours now."

"Of course, Mister Chekov. I would, however, not say no to another game again in the future. Perhaps we can both learn something from this experience."

"Thenk you, sair. Thet means a lot to me, considering how badly I used to play. Now, if you vould excuse me."

Spock nodded, and the young ensign hurried off to meet his friend, acknowledging the Captain as he passed by.