My third Disney story! This idea just popped up in my head when I started watching "Treasure Planet" again a few months back. I love that movie so much. I hope you like this story as much as my other Disney favorites!



A house on a small cliff at the side the ocean was dark. A young boy, disobeying his mother's curfew, snuck out of his room and into the hallway. It was late. Too late for a boy his age to creep through the hallways of his dark, enormous home. But this boy was on a mission: his mission was to retrieve a certain storybook.

Once he was at the vast library of his home, his mission would truly be a challenge for him. Here, of course, there were many books; and with so many books, there would be many bookcases with high shelves. The boy only brought a lantern with him, so his sight was restricted and the portable lamp only provided him with a meager source of light. Then again, if he kept the lantern on, his mother might notice he left his room. He decided to turn it off, which was very inconvenient.

His favorite book was on one of the top shelves, and without the light, he would have to rely on his hands. He would have to climb it.

Inheriting his mother's rationality, he began to reconsider doing something so dicey, but having his father's courageousness and quick wits, he'd do anything to get that book before he was caught.

He reached for the highest shelf to start his climb. He was cautious with every step. It was extremely difficult because there were other books bulging out of the shelves. But some of those books served as a higher elevation for him to get to his book.

A few more steps and he would be there.

"Tim! What in the name of Montressor do you think you're doing up there!" his mother called after him. The unexpected cry startled the young boy named Tim, and he lost his footing on a very large dictionary. He, along with several other books, began to fall to the ground.

"AH!" He closed his eyes so he wouldn't see the coming of his demise, but he didn't feel a thing. When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was in his mother's arms. "Uh… hi…?"

His mother raised an eyebrow. "Timothy James," she began. She stopped to put him down. "What were you doing in the library this late at night, young man?"

"I, um, wanted a drink of water and lost my way to the kitchen…?" Timothy's excuse was evidently lame and it was obvious his mother wasn't convinced. This boy was not a very good liar.

"Mm-hm. And that's why you came here looking for this." She held up the reason why he snuck into the library: The Legend of Treasure Planet. "I knew you would try to play a trick like that, so I grabbed it before you went to bed. Or when you were supposed to go to bed, young man."

"Ah, come on, Mom," he whined. "Can I read the story, please? Dad promised he would come back and read it with me."

"Your father's not going to be home until tomorrow night, Tim, and you're going to be asleep then." She made it as a command. "You can see your father the next morning, and you two will have time to tell plenty of stories to each other."

"Can I still read the story?" She didn't look like she would agree at this moment. After all, he was a very disobedient boy. "Please Mom?" Tim's eyes grew to a size so grand, they were shining as bright as the brilliant Etherium sky. His mother couldn't resist.

"Fine. We can read this together." Timothy cheered out loud. "But I think it's about time I told you a different story."

"But 'The Legend of Treasure Planet' is the best!" her son declared.

"I know, but I think you'll like this story even better. Come on." She took her 3-year-old son's hand and escorted him to his room.

Through the messy jungle of toys and other trinkets sprawled about the scope of Tim's room, they were somehow able to get to his bed so his mother could begin her tale.

"What kind of story is it, Mom?" young Timothy asked, anxiously.

"Oh, it's the most exciting, most horrific, and most romantic story you could ever hear."

"Romantic? That sounds mushy." He put out his tongue in disgust.

She laughed. "Don't worry. It's not that mushy."

"Does this story have pirates and treasure?" he asked. His mother couldn't help but roll her eyes when he asked. He didn't enjoy any story that didn't have any pirates or treasure mentioned.

"Of course. This story is one of a kind!"

"Alright! So what's the story? What is it?" The young mother silently laughed as she watched her son's eagerness fly off and on the bed. She finally decided to catch her son so she could begin the story.

"Calm down, little spacer. Let me start," she said as she set him down. He nodded and looked up at her mother in anticipation. "Let's begin up in the Etherium, where every story ever told begins…"

This is my Spring Break present to all! Stay tuned for the first chapter!