Rated T for language and adult concepts.

April 5, 2012:

Set in 2002. Nothing belongs to me unfortunately. I heard some rumors about deleted scenes/rejected ideas in the Turbo Movie and the Forever Red episode. This is the product of my reading the rumors. This story is from Tommy's point of view

June 14, 2018:


Okay, so I decided to update this story a bit…Don't hate me.

I originally wrote this story in April of 2012. The idea came to me one night and I had pretty much the entire story written in my head before I even started writing it down. The prequel (The Betrayal) was written almost a year later in May of 2013 and the process of the story happened in pretty much the same way.

Fast forward to 2018. I just happened to be looking through this account and both of these stories…and I felt like an old cartoon character being hit on the head with something heavy, with little yellow canaries flying around.

Let me explain. I had left the prequel The Betrayal with Jason wondering whether he would tell Tommy about the fact that he was the other man in Kimberly's 'Dear John' letter and some of my readers had even mused as to whether he would actually tell him. So back to the anvil falling on my head…without even realizingit, by trying to use the timeline of the actual show, I had written the answer into my stories.

If you follow the basic timeline of the show and my stories, you will see what I mean.

In The Letter: Then and Now I had written that the last time Tommy had seen Kimberly was Christmas. This would have been the Christmas episode of third season of Mighty Morphin (season 3 episode 31) as there was no other Christmas episode before the letter, and technically Kimberly should never have been in this episode as she had already given her powers to Kat (season 3 episode 24).

Switch back to The Betrayal prequel:

In the story, I wrote that Kimberly and Jason had ahem gotten together and then she had sent the letter the same week. The episode in which Tommy received the letter aired during the Zeo season on May 13, 1996. Therefore, Jason and Kimberly had hooked up possibly a week beforehand since she had to write the letter, send it in the mail, and you know…postal service and all that. So therefore, everything went to shit within approximately 5 months.

At the end of the story, I mentioned that Jason is deciding to go back as the gold ranger and is trying to decide whether or not to tell Tommy. This would have happened shortly before October 4, 1996, as that was the air date for the episode in which Jason becomes the gold ranger.


In The Letter: Then and Now, I mention that Tommy did not find out about Jason and Kimberly until he saw him propose in Divatox's ship. This happened in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie which debuted in March of 1997.

Therefore, without even ME noticing, I had written into the story that the entire time Jason was the gold ranger from Zeo episode 33 in (October 4, 1996) until Zeo episode 49 (November 23, 1996) he would have NEVER told Tommy since he didn't find out until March of 1997. In addition, to make this even more f-ed up, does anyone else remember Emily? You know, that blonde girl that Jason was supposedly dating while he was the gold ranger?

Okay, so there you have it. Without even realizing it, I had completely written in that Jason, in fact, did NOT tell Tommy while he was the gold ranger. Dun Dun Duuuuun. And as a 'sometimes' writer I couldn't help but see the additional drama and all around screwed up-ness (yes I made up a word) of the whole situation. There is just that little something in the back of your head saying 'add MORE drama...make their lives WORSE! " *cue maniacal laughter* And unlike the rangers, I can't ignore my dark side...

So where was I? Oh yeah...Based on this, I HAD to update this story. So without further ado… Here is the updated version.

Oh one more thing, before reading, you might want to reread the prequel first…so you remember what's going on…just saying…feel free to ignore…