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3 Guys 3 Feelings

Chapter 6: "Punishment?"

After having a short conversation with Shouei, Tsurara went to the kitchen to help Wakana and Kejoro prepare dinner.

"Here! Please enjoy!" Tsurara said as she serves the foods to the hungry Youkais while the masters of some clan watching and eating, Including Rikuo on his night form.

He's been starring at Tsurara from the start.

"Please enjoy!" Tsurara handed the food to Kubinashi and Kappa with a beautiful smile on her face.

"Arigatou, Yuki-Onna.' Kubinashi thanked.

"Arigatou!" kappa said. Tsurara just smiles and serves the other Youkais.

"Here, please enjoy!" Tsurara said as she placed the food to Hakuren. He smiles and suddenly grabs Tsurara's hand, gently.

All Youkais are starring at them, whispering,

"Oooh~ they're so cute together!"

"Wow…Yuki-Onna should accept him!"

Upon hearing the whispers by Rikuo and Gozumaru, They both narrowed their eyes.

"Tch." Gozumaru crossed his arms.

"Hn." Rikuo clenched his hands into fist.

Tsurara was shock, making the same face as everybody.

"Thank you, Yuki. I will cherish it." Hakuren said. He was about to kiss Tsurara's hand to show his gratitude.

Rikuo was about punch that Lee guy! But a hand holds his shoulder, saying stop. It was his grandfather with a look saying,

'Leave them be.'

As I was saying, Hakuren was about to plant a kiss on Tsurara's hand when someone pulled Tsurara away before he could plant a kiss. Tsurara felt a heart beat… It wasn't hers.

Everyone are starring at them!

"G-Gozumaru?!" Tsurara said confusedly. She was pulled to onto his chest.

Hakuren raises his brows while Rikuo greeted his teeth.

"Why are you interfering, boy?" Hakuren asked. Pissed.

"I need this ice girl for a moment, Kid." Gozumaru fights back.

"Gozumaru! He's the master of the Atashiko clan! Show some Loyal-"Karasu was cutted by haku by raising a hand, meaning to stop.

"What is your relationship with my Yuki?" Haku asked. Tsurara glances at Gozumaru.

"What our relationship is none of your business." Gozumaru said.

"I am simply showing my gratitude and YOU broke it." Hakuren stated.

"Tch, like hell that's your gratitude!" Gozumaru shouted.

"Show some Respect!" Karasu tengu shouted.

"Karasu, please." Hakuren stopped him.

"No one can touch this Yuki-Onna, You hear me!? Except me!" Gozumaru shouted.

Tsurara started to blush.

"Gozumaru, stop!" Tsurara whispered.

"Hmph1 Let's go." Gozumaru said as he grabs her wrist.

"But-"Tsurara protested but he didn't listen.

Hakuren stood up.

"H-hey! Come back here! What are you going to do to her! HEY!" Hakuren shouted.

Rikuo stood up from his seat.

'Where is he taking her?' Rikuo thought. He was about to follow them but Kejoro came.

"Master Rikuo! You're Human friends are here to visit you." Ken informed. Rikuo sighs.

"…I'll be there."


Gozumaru brought Tsurara to the garden… Winds are entering their clothes…It's refreshing… So peaceful… And the small pond…With beautiful water lilies.

'Why did he bring me here exactly?...Is it to…Decrease his anger?' Tsurara thought as she stares at him.

'I was out of control! Damn it all!' Gozumaru thought. He then walks the opposite way from Tsurara.

"Gozumaru?" Tsurara asked, Confused.

He turns his head towards Tsurara with a chibi face.

"What." He asked like nothing happened.

Tsurara approached him with confusion.

"You're just going to walk away after what happened?" She asked.

"Uhh…Let me think. Yeah.'' He carelessly replied.

"What?! So you did it for fun!?"

"No! How could you say that! I did it-I did it!"

'Why did I did it anyway?' He thought.

"You did it for?" Tsurara waited his words with crossed hands under her chest.

"For-For-He's getting' in my nerves. You're lucky I saved your ass." Gozumaru excused.

"What!? How does that relates to my question?!"

"Feh, I don't need to explain myself." Gozumaru said as he continues to walk away from her.

"You did it because you care for me, Wasn't it?" Her words shock Gozumaru. He halted and flinched.

"W-a-what are you talkin' about!? Where did you get that answer? In your dreams? Plus why would I care to an idiot Yuki-Onna like you!?" Gozumaru said. His eyes shut, head high, hands crossed.

Tsurara smiles with a small blush…

"Arigato…" Tsurara said… Gozumaru opened his eyes in surprise. He blushes and frowns.

"Pft! You're guess is still wrong you know!" He shouted.


"Rikuo-kun! Kana is sad because you're spacing out! What are you thinking!?"

Maki asked Rikuo in his day form, who is spacing out. Starring at the blank air…

'Tsurara…That Gozumaru!' he thought angrily.

"Rikuo-kun!" Torii shouted.


"Rikuo-kun?" Torii approached him.


"Rikuo-kun…" Kana whispers.

"Rikuo-kun~~~" Shima joined in.

"Tsurara…" Rikuo muttered…




"Ehh?" All of them said confusedly.


"Gozumaru! You've disrespected the master of the Atashiko clan! How could you!? Do you know where your position is?!" Karasu tengu scolded Gozumaru in his room. He was lying on the couch.

"Stop yapping, bird." Gozumaru boredly said.

"What did you just say!? YOU-" Karasu was cutted when Mezumaru came in the room.

"Gozumaru! I heard you totally kicked that brat the 2nd's butt!" Mezumaru said in excitement!

Gozumaru smirks.

"Hmph, Of course I did. He's an idiot." He proudly replied.

"Cool~" Mezumaru shouted.

"No one kicked somebody's butt! I decided your punishment! You will help the girls do laundry, cook, wash the dishes, clean the house. Wakana needs some vacation." He said.

Gozumaru's eyes winded!


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