Monroe awoke to the sound of someone pounding on the door. He looked towards his clock, only to see it wasn't there. Or rather that he wasn't at his house. He looked around the strange room. A nightlight shown on pale pink curtains on the windows, a creamy satin bedspread covered the bed he was laying in. The bed he was laying in quiet naked, he realized with a start.

He looked at the brunette lying beside him and smiled. "Oh yeah," he thought. He reached to wake her.

Before he could, the pounding started again.

This time she sat bolt upright in the bed, clutching the blankets around her, looking around the room, frantically.

"Hey, it's okay," he said, sitting up and reaching for her. "It's okay. Someone's just at the door."

She looked at him with terror at first, then blinked and sighed, "Oh, Eddie." She slumped into his outstretched arms. He could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her rapid breath.

He pulled her against him protectively, the person at the door forgotten for the moment. If he ever got his hands on that bastard again…, well, he'd be lucky if fanging out was all he did.

This time a tap at the bedroom window made him jump as well. Then came the words he'd been dreading hearing for the last 6 months.

"Shit! It's Nick!" The slender brunette jumped up from the bed and searched for her robe. "It's three in the morning, Nicholas!" She yelled towards the window. "This had better be more important than free coffee and a computer to use!"

"It is," came the Grimm's muffled reply. "Now, open the damned door!"

She turned toward Monroe. "Stay here," she whispered with a giggle. "I'll get rid of him." She knelt on the bed and kissed him deeply.

He tried to slide an arm around her waist on hold her there, but she caught his hand and stood up. "He's not gonna give up and go away."

At the bedroom door, she cast one more grin at Monroe, putting her finger to her lips. "Shh.. be a good boy and I promise I'll make it up to you."

Monroe laid back against the pillows. He looked around the room in the dim light. This room was almost too girly.

Part of him wanted to get up and announce his presence to Nick. He was tired of hiding his feelings from one of the few people he truly considered a friend. It wasn't so strange, what they were doing. Lots of Blutbads had relationships with human women. If they hadn't, they would have died out centuries ago.

Of course this was first non-Wesen woman he'd ever been with, but hell, it was Nick's fault he'd ever met her in the first place.

It made sense really. Them being together. The whole reason the brothers Grimm had even known about the Blutbads was that one of their daughters had run off with one.

That's right, Little Red Riding Hood had been a Frueline Grimm and she hadn't been so little. The 'Big Bad Wolf' hadn't so much ate her as took her innocence. Unfortunately for him, it had been in time when it was a worse crime to seduce a virgin than to rape a widow. When her father had found them, a fight broke out, and Red had died as a result. Then came the stories about Man-wolves who prowled the forests looking for unsuspecting girls and robbing them of their virtues. Over the years, it became the story everyone knew as Little Red Riding Hood, a cautionary tale for girls about the dangers of talking to strangers.

As much as he wanted to go in the kitchen, where he could hear Nick talking, and end this silly charade, he resigned himself to lying there and waiting for her to come back. After all, nothing good would ever come from one walking out another man's little sister's bedroom, stark naked at 3 in the morning. Especially if those men were BlutBod and Grimm, respectively.

He couldn't hear what Katie and Nick were saying, but it didn't sound like the conversation would be ending anytime soon.

If Nick only knew. Well, Nick had no one but himself to blame for them ever meeting.