AN: A little drabble that was going to be a part of the Oh My! Series but it went way over the 100 word limit so I kept writing and found I liked it better as a standalone drabble which for those of you that have read this before, I have now decided to make as two parts to try and get my muse back and to finally rid myself of this horrid writer's block. Let me know your thoughts :)

Otherwise... Enjoy! xx

"I know I'm a monster, Tatia, but you knew that too, from the very beginning. You wanted this as much as I did." Said Klaus as his eyes flashed not in anger but in incredible frustration, his inner wolf was not particularly happy.

Tatia was his mate and she always would be, no matter what happened.

He could feel the internal struggle that his body was having, he wanted to transform, and it was only what was natural so he did what his body wanted.

He changed his form into a wolf.

Screaming in agony every time he broke his bones in order to shift.

Tatia looked at him with horror in her eyes.

A scream erupting itself from her lips as she took a few steps back.

In that moment, she truly thought she was going to die.

She was no stranger to the supernatural beings here in this town but this was something else entirely and it wasn't just anyone.

It was Niklaus.

He was now virtually indestructible.

But also in saying that, this was never meant to happen either.

Out of all the possibilities that she had come up with, this had definitely not been one of them.

Where could her calculations have been wrong?

He was not meant to survive the curse.

Elena was still alive for God's sake.

So what had really gone down that night?

Niklaus could sense the distress from the woman in front of him coming in and hitting him like a tidal wave.

He could not explain it, he felt bonded to her for some reason.

"But..." she whispered

How had it all ended up like this?

Instead of being free, she was trapped.

Trapped with him for the rest of eternity.

"No, it wasn't meant to turn out like this." She cried out

He stepped closer to her and she shrank away from him.

"I broke the hybrid curse so that we could be together again." He said unbelieving as he reached forward and took hold of her arm around her bicep, how could she be acting this way? This was what she wanted.

"But I never thought that you would." She said, shaking her head as she turned her head away from him.

His grip slackened until he finally let go and his hand fall to his side.

"What are you talking about?" his tone changed to incredibly cold and un-remorseful, like shards of ice flying about, waiting for an unsuspecting victim.

"You went against nature." She stated numbly, "And now you must die."

"Be careful with your threats dearest, it'll only land you more punishment." He promised her, "I will always track you, you are bound to me. You will do as I say, I was hoping that it would have to come to this but you leave me no choice."

His eyes changed into an amber colour as they shrunk slightly, the veins becoming visible around his eyes, he grabbed her suddenly, a yelp escaping her lips which only urged him on further as he tore at the delicate flesh of her neck.

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