A note to all my readers: I'm reposting all the chapters so far with one significant change - renaming the heroine Jenna. About a year ago I got a guest review commenting on my choice of name for my heroine, and back then I didn't know what it meant. It wasn't until about a week ago this year that I finally understood why. So, to avoid correlation between my story and this other one (which will remain unmentioned) I've changed Jenna's name. Trust me, just by reading the tropes dealing with this other story, it was bad.

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4 Triangles

Chapter One

"Oh, c'mon!" Ali blurted out. She then proceeded to curse under her breath as she dropped the game controller to the floor in irritation. "You have got to be kidding me. This game hates me, I know it."

Ali wasn't much of a gamer, but she was challenged by both her older brothers to at least try some kind of game. Obviously, that challenge was most likely to end up a failure at this rate. They had started her off with the much older generations of games and gaming systems. Those she took to well enough-simple controls, simple game play, nothing extravagant or confusing. But once she hit midway in the generations of game systems she started to lose it.

"We'll get you caught up on it all by the time we graduate!" the eldest of her brothers had said to her at the beginning of summer.

"Good luck. You're both seniors this year," she had replied, disbelieving.

And so far, she was right. She had barely gotten onto getting used to the controls of the Playstation, and even then she would usually revert back to the older systems.

Ali had done that once before, and her brother had caught her changing over.

"Aw, c'mon! You were making progress!" he had said.

"I like my comfort zone, thank you," she had replied back, indeed feeling more comfortable as soon as the game started.

She was in that kind of mood again, now. After having failed miserably for the third time to beat a boss she decided to go back to the older systems and enjoy some time on them first to blow off steam and try again...eventually.

Ali inserted the old game cartridge into the N64 and turned the system on. The light turned on, but nothing was showing on the TV screen. She mumbled to herself, checking the plugs and chords connecting the two electronics. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Ali sighed, and the usual breathing into the cartridge to see if that helped. Popping it in again and turning the system back on, instead of getting the game started up on the screen Ali got an eyeful of purple colored light.

The next thing she knew she felt like she was freefalling. She rolled and tumbled through the air, unable to get her bearings and find out how she was falling or down to where. Ali got increasingly sick to her stomach and light-headed.

Ali hit the ground with a hard thud, hard enough as if she had only tumbled out of bed and onto the floor, not like she'd been falling through the air for who knows how long. Still, it knocked the wind out of her, adding to her already wobbling sense of consciousness. Her vision was fuzzy and all she could tell was that the place was dark. Panic tried to work its way into her mind, but before it could do its job Ali passed out completely.