Haden got bored...lol aniiways, this story is going to be based off the game Survivng High School (hence the name). So yeah I officially own nothing now xD Lol and if anii of yu guys played the game. Arent yu just in love with Howard? I love OCxHoward xD

And yes, some names from the game are used. I'm uncreative okey?

Disclaimer: Naruto © Kishimoto Surviving High School © EA Sports

Warnings: Unlike in the game, there shall be man smex! xD Enjoy! PS: Yaoi~

PSS: Blond will be used for blondes that are NOT Deidara.

-Week 1 of 8; Tuesday-

"Now sweetie, make sure to make good grades and don't forget to make friends~" A woman with long brown hair smiled, before pushing her son out of the car and driving off. The redheaded male sighed and looked around. He was early.

It was an entire new year for him, moving from Japan all the way to sunny California. So here he stood awkwardly, at Cali High. And as he stood here, he wondered, 'Will I make friends or enemies first? Am I going to find love or suffer? What kind of stereotype will I be placed under? Jock? Nerd? Of the Homecoming King? Why am I asking myself so many questions?'

"Hey! I've never seen you here before! You must be new here!" A girl with short blond hair squealed, running up to him. She blushed and giggled, "Mm, well you're a cutie~" She winked. The redhead rose an eyebrow, "Uh...Thanks? I just transferred here..."

The blond giggled again and stuck her hand out, "I'm Brianna! But you can call me Bri. What's your name?" The redhead awkwardly shook her hand, cringing. "Akasuna Sasori." The girl cocked her head to the side, "Akasuna? That's a strange first name. Asians are so weird." Sasori face palmed, "I'm sorry, I forgot I'm in America, land of the stupid."*

Bri frowned, "We're not stupid!" The redhead sighed, "Akasuna is my surname, meaning last name. In Japan, our last names come before our first. So my name is Sasori." He explained. The blond blinked before nodding slowly, "Okey! Well, Sasori, let me show you around!" "Fine."

Bri squealed and grabbed his hand dragging him inside the large school. "So what are you into, Sasori?" Bri asked, blushing. Sasori groaned and was mentally plotting her demise. They had only been walking for five minutes and the girl would not stop talking. And not only that, but she insisted on holding his hand! Doesn't she know that there is approximately 5000 germs on your hands at any given time! This was not helping his OCD.

"I like working out." Sasori muttered. "I knew it! You must work out a lot~" She giggled, squeezing his biceps. "It really does show!" The redhead shrugged, "Thanks, I guess." 'Dear Kami Sama, how can I get her to leave me alone? Hm..' Sasori thought hard for a second. 'Maybe a cheesey pick up line will get her to leave!' "Hey, are you a parking ticket?" He asked.

"Cause, you got fine written all over you." Sasori said, with a charming smile, while thinking on the inside. 'LEAVE DEMON!' Unfortunately for him, his plan backfired and the girl laughed. "You're so funny!" Bri giggled, hugging his arm now. "Do you have any more lines like that?" "No." He said with a straight face. "Awwww come on! One more?" "Ugh, fine." 'Damn politeness!'

"Are you a thief? Because you just stole my heart." The girl began laughing harder and hugged him. "Ah...I don't like being touched..." He said, trying to pry the girl off. "You're so cute and funny! We should like totally date!" "Uh...Umph!" Sasori grunted as he was shoved into the lockers. "Hey, asshole! What do you think you're doing?" A guy barked.

Sasori rubbed the back of his head, "Look, dude, I'm not looking for trouble. This crazy bitch won't leave me alone and..." "Did you just call my girlfriend a bitch?" "Yahiko! Leave Sasori alone! We've talked about this!" Bri said, angrily. The male, known as Yahiko, growled and glared at her. "Stay out of this, Bri!"

"As for you, asshole, I hope you're ready for a good pounding. What do you have to say for yourself, huh?" The ginger said, cracking his knuckles. "Let's not get violent now. I can't afford to be kicked out of this school for beating your sorry ass." Yahiko growled and started yelling, "YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME, SHRIMP? ME?" Sasori's eyes widened as he was pulled closer to the angry male and nailed in the gut. "Umph!"

Another punch was thrown and Sasori caught it. 'He's stronger than he looks...' Sasori blinked for a second before screaming, "KAMI SAMA! GERMS!" Yahiko jumped as the smaller boy screamed. "GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF ME!" Sasori yelled, shoving the bigger male off of him, sending him across the hall.

Bri went wide eyed as she saw he boyfriend go flying. Kids started to watch as the school became more crowded. However, Yahiko was too enraged and started charging at Sasori. "You shrimp!" When the ginger was at Sasori, a tall male got between them. "Whoa, chill Pein. I think he's had enough." The tall male with pale blue skin and spiky dark blue hair, said. Yahiko slightly calmed down and glared at Sasori.

"Whatever! You better stay away from Bri, shrimp!" Yahiko growled, turning off and walking away. Bri looked at Sasori and winked before rushing off after he boyfriend. As they left, a emo blonde boy with long hair turned to the redhead. "Great, hm. Another macho jerk." He put his hand on his hip and ran his fingers through his hair sighing, "Can't even walk through the halls without seeing a fight."

Sasori stopped freaking out and stared at the blonde. "Hey, now wait a minute. That ginger started it. His bitch wouldn't leave me alone!" The blonde rolled his eyes, or eye, "Sure, hm. I heard what you said to him." The taller male rolled his eyes also, "Give it a rest, Deidara. No one cares what you think." The blonde, Deidara, glared and stormed off to his class. The crowd of people who were watching became bored and left as well, leaving Sasori and a few guys in the hall.

"That fight looked brutal. You alright?" A short blond boy said. Sasori shrugged, "Eh, it didn't hurt much." 'What is up with all these blondes?' He thought to himself. "New kid, right?" They grinned. The redhead nodded, "Akasuna Sasori...Wait I mean Sasori Akasuna." "I'm new here also. I'm Youta Richards." Sasori raised an eyebrow, "Your name is Japanese..." Youta laughed, "Half Japanese, half American. You know, even though I'm new here too. I know that you shouldn't pick a fight with that guy."

Sasori shrugged, "Why not?" "I heard he's the star quaterback." The redhead smirked, "I've got a pretty good arm. Maybe I should try out and take him on." Youta frowned a bit, "Maybe...But that guy is best in the state!" RIIIIINNNNG! "Ah, there's the bell. We should get to class. What classes are you taking?" The redhead blinked, "I don't know. That bitch dragged me everywhere and then ginger showed up. I never got to go to the counselor's office."

Youta laughed, "Then you should probably go see the counselor then! Ms. Lee should be in there. Good luck with her!" Sasori nodded and walked away from the blond spastic boy. "Shit...I have no idea where the counselor's office is...Of all the things!" He started to curse to himself and started walking off to wherever.

It took him awhile, but Sasori eventually managed to find the counselor's office. "Hello! Hello! You must be the new student!" She paused and laughed, "I saw you getting beat to a pulp in the hallway!" Sasori raised an eyebrow, "You saw me getting 'beaten up', but did nothing to stop it?" The woman only laughed, "Of course! As a counselor, I know I can't solve all your problems!" The redhead rolled his eyes, "Whatever. Can I pick my classes now?" Ms. Lee gave a sigh, "Fine. Let me tell you how this works."

"This semester, you'll have to take English and Algebra. But, you get one elective. Either history or biology!" Sasori frowned, "No art?" She shook her head, "Art is for gay boys and pansy asses. Or at least that's what the principal says. Now pick." Sasori gave an agitated sigh, "Fine. Biology."

The woman looked thoughtful before groaning, "Biology, huh? That reminds me...My biological clock is ticking! I need to find a boyfriend..." She paused as if in thought. "If only my ex-boyfriend would lift that restraining order..." Sasori grabbed his papers, "Uh...Yeah, I'm going now." Ms. Lee nodded, not exactly in the same state of mind anymore. Sasori quickly rushed out the door and to his classes. 'That lady is officially nuts!'

Going down the halls, Sasori heard his name being mentioned and hid behind the corner, listening. "Did you hear about the new kid, Sasori? Before he got pounded, he stood up to Pein! That fool is hardcore!" The blue guy from earlier exclaimed. A high pitched girl voice scoffed, "A hardcore idiot is more like it! Who walks into a new school and starts a fight with the quaterback?" The male laughed, "Like my Pops once told me, 'Son, there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity.'"

Sasori sighed and shook his head, before walking off to class. 'Well at least I'm getting a reputation.' In English class, Sasori took the only open seat next to a nerdy looking kid. "Salutations! I'm Spud!" "Uh...Sasori." The redhead said, awkwardly. 'Oh Kami, stop talking to me you freak!'* Spud grinned, "Are you as excited about today's quiz as I am?"

"We have a quiz on the first day?" Sasori asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yes! It's so they can test our summer studies!" Spud then proceeded to go on and on about whatever until the teacher approached them. "Hello, Sasori! Welcome to English class! I'm Ms. Prez, your English teacher for this semester. Time for you first quiz!" Sasori nodded and motioned his hand for her to continue. And continue she did. Ms. Prez handed him a quiz sheet and went back to handing them out to other students.

After class, Sasori headed to the cafeteria for lunch. "Yo, Sasori! Over here!" Youta called from a table. Sasori walked over to the boy and sat. "Check it out! Football tryouts are this Friday!" The redhead smirked, "Friday, huh? I'm so gonna kick his ass." Youta laughed, "I'm going to try and impress some cheerleaders!" The redhead stuck his tongue out, "Ewwie, cheerleaders. They're so...Slutty!"

"So does that mean you're not going to make a move on, Bri?" Sasori went quiet, "Do you think it would make Yahiko mad if I did?" Youta grinned, "Pissed." The redhead smirked, "Then maybe." The blond boy laughed once more, but then went quiet. "What?" "Uh..." Youta pointed behind the redhead. Sasori turned around and saw Yahiko and his friends standing there.

"Oh, I'll be more than pissed. You better watch your mouth or I'll bust your head open!" Sasori waved his hand, unconcerned. Yahiko looked at the other boy and saw the flyers, "You shrimps are actually gonna try out for the team, huh? That ought to be a good laugh." Sasori smirked, "Yeah, I'm trying out for quaterback. Is that funny too?"

Yahiko glared, "In your dreams, shrimp! Your not even good enough to be my back up! That's Kakuzu's job." Sasori's eyes flickered to the tall dark skinned male next to him. His arms were covered in stitches and Sasori could only imagine how many more there was. "Kakuzu was my back up all last year, and I taught him everything I know. Looks like there is no room on our roster for you." the redhead scoffed, "We'll see this Friday." "Oh, I'm looking forward to it. See you on the field, shrimp!" The two short males watched as Yahiko stormed off with his group of friends.

"That Kakuzu kid looked kinda tough. Did you see all his scars?" Youta nodded, "Dude, we need to work on our football skills. I saw some guys getting ready to scrimmage earlier. If we hurry we can play before lunch is over!" Sasori nodded and followed the blond to the field where the practice game was going on.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is guys! You two shorties looking to play with the big boys? Hope you can keep up!" Sasori looked up at the taller blue male, challengingly. "Oh, don't worry about us. I hope you can keep up."

After a while the teams played and Sasori's side ended up winning. "Dude! If you throw like that at the tryouts, you'll make the team for sure!" Youta grinned, running up to Sasori. The redhead dusted himself. "You think?" The blond nodded, "Hey...I heard you screaming about germs earlier...Isn't football filled with all kinds of germs?" Sasori nodded, "Yeah, but for some odd reason. When it comes to some things like sports, germs don't matter. I just don't like touching people's hands is all." Youta laughed and patted him on the back, "Whatever, dude."

As the two talked, the tall blue man walked up to them, "Yo, shorty. You had a couple of good throws out there. But if you really want to try and get Yahiko's spot, you have to work on building your muscles. If you get strong enough, you can learn some wicked moves." Sasori nodded, "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind..." "Kisame Hoshigake." "Kisame."

The male, now known as Kisame grinned, "Well, I'll see you guys later." RIIIIINNNNG! "And back to class we go!" Youta laughed. Sasori smirked and walked to class with his friend.

When school was over Sasori started to walk home. 'Damn mother, taking me to school and not being able to pick me up. This is why I wanted to take my car.' Sasori sighed and then noticed Bri waiting for someone. "Hey! Sasori!" She smiled and ran up to him. "Oh...Hey, Bri." The redhead muttered. The blond girl flipped her hair over her shoulder and sighed, "I wanted to apologize about what happened with Yahiko earlier. That was totes not cool." Sasori shrugged, "Eh, whatever."

"Anyways, enough about Yahiko. I was wondering...Are you free on Saturday? My friends are throwing this party down at the beach. You should like totes come!" Sasori ran his fingers through his hair, "I'll think about it." Bri smiled and giggled, "Great! See you around!" Sasori shook his head and walked home.

That night, at dinner... "So how was your first day, sweetie!" Sasori's mother giggled. "Well, I got a 100% on my quiz..." Sasori's father smiled, "That's my boy! If you can keep your grades up, I'll sell your sorry excuse of an car and buy you a decent set of wheels! What do you say?" The younger redhead smiled, "Alright, it's a deal."

*Not meant to be taken offensively becuz I live in America xD.

* When Sasori says Kami Sama, He's talking about God. But when he just says Kami, he means it as an expression. Like: Oh my god!