-Week 8 of 8; Monday-

Monday was a long day as students were doing their finals. Sasori was relived to know that he would be getting his car, since he passed all three of his major finals.

-Week 8 of 8; Tuesday-

On Tuesday, at lunch, there was a huge pep rally for Friday's Homecoming game. In the center of the gym, the football team's coach, stood making a speech. "There are those who say a Grizzly can never take down a Panther. Well, in nature...That may be true! But, here it's completely false in high school football! This Friday, we're going to take down Wilson High and show them who the real champion is!"

Everyone cheered and stood up, fist pumping. The one's fist pumping was mainly the football team. "Here I'd like to represent our winning team! Boys, come on down!" The coach smiled. As the football team came down, the cheers grew louder and louder. 'I think my ears are ringing a bit...I never knew how much our school really disliked Wilson High. Even the kids who never show up at the games want us to win...I sure hope we win...Wouldn't want to disappoint them.' Sasori thought.

-Week 8 of 8; Wednesday-

After practice, some of the school's cheerleaders came running up to the team before they escaped to the locker room. "Help! Someone has taken Gruffy!" Amanda exclaimed. "Who?" Sasori asked, confused. "Our school mascot! He's an adorable little pug in a bear costume! We always take him to the Homecoming game for good luck! And now, he's been kidnapped!" The redhead girl cried.

Kisame scowled, "I bet it was Wilson High. They always play dirty." Kakuzu grunted, "Can't these guys just play football? Why do they have to pull these immature stunts like this?" Amanda nodded, "You...You'll help us, right?" She asked. Yahiko came up behind the girl and clasped her shoulder, "Don't worry. We'll get Gruffy back and take care of Wilson High." Kisame agreed, "Definitely."

Youta turned to Sasori, ignoring the nerd who was on the field for no apparent reason. "So, are you going to help us, dude?" Sasori nodded, "Those color blind fools aren't going to mess with us and get away with it." "Color blind?" The blond asked. Kisame chuckled, "Long story, bro. Long story..." "Yay! I knew I could count on you guys!" Amanda cheered.

The blue male thought for a moment, "I think the best way to do this is to steal their mascot, Berry the Badger." Kakuzu shook his head, "We shouldn't stoop to their levels." Yahiko shrugged, "Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire." Kisame grinned and nodded, "Like most schools, they probably have Berry in the school. We're going to have to a little breaking and entering tonight."

Later that night, Sasori met up with Kisame, Yahiko, Zetsu, and Youta outside of Wilson High. "Alright, guys. Let's do this!" Kisame whispered, excitedly. "How exactly are we going to break in?" Sasori asked, looking at Kisame in their huddled group. Zetsu smirked, "Easily. I paid the janitor 200 bucks to leave one of the doors unlocked." "Nice. Let's get to it then." Sasori said, taking two steps before Yahiko yanked him back. The ginger pushed the rest of the guys out of the way. "There's cameras over there." He whispered, before anyone could ask him what the hell was wrong with him.

Sasori frowned, "Oops..." Kisame sighed, "Come on. Let's get Berry and get the hell out of here." Zetsu nodded and slipped his phone back into his expensive phone into his pocket. "Word from the janitor is that they keep the badger in the science lab. Right next to the test tubes."

In the lab, the small portion of the team sneaked in quietyly. "Man...It's like a zoo in here." Sasori said, furrowing his eyebrows. "There's a badger..." Yahiko said quietly, pointing to a badger by a coupe of test tubes. The redhead walked over to the cage. "Berry the Badger. Yup, it's him." He opened the cage and grabbed the badger gently. It hissed and snapped at him. "Vicious little thing." He muttered, setting it in a box. "Ugh...Reminds me of that one raccoon at my house...I'll get you Mr. FluffyButt...I will have vengeance!"* "Good work, shrimp. Now let's get out before we get caught."

Outside of Wilson High, everyone made it out safely. Kisame grinned and took the box from Sasori. "Alright! I'll make some calls tonight and tomorrow we'll make the exchange!"

-Week 8 of 8; Thursday Morning-

The next morning, the team met with Wilson High on their football field. "They should be hear any minute now!" Youta smirked, triumphantly. Berry gave curious glances at the team. "You the one who called?" Naruto asked, as he approached with his team. "Mhm. You got the pug?" The blond growled and glared at the other blond. "I don't know. You got our badger?" Youta scoffed, "What do you think?"

Naruto whistled and one of his friends came over, walking with Gruffy the pug. The brunette gave Sasori a glare. The redhead scoffed and walked over taking the pug. "Give them the badger." Sasori stated. Kisame walked over and handed them the badger. "Hey boy...Ow!. Don't bite! We're friends!" Naruto complained, withdrawing his hand. "Good to have you back, Gruffy." Sasori smiled and petted the pug. Gruffy yipped happily.

That day at lunch, Sasori walked in with Gruffy the Grizzly Pup. "Yay! I knew you could do it! Gruffy!" Amanda cheered, taking the puppy into her arms. "Thank you soooo much!" She giggled as she cuddled the pug. "It was a team effort. Everyone helped." Amanda smiled and gave each of them a big hug before running off. "Glad that, that's over. The last thing we need is trouble before the big game."

At football practice, Sasori walked on the field only to see everyone clustered around Yahiko and Kakuzu. "Hey, what's going on? Didn't we huddle enough yesterday?" Kisame frowned, "Pein got called to the principal's office. I guess someone from Wilson High reported him for 'vandalizing' their school." Kakuzu nodded, "Security camera got a lucky shot of his face..."

"But, he didn't give any of us up. They can't bring us in either, because they don't have our faces." Kisame rubbed his neck, "Now, Pein is suspended from playing football for the rest of the year!" Sasori frowned. 'Pein.'

Later Sasori was driving out of the parking lot after practice. The song 'Spook by DJ Sisen' was playing. "Yahiko?" Sasori raised an eyebrow before stopping the car and getting out. "Yo, Yahiko!" The ginger frowned and walked over to the redhead, "Oh. Hey, shrimp...I guess you heard, huh?" Sasori nodded, "Yeah. Not giving anyone up was really big of you." Yahiko shrugged and gave a smirk, "Hey, it was either me or the team."

"Yeah...I guess. But what are we gonna do without you? You're the quaterback...And as much as I hate to admit it, we need you." Sasori muttered. Yahiko smirked, "You guys will be fine. I left the team in good hands." The redhead went wide eyed, "Me? Well...Uh thanks." "Don't let me down, shrimp." "I won't...Do you need a ride home?" The redhead asked. Yahiko shook his head, "It's fine. I always walk." "Come on, it's late. I know my car looks like it's falling apart, but it hasn't exploded yet." The ginger shrugged and sighed, "Fine."

Once they got into the car, Yahiko was surprised. "I didn't know you listened to DJ Sisen." Sasori nodded, "Yeah. Mostly on the radio though. I don't have his CD." Yahiko frowned a bit, "This was my little brother's favorite song..." Sasori frowned and glanced over at the ginger. "You miss him, huh?" Yahiko nodded, "Yeah...A lot." "I'm sorry..." Sasori muttered.

The ginger smiled a bit, "It's not your fault. You know, you're aren't a bad guy. I've really been a jerk towards you. I'm sorry about that. I guess I really should of gotten to know you first." Sasori smiled back, "I forgive you. I'm sure I would be the same if I lost someone close to me." Yahiko nodded, "Well, looks like were here. Thanks for the ride, Sasori." "No problem. If you ever need a ride, just ask." Yahiko nodded and smiled, "Yeah...But maybe it's time for me to start driving again. And hey," He paused once he was out of the car. "you can call me Pein."

-Week 8 of 8; Friday-

It was the moment everyone was waiting for. The big game against Wilson High. Sasori and Youta were heading to the locker room when the spotted the Wilson High team warming up on the field. They seemed to be having trouble...

"Oi! Who tied my shoelaces into a knot?" Naruto yelled, angry. The raven on the team frowned and spit out his water, "Soap...It tastes like soap..." Naruto looked over at Sasuke. "I thought you hated unicorns!" "I do!...What the!"

The redhead and blond did their best to hide their laughted as they walked past the team. "And here I thought that my twin's pranking was a bad thing. For once, they paid off." Hidan snorted, "Fucking finally!"

In the locker room before the game, "It's been a hell of a season, boys. And for anyone who has a sense of history, it's been twelve years since we've won this many games." The coach stated. "But those games were just the warm-up. Beating Wilson High, is the real goal. I know we're playing without Yahiko tonight, thanks to Wilson High. Are you going to let them get away with that?"

"No, Coach, no!" The team yelled. "That's what I thought. Hands together. On three..." "One...Two...Three...VICTORY!" The team yelled, before running out onto the field. 'Hope we don't screw up...' The redhead thought.

By half time, Cali High was only winning by one touchdown. Wilson high was strong, and without Yahiko the ball was just going back and forth between the teams. "Dude, at least we're ahead..." Youta sighed. Sasori took a drink of his water and shook his head, sweat flying off. "Yeah by one touch down. Every time we get close to another touch down, they either take possession or the fourth down is already up." The redhead frowned, "This isn't like the other teams, where they'd lose easily." The blond nodded, "Yeah, I know what you mean." When half time was over the players were once again in position and back in the game.*

"Overtime!" The announcer's voice boomed over when time was up and both teams were tied. "Seven to seven. This sucks. Whoever get the touch down wins!" Kisame frowned. Sasori sighed, "We can win this...I think..." Hidan scoffed, "Come on, guys! I know we kinda suck...But, we hate Wilson fucking High! We have to beat them!" "Hidan's right." Kakuzu nodded. "Do your best out there boys!" Coach yelled, as the team went back onto the field.

"And...Cali High wins? CALI HIGH WINS!" The crowd roared in applauses and cheers. "We...We did it!" Kisame laughed. "I fucking told you!" Hidan laughed, also. The teams cheered and gave each other fist bumps and high fives. "We...Lost..." The raven on the other teams stated. Naruto growled and went up to the team, "You just got lucky! A few good throws here and there!" Youta smirked, "Face it, you just couldn't keep up with us." The taller blond, Naruto, took a step closer before Yahiko came up. "The better team won, Naruto. Take your team and get the hell off our field." Naruto gave a raged scream and stormed off with his team.

Sasori snickered to himself as he watched the team leave. He felt absolutely better now that they won. "Good work, Sasori. You really stepped up your game tonight." Kakuzu said, turning to the redhead. "Huh? Oh, thanks." He smiled. "Hahaha!" The coach laughed, running up to the team. "Did you see Wilson High's coach? I've never seen a grown man cry like that! Victory is mine! Mine!" The team gave a confused look at their coach. "What the hell...He's kinda flipping out..." Youta said, concerned. Sasori laughed, "He's happy. Let him be."

The two looked over and saw the coach on his cellphone. "Mom? I know it's late...But guess what! We won! We finally won!" He laughed. The redhead smiled and looked around at all his friends. 'What a great way to start off tonight. Hope I can carry this feeling to the da-' His thoughts were interrupted when something tackled him. "What the- Mmph..." Sasori went wide eyed and looked up who had tackled him. "Deidara?" He asked, pulling away. The blonde laughed, "The one and only, hm." The redhead was quiet for a moment. Then he laughed and pulled the blonde down once more, for a kiss. "Kami, I love you, Deidara."

After the game, Sasori went home to get ready for the dance. "Mom!" His mother came rushing up the stairs, "Yes?" He turned to her a pouted, "Does my hair look okey? It looks funny, doesn't it?" The brunette laughed, "It looks fine. Oh, your father said he wanted to show you something. Go downstairs." Sasori nodded and ran down the stairs. "Come, boy." He smiled. The younger redhead followed his father outside to the drive way.

"No way..." He muttered, walking over to the vehicle. "I can't believe it...You got me a Mustang GT?" And there in the driveway say a red Mustang GT. "I'm a man of my word." "Dad...Thank you! How did you afford this?" Sasori asked. "Let's just say, I got people." He winked. "No seriously...If you get a call from a guy named 'White Fang'. I'm not home." Sasori laughed, "Alright."

A little while later, Sasori pulled up at Deidara's house. He hopped out of his car and knocked on the door. "Hiya, hm!" Deidara smiled, exiting his house and pecking the redhead's lips. "Mm, hi to you~ You look stunning as ever." He smirked. The blonde blushed and laughed, "And you look amazing sexy, as always. I gotta confess, I never been to a dance before, hm." Sasori raised and eyebrow and took the blonde's hand, "Really? I was sure that you learned to dance from Spring Formal." He teased.

Deidara laughed, "Yeah, yeah. Come on, let's go." "Alright. Hop in." Sasori said, gesturing to his new car. "That's your car, hm?" Deidara asked, with bright eyes. "What happened to your old piece of scrap metal?" Sasori smirked, "Let's just say, I got upgraded." The blonde smiled and got into that car with Sasori.

At the dance, Sasori and Deidara strolled into the crowded gym. "Heads up, hm. Your football buddies are coming this way." The blonde muttered, gripping the redhead's hand tightly. "Yo, Sasori!" Kisame grinned, "Good to see you here...This must be who you were talking about, right?" The blue male looked between the two. "You talked about me?" Deidara asked, quietly. "Nothing bad." Sasori assured him and nodded at Kisame.

"Well, I'm happy for you, bro." He smiled. "We had a good season, huh? Best record Cali High's had in five years." Kakuzu chuckled, "I'm glad that we finally beat Wilson. Those guys needed to be whipped back into place." Sasori laughed, "Yeah, they were assholes." Kisame grinned, "True that. I can't wait until next year, when we can beat them all over again!"

On stage, the DJ put on another track. "Party people, are you ready to party?" Sasori looked at the stage and turned to Kisame. "I thought the principal banned Hector from DJing the dance." Kisame laughed, "She did. But he found blackmail on her from her European Vacation...And well yeah." Sasori smirked and laughed. Kisame and Kakuzu eventually wandered off. "Huh, this ain't so bad." Deidara smiled. Sasori smirked, "Mhm, wanna dance?"

The blonde blushed a bit, "Uh...I really...Uhm..." The redhead kissed his cheek, "I know you can dance. I promise, it'll be fine." Deidara smiled, "Well...I guess, hm." Sasori grabbed Deidara's hand and led him into the dance floor, where they ran into the blonde's friends. "Konan? Itachi? Why are you guys here, hm?" Deidara asked surprised.

Itachi shrugged, "You started a fad. After you started dating Sasori, all us outcasts are dating popular kids. For instance...Konan is dating Sasori's best friend...And I'm..." "Yo, Itachi! Come over!" Kisame called out and grinned. "I'm dating Kisame...Anyways, I'll see you later." The raven said before rushing over to his new boyfriend. "Huh, and I thought Kisame was straight..." Sasori said aloud. "You're dating my boyfriend's best friend, hm?" Konan blushed and nodded. "When Lisa and I were handing out the flyers, we ran into Sasori and him."

"Monsters, hm! I've created monsters!" Deidara laughed. Sasori joined him, "Yup, life is full of surprises. Now let's dance." The two danced happily for the next hour when a little while later, Sasori stepped out to get some air. "Hey, Sasori. Finally found you." Sasori turned around to see Yahiko, well Pein, standing there. "Finally?" Pein laughed, "Yeah. I brought you something." "Sweet, DJ Sisen's newest album."

The ginger smiled and nodded, "It was my bro's copy...But now, it's yours." The redhead gave a look of stun. "Oh...Wow, thanks." "No problem." The redhead looked over the CD and back at Pein. "Let's go ask Hector to put this on." Pein agreed and inside they went.

"Now a special request from my main men, Sasori and Pein! This is DJ Sisen with 'Spook'!" Everyone cheered and danced. After a few minutes, a person approached the redhead. "Are you the kid who requested Spook?" Sasori turned around and froze. There in front of him stood, DJ Sisen. "Yeah..." The male smiled, "Thought so. I was on my way to the airport when I heard it playing. I had my driver stop the limo and came in myself. Hector said it was your CD."

Sasori nodded, "Well, it's my CD. But I was given it by a friend here." The redhead jabbed a thumb towards Pein. The ginger went wide eyed. DJ Sisen grinned and went wordlessly up on the stage. "And for a special treat, we have a very special guest. Everyone welcome DJ Sisen!" Hector cheered.

Soon enough, the night calms. The music fades and Hector taps the mic. "Attention, everyone! Now is the time to announce the Homecoming King and Queen!" Everyone's eyes lingered on Hector, silently waiting for him to announce the winners. "Ladies and gentlemen, your Homecoming King and Queen are...Sasori and Paula! Please come up and take your crowns, and share a dance."

Sasori looked over at Deidara. The blonde smiled and kissed him. "Go on, Sasori. You earned this." Sasori nodded and gave the blonde a chaste kiss before going on stage. "Congrats you two. Now can some one dim the lights, please?" Hector said.

The lights went off and the spot light went on Sasori and Paula. "Bitch, you know I hate you right?" Sasori whispered. Paula scoffed, "Feelings are mutual." The dance was slightly awkward and Sasori was glad when it ended. The redhead rushed back over to Deidara, the minute Paula let go. "So, Homecoming King. How was your fifteen minutes of fame, hm?"

The redhead laughed, "Would of been better if you were my queen." Deidara laughed also and wrapped his arms around Sasori. "Yeah?" "Yeah." Sasori smirked, then chuckled. He took off his crown and placed it on the blonde's head. "Much better." He muttered, kissing Deidara. The blonde smiled.

When the dance ended, Sasori drove the blonde home. "I had a really good time tonight." Deidara admitted, when the reached his front door. Sasori smiled, "I told you, you would. You know what, Deidara?" "What, hm?" The redhead grabbed the blonde's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I think we're gonna have a long future together." He muttered. The blonde blushed, "I think so, too."

Their was a long silence before Sasori spoke up once more. "I know I didn't get to tell you last Saturday...But," The redhead could feel his hear beating rapidly, "I love you ,Deidara." He said, before pulling the blonde into a tender kiss. Deidara wrapped his arms around Sasori's neck and held him tight. "I love you, too." He smiled.

Sasori chuckled and kissed his nose. "I know you do." "So, does this mean I have to go to prom, hm?" He smirked. "Better believe it." Sasori smirked back challengingly. The two laughed and talked a bit more. "Mhm..." Sasori muttered as he began kissing up and down the blonde's neck. Deidara giggled and pressed closer, "Would you like to come inside, hm?~" Sasori grinned and picked the blonde up, carrying him inside.

Le End~

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