Chapter 1: Torture

Me: WAAAAHHH!~~~~~ WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? *goes one way and then goes the other way*

Shin: What are you doing?

Me: *stops*Oh its just you Shin

Shin: So what's going on here?

Me: I was wondering if I should post this chapter up. *starts worrying*

Shin: Well ~ how about you post it and see if they like it or not?

Me: *brightens up* That's a great idea Shin! *hugs him*

Shin: *reddens* S-so what's this book about?

Me: *lets him go* Now that you mention it, I did start this off with a book called "Shinigami-sama ni Saigo Onegai wo" so yeah, if any of you read this manga then I DO NOT OWN ANY OF IT. Its just that its very interesting to have some of its plots here and there; oh yeah I'm also going into butler mode into this fanfic. Not that any come to mind when I say that; but just in case I DO NOT OWN OF ANY BOOKS PLOTS THAT COME HERE IN THIS PARTICULAR FANFIC! So yeah enjoy! (^.^)*

"Ryuuzaki Shin you are declared GUILTY!" The judge emphasized his last word. It echoed around the grand court. Yes this is the grand court, why am I here you ask? I'm not sure either, I just happened to come to my senses when I entered the grand court, itself.

The whole court was trembling with the murmurs of the people who came here to watch today's trail. Yes, they came to watch MY trail. I felt a nudge, hard enough to push me over, in my ribcage.

"Get a move on, Mr. Ryuu." I look over to the guy who jabbed my ribcage; I looked him over. He was a young policeman, around his mid twenties. His black hair flopped; it was neither messy nor clean, his green eyes were unwavering; but I could tell he was nervous. He was married after all; probably he had two children waiting for him at home. I guess he has the right to be afraid of a mass murderer; that was what the trail was about today. The screaming proof of me being a mass murderer was me holding a bloody cleaver and everyone in the household dead while I am splattered with their blood in the middle of the sea of bodies. Thirteen. That is the number of people that were around me; me with the bloody cleaver.

I trudged along until I was at my cell, there I was pushed roughly inside of it. I heard the bars closing and the tick of the lock; then the receding footsteps of the policemen, with their soft chatter. And then it was quiet. I walked over and sat on the bunk, I reviewed my last memories. To be truly honest, I don't really remember killing my family at all. It seemed like my life blanked out and the time had fast forwarded. I never hated my family, so what was my motive for killing them? My parents didn't do anything wrong, Aunt Snow and Uncle Norrie also didn't do anything wrong either. Their daughter, Gabriella, and son, Gabriel, didn't bully me or anything; I've played with them since childhood. And my three brothers and two sisters; Bo, Capo, Leon, Sarah, and Philly, what have they done wrong? Lastly, my grandparents; where have they gone wrong in their lives? I reviewed these memories of mine, cherishing them, for I only had two days to live in this world after all.

"My, you seem so down Shin-chan," A sweet melodic voice swam its way towards my ears. Startled I looked up but no one was there, I look over to the entrance and I see a girl; around 15, same age as me. Her pale blonde hair seemed to be glowing and flowed like a river. She wore a black and frilly dress with laces on her chest and her sleeves too. But what caught my attention was her blue jewel-like eyes, they glittered along with her smile; but underneath all that glittering was a phenomenon that I couldn't grasp in my understanding.

"W-who are you?" I ask the mysterious girl standing in front of my cell. I broke into cold sweat when the part of the bar she touched, started to corrode. In five seconds the whole cell door was gone, and this girl was standing in front of me. Now that I got a good look at her, I gasped in shock. I said she was to be 15 but she now looks like a seven year old. I stood up to measure our heights, and it was true; a seven year old girl! I dropped back to my bunk, dumbfounded. She smirked at me and at my pathetic face that I have cultivated.

"You're asking who I am?" Her eyes danced playfully at the question I've asked her. "How should I answer this question? Oh I know how about I give you my business card; it might help you to know who I am." Out of thin air a card appeared and fell towards my feet. It read:






I scanned the card that Ayumi gave me, then I looked up.

"Are all of these the same thing?" She seemed to snicker. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, its just, its funny how the human brain works." She sighed, and her light died in her eyes, her voice grew more serious. "Shin-chan it is according to the law that you will be sentenced to death in two days."

"Yea, so what?" I snorted in my own demise.

Ayumi, cleared her throat before continuing, "Yeah I know you know. So I came to help you to get out."

My mind blanked out as I stared at her, dumbfounded; then I started sputtering out words. "W-wait – y-you w-want to get me out of here?"

"Yea, unless, you want to just die then I guess I could just leave you here and you could just die after forty-eight hours. Its always a possibility, you know." Ayumi finished and turned and was about to leave.

"WAIT! IF I do go with you; what's the catch?" I cautiously ask, in case it was a fraud escape. She turned around with a huge grin, and I mean huge, with the lights back in her eyes. I knew I was in a big scandal, that I couldn't get out of.

~~~time skip~~~

Tokyo's nights are really cold when winter comes around. But tonight it seemed warmer than usual, and the big buildings seemed to tower above us. That's right, tonight I broke out of jail with a girl called Ayumi Nekoma; a seven year old! I just can't get that fact around my head; most seven year olds are care-free and right now they should be in bed, sleeping; right now. My head started to spin, but somehow I remained conscience.

"Hey, Ayumi, where are we going?" I ask holding my head with the growing headache.

"Oh we're almost there, just hold out a bit longer. Will you?" I took a quick glance at her, and I saw the same symptoms of a headache. She was having one too; but it seemed that hers was a much larger. Why? Who is this Ayumi Nekoma? Is she a criminal, or some normal seven year old? Before I could ask her any of my questions she stopped. I looked up and saw a huge chimera, no forget the huge part. The fact that this is a live chimera; in front of me is hard enough for me to grasp.

Chimeras in games have four heads including the tail. This one standing in front of me is a beast of wonder; it had the head of the lion, horns of a mountain goat, body of a horse, wings of a barn owl, and the tail was poisonous cobra!

I stood there, frozen to the ground. Ayumi just continued forward, to the legendary beast. It seemed she was cooing to the beast. I stood shocked my mouth opened and closed but nothing came out, for my fear was gathering around me and slowly growing like ice, it reached the point of suffocating me. At this time that girl, Ayumi, turns around and motions me forward.

"Come, come, I want to show you a friend of mine," She eagerly motioned for me to come.

I took a few tentative steps forward, and I felt a harsh pull; and I started stumbling towards the chimera. The grasp of the hand slipped away; I ended up tripping on my own feet and summersaulted two, three times and my own feet and stopped. I stopped in front of a huge hoof, I cautiously look up and find that the beast is looking down on me I quickly get up and brush off the dust on my clothes and turn to Ayumi, frustrated.

"WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO? I NEARLY GOT KILLED!" I shout my frustration on her.

"Hmmm…if she didn't eat you then you must be the last one that completes this stuff." She muttered under her breath but I could hear every last word she said. Before I get to question her, I hear police sirens not so far away. I started to panic as depression hit me hard. Then I slipped into unconsciousness.


I was standing in a pitch black room, my head was pounding but I didn't care. I looked from left to right top to bottom; nothing was in sight. So I started walking to the left of me; whichever was left I didn't know. I just followed my instincts. It felt like forty hours of walking without a destination; and my legs started to hurt. That's when I spotted a light, not so far away. I started to head its way when it disappeared suddenly as when it appeared. Then a second one turned on, not so far away from the first one. I made my way to the second tube of light and the same thing happened; it turned off. Another turned on and I continued the process, for almost ten minutes. Finally I gave up; when a light tube turned on I didn't go near it, slowly other lights turned on as well and formed a circle around me. I sat down, with my knees drawn up against my chest, and simply stared out into space, looking directly at one spot of light. Before I knew it something started to materialize. It was my youngest sister; Philly. I got up and ran over to her and stopped. She was crying.

"Philly, what's wrong?" I tried asking, fighting the urge to hug her. I couldn't bring myself to see her disappear in front of me.

Philly's eyes were red after all her tears. But she stopped crying and sniffling, looking at me. We stared at each other for a long time before she turned to look at the light beside her, I followed her gaze and almost fell face down. For in the next tube of light was the eldest daughter of the family; Sarah. Slowly, I turned to see each and every tube and seemed to see the rest of my family members. They all kept staring at me, as if they were trying to tell me something. But before anything could be said it turned pitch black once again. And I started falling.


I jolted awake, and found myself staring at a white ceiling. Slowly my senses came back to me. That's when I noticed the softness of the bed I was lying down on. Then a headache took me over as soon as I tried to get up, so instead I dropped back down onto the pillow. I then heard the door click.

"Oh, you're wake Young Master Shin?"

Me: Hey Shin.

Shin: Yeah?

Me: Do you think that we need new characters in this fanfic?

Shin:…..Isn't this just the first chapter?

Me: Yeah. But other than the OC's that I want to introduce, I want other characters in here as well.

Shin: I guess its okay.

Me: YOSH! It's decided then! Ya! I want you readers to give me characters and I'll incorporate in this story! Make up any character that you like and don't forget to include the appearance and personality to them! I want at least one otherwise I'll discontinue this story (which won't be fun at all!). Hope you enjoyed it!~~~ Please review!~~~ ^.^