Our Time Chapter 1

Danny walked into his house, bruised and tired. He made his way up the stairs and limped into the bathroom that was placed next to his room. He grabbed a hand full of band-aids and a bottle a alcohol disinfectant. He made his way back to his room and stripped down. He started taking care of all the cuts and sore spots he had acquired just minutes before after fighting with Plasmius.

"Ouch!" He yelped as the stinging disinfectant made contact with one of the worse cuts on his arm. He gritted his teeth and padded at the area. He finally lost the will to hold back another loud protest and he let an obscenity cross his lips. He moved on to another cut that had not stopped bleeding since he acquired it. A knock came on his door and Jaz announced her presence.

"Danny, you need any help?" She offered. The teen was too busy dealing with his scratched up arm to reply immediately. Jaz took this an a sign to enter and she walk in on her mostly naked brother dressing his wounds. "Rough fight?" She asked as she grabbed the bottle and poured some of the colorless liquid onto a cotton ball she picked up.

"Plasmius again. He wanted to use the fright knight's powers on some of the higher ups in the government. No clue why though." Danny placed a tan band-aid on his cut and hoped that it would stop bleeding soon. He felt the sting of Jaz's assistance on his back. He tensed up then relaxed a bit when the pain dulled down.

"I'm sorry little brother, I wish I could help you more." The red headed girl went to work massaging the area around a black and purple patch of skin the boy had on his back. The bruise stopped it's painful ping of discomfort after a short while.

"I wish there was some way to keep him from trying to enact one of his dumb schemes. I can almost guarantee I'd have fewer cuts and scars on me if he stopped being evil." Danny sighed and slapped a few band-aids over the less important cuts. "I think I'm going to just go to bed. I can get the rest tomorrow." The teen laid down on his bed and rolled over to get the pressure off of his worse cuts that ran the coarse of his back.

"Let me just finish fixing up this nasty cut and I'll leave you to sleep." The red haired girl explained as she applied a bit more pressure than what Danny could call comfortable. After making her brother sit up so she could bandage it, she left him alone.

Danny fell back on to his bed and almost immediately went to sleep. In his dream a bright gold medallion fell from nowhere and landed in his hand. He looked at it and tried to remember where he had seen the odd markings on the medal. He stared at it and finally came to the reasoning that since he couldn't remember, it wasn't important. He tossed it to the side and it slowly faded away into the darkness.

It was early morning around four when the teen finally woke up from the oddly short dream. He went to roll over and go back to sleep, but found that since he went to sleep with some of his wounds still bleeding the sheets had stuck to his now dried blood. He tried to gently peel them off, but ended up just yanking the sheet away from his skin and hissing in pain.

He stood up and grabbed for some of the band-aids he had tossed on his dresser. In the process, he lost his footing on his discarded shirt and fell face first into the old wooden dresser. An avalanche of piled up trash crashed down on him and covered him. He growled his hatred of the world as he unburied himself. As he climbed back to his feet, his hand found a rather cold, strangely shaped object. He picked it up and looked at it.

In his hand was a bright, solid gold, medal. It resembled the one in his dream. He looked at the odd markings and saw the letters "CW" engraved with great care in it. He stared at it, still mostly asleep, as his slow starting brain figured out what those two letters stood for. "Clock work?" he finally guessed. After a few seconds he realized that the medal he held was actually one of the ones he ended up having in his possession after the whole dark Danny ordeal.

"This is it." He mused. "This is what I need! I'll just go back in time and make it so Vlad never got his powers." Danny beamed at the idea and sat back on his bed thrilled by his discovery. A sudden thought came to his mind. He had tried to do that before. He messed up royally and made a future that was horrible. He scowled and was about to throw the useless medal to the floor when another idea hit him.

He could go back and make sure no one got hit by the blast. He would just make sure to rework the portal so that it didn't fire off the problem blast in the first place. After having worked with his parent's ghostly inventions for so much of his life, that would be no problem. He quickly tossed on some cloths and rushed downstairs, eager to start his plan and see how well it would work.

A bright green flash filled the dark metal basement. Danny stopped and looked himself over in a near by mirror. His eyes glowed a bright florescent green and his outfit had come back, good as new as if he had never fought with one of the worse villains ever just hours before hand. His white hair was soft and free flowing unlike his neglected black hair he had come to give up on. He prepared himself and flew into the ghost zone.

The teen quickly came upon the large castle that existed in a remote region of the ghost zone. Danny moved out of the swirling green madness and into the still purple stone castle. He walked around and looked for the master of time, Clock Work. After scouring the large building he came to the conclusion that he wasn't there, or at least wasn't then.

The teen took the opportunity to set the gateway/mirror to the correct time and floated through it. It was exactly like last time he had gone in. The world was different as people of every colored hair and clothing possible danced around and hung out listening to the radio. He quickly turned invisible and flew to the room where his parents and Vlad would be found. He peeked in through the window and saw the accident getting read to happen.

Jack was mindlessly standing around and was about to grab for the ecto purifier. Just as he went to grab the soda can instead, Danny rushed in and switched the two around. Jack grabbed the right cylinder and poured it in. He went back to the table to grab the remote as the young Maddie looked over the calculations and Vlad questioned the gate.

"Jack, these calculations aren't right."

"BONZAI!" The orange clad man yelled out as he turned the gate on and waited for it to function as he had hoped. The portal quickly lit up bright green as it attempted to punch a hole right into the ghost zone.

The lights in the room flickered out and the whole room went into turmoil. The glow quickly turned red and the portal showed signs of repeating the accident. Danny could only think of one thing, keep the accident from effecting them. He turned tangible and rushed forward, slamming the younger Vlad to the floor and saving him from being zapped by the backfiring portal. Jack, surprised by Danny's sudden appearance, fell backwards and forced Maddie to the floor as the beam of energy shot out of the portal, slammed into the wall behind them and disappeared, leaving wreckage in it's wake.

"Jack, you saved me." Maddie exclaimed as she stared her hero in his big black eyes. Danny made a mock gagging sound. It was nice how much they loved each other, but they were his parents and it was weird none the less.

"What…ghost?" Vlad's unbelieving eyes had latched on to the teen who was not much younger than himself. Danny quickly flew off and away before anything bad could happen. Younger Vlad was left to just stare as his savior flew off suddenly and disappeared in a flash of green light.