Our Time Epilogue

The huge white and black themed diner buzzed with excited voices. Teens from the high schools around town and some from Amity chatted as they waited on their food. Vanilla candles burned through out the new, bigger diner. The old sign that stated proudly that the building was known as "V & D's Diner" was hung outside.

Vlad was working away on the grill filling orders of his fresh food and listening to the music that filled the homely restaurant. Danny was rushing around in his new uniform, a tight red shirt with black jeans, taking orders and laughing with the people he had left behind in Amity.

Black and white balloons filled the ceiling as the grand opening celebration continued. A local band from his high school was playing one of their original songs up on the stage that sat in the corner of the diner.

The autumn night flared to life. Bright silver stars speckled the sky while the moon danced in her white dress. The night was a perfect one. Once everyone was served and enjoyed the food Masters had cooked, Vlad joined the party in the front room. The band closed their song and took their seats to enjoy some freshly cooked burgers.

The two owners took the stage. Vlad used his announcement voice to grab everyone's attention. "Everyone. We'd like to thank you for coming out to our grand opening. A lot of exciting new things have happened for us both in the last month, and this is one of the many. I also have just one more."

The raven haired teen cocked his head in curiosity. He didn't remember Vlad saying anything about another… what ever it was.

Vlad turned towards Danny and pulled something out of his pocket. He got down on one knee and looked at the teen. "Daniel Fenton, will you continue to fill my days with perfection and love?" He pulled open a black box he had in his hand. A shiny silver ring sat prestigiously in the velvet material. "Will you marry me?"

Danny was so shocked that all he could do was muster a quite, "Yes." Vlad beamed a loving smile at the boy as he put the silver engagement ring on the boy's finger. The whole diner erupted in applause.