A/N: Not really much to say about this piece. I found it after writing it forever ago. I fixed it up a lot. Um...Yeah. I probably wrote this shortly after finishing Days, so...Yeah, it's from Xion's POV. I don't want to explain too much as this is a poem.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts.

Last Dawn

The sky dawns, stuck permanently in twilight.
The light falls, collides,
With shades of black.

I sit here
Waiting to leave
And return to where I wish not to go.

The time is nearing
For me to leave;
From the darkness,
I shall be delivered.
But is this truly right?

The time is drawing near
For me to disappear
And fade from the memories of all.

As I reach up high
Into a crying sky;
I shall be delivered
To what is right.

I want to be remembered!
The days I traveled,
With friends I love.
Those memories, those glass shards,
I hug them to my heart.

The sky returns.
It rains
Radiance of gold and red.
My two friends...
I'm going home.
Please, don't forget me.