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Before Seymour could say a word, Audrey seized him by the shoulders and quickly kissed him, then broke it, saying "Orin thinks we're together." She kissed him again, "he knows we're together." Another kiss, "If he figures it out for sure, he'll kill me." Another kiss, "worse, he'll kill you!" She leaned back and pulled him into her for a long, deep kiss, her back against the inside of the counter, Seymour hovering just above her, his hands on either side of her, keeping his balance.

Seymour lost himself in her kis, swept up by the flowery scent of her perfume, the soft touch of her skin, the sweet taste of her lips. His heart threatened to burst right out of his chest when she deftly moved her lips from his, running them along his jawline, sucking the delicate skin of his neck; his mouth gaped open in surprise and pleasure. Audrey pulled her head up and hooked her lips again to his, but after savoring a few sweet seconds of her, he finally found the will to break away from her. "Audrey?" "Mmm?" She latched onto his lips again, and again he broke away. "Audrey!"

This time she pulled back, blushing. "Sorry," she whispered, smiling a little, "I just ain't used ta that." Seymour smiled and wrapped his arms around her protectively, kissing the top of her head as she nuzzled into his chest. It was a perfect moment; Seymour hated to disturb it. But the clock was ticking and they had no time to waste, because too soon the shop would be packed again, and the day would be done again.

Sharply inhaling, Seymour finally asked, "What do you mean Orin knows?"

Audrey moved from against him and told him, "When we left here yesterday, he smacked me and told me he knew…I was screwin' ya." She was blushing as she continued. "That's how I got this," she indicated to the knuckle-shaped bruises, "and this," the raw scrape on her cheek.

"What about those?" he asked, pointing out purple marks formed around her wrists. "I didn't move outta here fast enough" was her reply.

"And that?" Seymour gently traced the bruise surrounding her eye. Audrey's white face turned as red as her lipstick, and she stuttered out, "I, uh…I didn'…do…well enough, last night, he said…" It was Seymour's turn to blush now.

"Audrey, why d'you let him do that to ya?" Seymour asked earnestly.

"Because guys like Orin are the only guys that want Skid Row whores," she muttered. "Nice guys don't want someone like me, not really."

"I do," Seymour said, taking her hand. "I have since ya came to work here. You're not a whore, Audrey. If anything, a great girl like you shouldn't want a poor jerk like me! You could have a prince, or a lawyer, or someone important, instead of a little plant guy."

"Aww, Seymour," Audrey grinned. "Who wouldn't want you? You're kind, you're smart, successful…I think you're pretty important!"

At this, Seymour cupped her face in his hands and, in his own sweet but awkward way, kissed her lightly. Their lips barely touched; it was, after all, the first time Seymour initiated a kiss. But Audrey knew what to do. She pressed her lips to his, closing all distance between them.

When the kissed ended, Audrey, her eyes still closed, dreamily said, "I want you, Seymour. Not Orin, or anyone else." Seymour turned to face her, his back against the counter side, and, sitting between his legs, she laid back against him, her head tucked under his chin, his arms around her slim waist.

"So what do you wanna do?" Seymour asked. She sighed, "I'm gonna hafta leave. Maybe not right away, or else he'll come after ya too."

"Won't he hurt ya?" he asked. "I don't want you to get hurt." "He's gonna hurt me no matter what," Audrey replied, almost smiling, "but I think you're worth a couple bruises." Seymour kissed the top of her head. "Don't get hurt for me," he said, "I can wait as long as ya need."

Their hour had nearly passed, so Seymour rose from inside the counter, then grabbed Audrey's hands to help her out of their little hiding space. Sure enough, Mr. Mushnik returned within minutes, and the customers followed after him. But neither Seymour nor Audrey were thinking much about flowers; their minds were focused on when they could share their next kiss.

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