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Cid looks fondly on the years of raising their children; the twins cause him to laugh, Jazzy to groan in frustration and Trinity? Well, Trinity was well-behaved, almost a miniature Vincent in temperament. But he had the stubbornness born of Highwind pride...


Vincent sat on the floor, cooing at his youngest cub, crimson eyes full of love. Trinity hummed back, violet eyes wide and cute in the ten-month old's sweet face.

"Little wolf, what are you doing hmm?" he purred, allowing his cub to mouth the fingers of his human hand. Trinity gurgled and pushed him away suddenly a look of childish determination on his cub's face. "Cub?" All he got in answer was a grunt, so very close to Cid's that he laughed. With a distinct wobble his cub stood on his own two feet for about three seconds. Vincent had his hands out to catch his cub in case he dropped. He did, but not the direction in which Vincent had expected. Trinity fell forward, squealing as Vincent caught him and lifted him high. "That's my cub."

"Aww, did Ah miss it?"

"He stood up just now. A few seconds, but he was so... determined. Little wolf even gave me a grunt."

"Really? We'll make a pilot outta ya yet..."

"No, this one's destined to be a Turk as all Valentines before him."

"'M tellin' ya he'd make a better pilot." Trinity cooed softly as Vincent hefted him onto his hip, out of reach of Death Penalty. He'd learned that all of his children were fascinated with his guns and Cid's spears.

"He has a demon. I say Turk." he argued back, snagging a bottle from the microwave and holding it out to Cid for testing. "Test it for me?" Vincent regrettably was not able to do so; his tolerance for extreme pain meant that he couldn't tell the difference between hot and lukewarm. Cid put a drop on his wrist and gave a lopsided grin that Vincent loved.

"'Sgood. Ya gettin' better with th' temperature thing." He fed Trinity grabbing a towel from the rack and placing it over his cloak for burping. His little wolf attacked the bottle, latching on with both hands and feet, sucking hard on the rubber nipple. "Looks lahke all o' his hard work was for tha' bottle."

"Dad? Pop? School's over!" his eldest by only a minute called out, the door slamming shut.

"Don't slam the door of the Shera; she's in need of repairs. Snack's in the fridge, Rayne. You know that already." he answered absentmindedly as he burped his youngest. "When did they get so big?"

"Can't believe they're in middle school already... Ya are growin' up too fast!" Cid growled at the other twin, Wright, who hugged his Pop around the waist ignoring the grease-spatters on his old man's white t-shirt. "Stop growin' lahke weeds, kiddo."

"Aww, but I thought you said that was good?" Vincent shook his head at Cid's silliness.

"Valentines sprout like weeds and then fill out. My Father was much the same at your age... So was I, for that matter."

"But he's got Highwind an' we fill out firs' before we go up."

"Jasmine is more Highwind than the boys. You'll have to worry about her attracting attention earlier."

"Mah Jazzy ain't datin' any boys." his husband growled lowly, his hand on Venus Gospel. "She c'n wait for thirty years or so..."

"Wow. That's really long though." Wright mumbled around the peanut butter sandwich Rayne had shoved in his mouth. "Stupid brother."

"He is not and you two get along. Honestly, why is it I love you?" he sighed, pressing his claws lightly on the bridge of his nose. "Ah, yes, you are my cubs. Speaking of which, Trinity stood today. It should be a few months but he'll be walking soon."

"Wow! That's-"

"Really cool! He can play tag with us."

"Not for a while yet, eager cubs. He's not quite there just yet." he chuckled at their eagerness to play with Trinity.

"Dad! Some boy pulled on my braid and almost chopped it off with scissors!"

"Did you say anything to him or the teacher?"

"Yeah. Stupid boys... They have cooties."


"But not you, Pop, Rayne an' Wright an' not Tri. He's too little for cooties; Ray and Wright are too old." Vincent shook his head and removed the towel from his shoulder, tossing it in with the laundry.

"Any homework? Bullies?"

"Nope!" was the resounding answer from his cubs.

"Mmmhmm, I'm calling your teachers."

"We do, but th' little kids like Jazzy-"

"Don't 'cause it's some kind o' holiday."

"Liberation. Quite the day." He murmured, a small smile on his face.

"Hey, Dad, weren't you an' Pop part o' AVALANCE?"

"Yeah, whatcha askin' for, kiddo? Ya know that."

"Some of the kids thought we were makin' up."

"We still have the ribbons Aerith gave us, I think. Cloud still has his and wears it in reminder. What about the others?"

"Tifa hangs hers above th' Seventh Heaven bar an' th' brat still wears hers. Barrett accidentally ripped his, so his is up on display too. Lessee... Nanaki keeps his in a cave an' Reeve's only an honorary member 'cause o' Cait Sith."

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