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Vincent is many things, parent included in the vast number of titles he has. But the twins tried his patience more than any of his other cubs sometimes… Oh and kicking bad habits made his husband extra horny.


Rayne and Wright Valentine-Highwind, better known as the terrors of Rocket Town, were Cid Highwind's first experience with children below the age of seven. That being said? He was prone to murderous fits when they wanted to teach little Zephyr how to prank his Pop.

The latest of their brood, born after Trinity graduated from high school, was the absolute picture of sweetness. Vivid crimson eyes looked up from behind the strange platinum blond streaks that framed his face. The rest of his hair was Vince's blue-black and reached the little cub's shoulders, braided that very morning by his husband.

"Pop? C'n Ah see th' engine o' th' Valentine?" Cid snorted, raising an eyebrow at his seven-year-old.

"Ya gonna prank me lahke ya did last tahme?" he asked, taking a healthy swig of his tea. The serious stare of his cub pinned him in place for the moment. They were so much like Vince's that, save for the streaks, they could have easily been twins.

"No. Ah wanna be able ta fix what Ah broke." Cid grinned around his unlit cig.

"Cheeky brat. Alright." He had been planning to smoke while he worked but the demons didn't like their cubs inhaling 'that vile substance.' "Go on inside an' ask ya Dad." Zephyr frowned when he pulled out his lighter and gave his cub a staring down.

"My Sky? I can't find-Ah. Come along, little one. Your Pop insists on the vile thing." Vincent kissed him briefly, softly before nibbling on his lower lip.

"Nngh… Vince! Ya can't jus' leave me lahke this."

"I can, my Sky. It is unhealthy for you and for the cubs you will continue to father." came the sharp retort.

"C'mon! Ya know Ah can't kick th' habit."

"I am well aware of your personality traits. I will endeavor to remove at least this habit from you."

"So, if Ah stop smokin', Ah get a kiss instead?" he offered lightly, plucking the almost empty pack from his goggles and shaking it.

"Correct, Captain." A soft smile lit Vincent's face, making his husband almost ethereal in the sunlight, eyes flashing green for a moment.

"Well, hell. Shoulda tol' me that years ago." He muttered tossing the pack into the trash can with a laugh. "Ah did it."

By the end of the day he was craving for it, but he nipped at his husband's neck instead and slid an arm around Vincent's waist instead.

"Well done, my Sky. I am pleased. If you keep it up for more than a year you can do what you like with me…" Vincent purred, plastered against his side and radiating heat.

"A year? Ya crazy or somethin'?" Rich, joyous laughter followed his grumbling, making him grin in spite of himself. "Damn. Ya get me every tahme ya do tha', ya know?"

"Do I? Mmm, perhaps I should laugh more often then." Cid was in agreement with that.

-A Year Later-

"Hey! Mah little Zephyr is eight today; practically makes ya a Highwind man!"

"'Mornin' Pop. Ya too excited… Sound lahke th' Puppy. Dad, save me." Vincent gently disengaged their cub from his grip and caressed the smooth locks before ushering him into the living room, which was piled with pillows.

"Sleep a little while longer. Your siblings will be arriving somewhat late this evening. Relax, avoid your Pop and enjoy your day cub." The velvet voice that had enticed him so many times was warm and full of satisfaction.

"Dad? Did you… You know?" Vincent knelt before their child and whispered softly to him. "Really?"

"Truly. Now, as I said, relax. I will fulfill your wish."

"Thank you."

"You are welcome." After the rather odd conversation, Vincent wrapped a hand around his collar and drug him upstairs, activating the Silence Materia they used for sex. "I don't have to tell you anything, do I?"

"Zephyr wants a siblin' an' ya said ya would… Oh." A rough purr was his answer as Vincent shredded his clothes…

He stretched a smug smirk on his face as he traced a light hand over a pale arm.

"Mmm, that was good." Vincent stretched as well, purring non-stop as he stared up at Cid from the circle of his arms.

"You always oversimplify things, my Sky. It was more than just good." his husband growled, drawing his hand away from the silken skin he'd been petting and placing the work-roughened hand on his abdomen. "We were successful in our venture."

"Again? Ya sure tha' ya want another one so soon?" he asked softly, his fingers tracing soft patterns against his newest of their litter.

"Mmm, the demons are content with another cub. Galian is especially pleased; this one holds the essence of his cub."

"What? Ya serious… Wow. They want cubs?" Vincent gifted him with another soft smile.

"We consult before each cub is made, you know. They are quite aware of the moods I get in when I am with child."

"You get mellow, Vince; nothin' ta be ashamed of." A frown marred the clear forehead of his beloved Turk.

"I get lax in my skills as a marksman. I only practice so that I may keep my cubs and you safe." was the quiet, insecure response of his normally content husband.

"Ah gotcha, promise. Pilot's honor, ya know."

Zephyr hummed as Vincent placed his hand on the little flutters.

"Thank you, Daddy." the quiet, happy statement had Vincent in a much better mood than before. The door opened to reveal the rest of their cubs. Jasmine's hand curled around her stomach as well, Ulf silently by her side. Vincent smiled widely before groaning softly and placing his head in his hand.


"Cid… Our child will be younger than my first grand-child."

"What? How long have you known this time?" Vincent sighed, shrugged and hugged their only daughter. "Oh."

"This one is rather active as opposed to the five of you." Jasmine laughed, shaking her head. "It is highly unamusing."

"Are you serious?" Trinity asked in astonishment, ruefully shaking his head.

"Your brother and Galian make for powerful motivation."

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