Just Visiting

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Marvel or Hasbro. I own Farrah/Persiana and Leon/Crisis.

Chapter 1: We're here!

That murderous sounding voice belonged to Amara, the fire-making mutant Magma. She was covered in water as she stormed throughout the Xavier Institute, intent on burning Bobby Drake, the mutant Iceman, for yet another practical joke.

Tabitha Smith, the bomb-making mutant Boom-Boom, casually remarked,

"Bobby is so dead this time."

Ray Crisp, the mutant Berserker, shrugged,

"When is he not? I still haven't gotten back at him for that time he dyed my clothes pink."

Tabitha said,

"I think that was Kitty's attempt to do the laundry."

She winced,

"It was not a pretty sight."


Katherine Pryde, the phasing mutant Shadowcat, was busy working in the laundry room, attempting to do the laundry,

"Let's see…"

She read the instructions on the box of detergent and then looked at the loads of laundry. She shrugged,

"I guess I need to use the whole box."

The brown-haired girl dumped the whole box in the washer, along with the clothes. She turned it on and watched as the machine sputtered and squealed inhumanly until it exploded, turning all the clothes pink and in a slopping mess. Kitty blinked and smiled,

"Drier time!"
The drier, hearing this, unplugged itself from the wall and made a mad dash up the stairs and into the horizon.

End Flashback…

Ray nodded,

"I see. Did Forge ever figure out how the drier was able to do that?"

Tabitha shook her head,

"Not a clue."
Just then, two female voices could be heard shouting at each other. One shouted,

"Barbie, leave my man alone!"

The other shot back,

"You don't deserve him! I do!"
The first said,

"I'd say you need brain surgery, but, since you don't have one, an ass-kicking is the next best thing!"

A third voice, this time, a male, said,

"Girls, stop it! The X-men can hear us."

Scott Summers, the optic blasting mutant Cyclops, asked,

"Who could that be?"

He approached the door. Just as he was about to open it, two brawling teen girls crashed it down and began rolling on the floor, in a cat-fight.

Farrah Willows, the feline Avenger Persiana, and Carol Danvers, the powerhouse Avenger Miss Marvel, were in a classic cat-fight. Leon Maxwell, the red-eyed swordsman Crisis, groaned out loud,

"Not again!"

Sam Wilson, the avian teen Falcon, shrugged,

"You're surprised?"

Leon said,

"I hoped they wouldn't fight until after we made our introductions. Now, the X-men think we're a bunch of psychos."

Crystal, the Inhuman Avenger princess, looked around, pouting,

"You tricked me! You promised me Quicksilver was here!"

Natasha Romanoff, the teen spy Black Widow, shrugged,

"We promised a lot of things, Crystal. We don't always deliver."

Cyclops was delirious from the knock out,

"I think you have me confused with someone else, but I can see how you could make that mistake."

Hercules, the teen god of strength, strutted his way in,

"Ah, the Institute. I must find a worthy opponent to match my strength against."

T'challa, the feline-costumed Avenger Black Panther, rolled his eyes,

"And, here we go again."

Next Chapter:
The West Coast Avengers and the X-men try to get to know each other. Insanity Ensues!