Today I was starting my new school…I was really nervous what If they don't like me what if im bullied what if I don't make friends i opened the door walked out into the summer air and shut it again I walked down the road and up to the school gates I was really nervous and got really self conscious as everyone watched me walk through the gates whispering and laughing

I walked up to the office and told them I was new they gave me my time table "thank you" I said and walked of down the hall….my first lesson was English

So I headed for the class room I got to the door just as the bell rang for first lesson people came flooding down the hall I walked inside the room and people were already sat down "ahh keely price the new girl" a little lady said "please sit next to megan styles" she said and pointed to a girl with brown long hair…her last name was styles…like harry styles…probably a coincidence I sat down next to her "hello im megan" she said cheerfully "hi im keely" I said back "nice to meet you …your new yeah…I could show you around if you" she offered "yeah that would be great thanks"

The lesson went by quickly it was really boring!

"so" megan said "you can sit with me at lunch if you like?" "oh yeah that would be great thanks"

Turns out I had all my lessons with megan

The week flew by and I was really close to megan she was so sweet and kind!

It was Saturday and me and megan were going to London she stayed round mine and we were getting the train in

"so…I have to visit my cousin first and his mates is that ok" she asked "yeah sure were does he live?" "in a flat its fine I now the way" she said "cool"

"mum were leaving" I yell "ok have a nice time"

It was really hot today so I was wearing ./_VcNFRZHk3S0/TToBGIdkCvI/AAAAAAAAARo/X3irW-i8MiY/s640/easy+summer+

And Megan wearing .

We got to London and it was so hot and amazing turns out megan's cousin had work today so we couldn't see him but we still had a great time we went shopping

We went in jack wills , republic , river island and Hollister it was great fun

Soon though we had to head back we got back to time "so keely what you doing tomorrow?" she asked "nothing you?" "not much ill text you tonight maybe we can meet up" I agreed and walked inside life was going good maybe the move was a good idea