Keely Pov

I woke up and rolled over

the light was shining through the window

I picked up my phone and checked the time it read

9:00 am soooo early.. Yes im a lazy ass!

I dragged my self out of bed and into the shower

Once I finished my shower I changed into a pair of shorts and a white strap top I pulled my hair up into a messy bun and applied a small amount of make up

I could hear talking down stairs so walked out and thudded down the stairs they were all in the kitchen when I walked in "Omg she is up!" Meg said in surprise "you lazy ass!" Niall said "I need my sleep" I moaned meg rolled her eyes "this is the earliest I have seen her up apart from the morning coming here .. usually she isn't up till about 11!" she bit into her pancake "well you know what im like if I don't get my sleep" "its not pretty seriously just let her sleep till she is ready to wake up!" I rolled my eyes and opened the fridge door "she's even more of a bitch then she usually is" she said holding back a smile I turned to face her "im insulted! I am not a bitch!" I crossed my arms and pouted "yes you are! But only if you don't like someone … its so funny though!" she said "like the time with that girl in the shop I thought I was going to wet my self" she said laughing "what happened?" Lou asked "omg it was so funny there was this girl and she shoved past us then as we walked past her keely shoved her and the girl got in a fit she was like omg what is your problem like what? Then keely did her voice and goes omg omg omg omg like … like im so sorry like I didn't see you like im so sorry and flicked her hair a …. And …" she was holding her stomach laughing so hard I rolled my eyes "I ended up pouring yogurt on her head and we were chucked out" I shrugged and everyone laughed "remind me NEVER to get in a fight with her" zayn said

We all had breakfast and decided we would go to the beach we all put on are swim suits under are clothes and headed of I was walking next to harry behind Lou and Meg they seemed like there was something going on with them

"can I ask you something?" harry whispered "yeah?" "do you think there is something going on with Meg and Lou?" "I honestly don't know but it seems like it why?" "I was just wondering I mean she is my little cuz!" "harry she is fine she can make her own choices" "yeah I know but I don't want her getting hurt" "Lou is a good person" "I know that he's my best mate its just ….." he sighed "you don't understand"

"I can always talk to her if you want?" "no its fine im sure its nothing" he smiled at me

We got to the beach and lay down are tents and blankets as we were staying the night there

"raise you in!" Niall shouted pulling his top of the other boys did the same and charged in

Me and Meg pulled are clothes of "shall we go in the water?" I asked she nodded and we ran down

We ran in and oh my god it was freezing "…. Fuuucccckkkkkkkk" Meg stuttered "come on its not that cold" Harry said grinning evilly at me "don't try anything styles" I glared at him but it was to late he had grabbed my head and pushed me under water Lou doing the same with meg

I came up gasping for air "I hate you harry!" I screamed and splashed him he chuckled "you love me really" "no I do not!" I hit him and turned around "where you going?" "to dry of" I stuck my tongue out at him and marched back up to are towels I turned around to see meg and Lou walking of down the beach .. where they going? Harry noticed it to because I saw him watching them then he came up to me "… are you sure theres nothing going on?" he asked "haz what did I say I know your worried for her but she can make her own choices ok" he sighed and nodded

Harrys pov

She right Meg is old enough to make her own choices and I know Lou , he wont break her heart

I turned around and keely was towel drying her hair god she so hot!

I think ive fallen for her she just so … so perfect

The way her eyes sparkle when she smiles they way her mouth forms a perfect smile

And she's so funny and god she's just amazing but I don't think she feels the same

"err … hazza your staring" she laughed "oh god am I … sorry" I stuttered and she chuckled theres was a beeping noise and keely got her phone out

"err harry its Meg her and Lou are … there going home"

What? "oh god what do you think there going to do?" "isn't it obvious" she laughed "you have a cute laugh" I said grinning she blushed "No I don't" "you do nd your cute when you blush" she blushed even more and I chuckled shes beautiful I wish she was mine

Niall ran up the beach to us "keely keely keely keely" he shouted running at her "yes niall" "do we have any fooodddddd?" she chuckled "No we don't sorry nialler" he pouted "do you want an ice cream?" she asked "yeaahhh" she laughed shaking her head "come on then" "love you keely" he grinned and hugged her "Love you to nialler" "want one haz?" I nodded "come on then"

We all walked up to the ice cream machine "hello there want can I get you?" the man asked "err can I have a honey cone?" keely asked he nodded and made her her ice cream "on honey cone for the gorgeous lady" he winked and handed her her ice cream

Then niall ordered chocolate and I had vanilla

"ohh keely you just got hit on" niall said nudging her "yeah cuz I always go for the 4o year olds" we both laughed

We got back and liam and zayn were lying on towels talking "hey were did you go?" zayn asked "ice cream" Niall said grinning "where are Lou and Meg?" Liam asked "gone home" keely said and zayn wiggled his eye brows

"ohh sounds like there something going on there then!" he said grinning it made me a bit angry I know its stupid but its my best friend with my cousin!

A few hours passed and it was quite dark keely was wrapped up in her blanket

Leaning against me

Liam and niall were by the fire and zayn was next to me "tired?" I asked keely and she just nodded and rested her head on my chest closing her eyes

I looked down at her and smiled zayn nudged my arms I looked at him and he grinned "your in love mate" he mouthed I didn't reply after a few minutes keely fell asleep "harry put her in that tent" Liam said pointing to one of the tents so I picked her up bridal style and placed her inside the tent