Arc 1. Transcending History

Chapter 1: The Arrival

"Have the new slaves arrived yet?" The voice of a male had asked, as another man's voice followed afterwards. "Yea.. they are arriving to the docks right now, I can't wait to get my hands on the nice looking ones." The second male said as he chuckled micheviously, rubbing his hands together in excitement for the torture the incoming slaves would soon have to endure on a daily basis. As the ship pulled up to the docks the 1st man spoke up once more. "Hey, isn't there some special slave coming down wtih the others?" The man asked. "Yes, I believe her name is Pyrrha. Shes been brought it especially for the head boss himself." responded the 2nd man. "I didn't think the guy had it in him, but I guess he thinks otherwise." Their conversation had been cut short, as all of the owners had come to the enterance of the ship, staring in awe as their new play things, dogs, workers, jesters, and future cooks came walking down to the platform, each one, chained to the other, walking in a straight line. Some with faces of despair, already knowing what lies ahead of them, and some with faces of pure disgust, the fighter-till-the-end types, those were some of the highest bid slaves. After the slave owners had finished buying off all of the normal slaves, and they had all be cleared. Jurgis, and his men made their way down to the docks. He stood infront of the ship as he looked up to the man and called out to them. "Bring out the special batch!". Soon after he said this, a second bridge had formed, leading to the door that was to the right of the original door. A few moments after, five slaves had come from the door, and headed down to the main docks.

Describing the five from the left to right, the first slave, was tall, he had a built complexion and seemed to be the silent type. He looked around in a calm and eased manner, and seemed to have a cool head on things. He had been an african, just like the most of them, but the oddest thing about this seemingly calm guy, was that he carried what had looked like a small gord in his left hand, and that was all that could be said about him. "What is this ones name?" Jurgis said as he pointed to the one on the far left. "The man's name is Tobie" the man said, as Jurgis chuckled at the irony of the name. He then looked to the right of that man, as he jumped back a little bit. This man had been a bit taller then Tobie, but so much had been different. This man, seemed to be consumed with the absolute hatred of everyone around him, as if he was just one notch short of a being with misanthropic rage. He had a shaved head, and a rather young face, it honestly seemed as if he was just one of those teens who had rebelion issues. "This ones name?"Jurgis asked as he pointed to the freightening young man, next to Toibe. The man then spoke up after him as he stepped forward. "This ones name is Drake, and suprisingly enough, he is Toibe's brother." Jurgis stared at the two brothers in awe, taking quick notice of the fact that they seemed nothing alike. He took no time in thinking about the dogs for too long, as he had plenty of time to learn about them as he worked them. He moved onto the next slave, as his face suddenly dropped to a frown. "Now..who is this one?" This man had been taller then the other two, but aside from that, there was one huge factor that seperated him from the others. He was not sad, he was not mortified, he was not angry, he was cocky, and this displeased Jurgis. Before the man could begin the introduction of this man, he interupted him and began to speak up. "Who am I you ask? Well, in my opinion, you don't even deserve to breathe my air let alone know my name, but since you were so kind as to bring me here, then I shall tell you, my name is Kwazi, Kwazi M'botabe." he said in an arrogant tone as he grinned down at Jurgis. He and Jurgis had been eye to eye, Jurgis frowning with displeasurement and Kwazi, with the most cocky attitude around these parts. As the two stood, looking at each other, two things went through Jurgis' mind. 1. The question of how in the world this slave knew english, and 2. that Kwazi was going to be a problem.. a big problem.

He attempted to shake off the thought of Kwazi as much as he possibly could so that he could move onto the final two. Once he had shifted his eyes to the fourth slave his eyes went wide. This fourth slave had been an african women, and a beautiful one at that, he knew she did not speak english, but starting at her was a habit he knew he'd soon grow fond of. He dd not wish to gawk at her for too long, for if he did, he knew he would be there for a long time. "What is the name of this beautiful one?" Jurgis asked the man as the man quickly explained. "Her name is Buti Umbada, Sir." The man said, as Jurgis examined her for a moment then responded to his words "Her new name is Sarah, Sarah Coleman." he said, as he took a step towards the group. "Now then.. Pyrrha, my beautiful maid, why don't you stop hiding from behind these negros?" he said, as sure enough, Drake and Kwazi cleared a pathway, as the gorgeous blonde haired girl emerged from behind them. Stepping over to Jurgis as he grinned widely, fully content with his special purchase. He rubbed his hands together as he turned around and began to head back to the house, before doing so, he came to a halt as he turned around and glared at Kwazi, as he spoke up. "You..your name is Dale, Dale Johnson" he said before placing his arms around Pyrrha and begining his walk back, somehow signaling that he slaves were to follow. After their chains had been released, they followed Jurgis, their new slave master, to the home which would become known as their personal hell for as long as they stayed, or, for as long as they stayed alive.